Reading Wrap Up…and a Rant

booksTime again to check in and see what everyone is reading this week. I managed to check another series off my list, and wrapped up the Young Adult Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks. It was another “one book left” series I had on the go, but reading Of Neptune was a bit of a chore – mostly because I found the main character really annoying this time around. It is hard to put into words just how much Emma grated on my nerves, actually. Not only was she annoying, she was stupid and shallow on top of it. Glad to see that one done.

Oh, and I read not one, but two of the In Death books from J.D. Robb. I am still toying with the idea of doing a character guide for this series, which I think would be fun (but pretty damn long). I do have to decide soon, though – a re-read of 40 books probably isn’t in my future. Anyways, I am really liking this series so far, and I am getting the hype. I am even doing up an author page so I can try and keep the series straight, too.

Now for the rant portion of the post – Spider Game. As always, I like to point out when a book/series/author is a favorite of mine to you can take what I say accordingly, and I admit that I am a long-time Ghostwalker fan. Huge fan. I found the previous book, Viper Game, wasn’t bad, but it felt more like a Breeds story than a Ghostwalker book to me. But Spider Game? I am not quite sure what that was.

I actually liked the story – what there was of it. The set up was good and things were starting to get interesting. I found Trap and Cayenne were the best part of Viper Game, and they had real potential as a couple. There wasn’t the usual “destined to be together but fighting to stay apart” thing going on for 90% of the book, which I liked. But more importantly, I felt like I was reading a Ghostwalker book again. But then, IT happened. All of a sudden, it was like someone had dropped some 50 Shades of Whatever wannabe in the middle of the book. It became page after page after damn page of sex scenes, or at least that is what it felt like. And not Feehan’s usual sex scenes, either. Oh, no. She took things up a notch, but it just didn’t work for me. And once the endless sex scenes started, everything else went down hill, and fast. Even the two big-bad’s that had haunted Trap since childhood were dealt with in like a page and a half, tops. And yes, Trap and Cayenne had to get out of bed to deal with them, too.

We had mentioned before the whole Alphahole and the Doormat thing some of Christine’s books had going on lately, and that really, really happens here. When it was just Trap and Cayenne, mostly I didn’t mind them. Yes, he was all he-man, and yes, I did have to roll my eyes at Cayenne more than once (ugh, she started carrying a toothbrush with her everywhere in case he needed to, you know, USE her mouth = brain damaging eye roll. With gagging sound effects), but it was fine. Weird, but fine. Trap coming off as a nympho with a box of new mail-order toys? Uh, ok. Kinda boring by now, but whatever. My problem came the moment anyone else was around. Basically, Trap turned into an asshole. I tried to find a nicer way to say it, but there isn’t one. A total asshole. And a douchebag. With a huge helping of psycho on top. He became jealous, controlling, angry, irrational, borderline violent and downright mean the moment anyone else was on the page. And who got to deal with it? Cayenne. And her response? Basically, it was “Honey, that wasn’t nice. You hurt my feelings. Take my clothes off? Of course.” Wait, what? He needed to be shot, preferably in the balls. Several times. And the moment they are alone again, he flips his mental switch back to regular sex-fiend Trap. His personality switches gave me whiplash. And not in a good way.

So, basically, it is like someone took 50 pages of a good Ghostwalker story and awkwardly mashed in a weird erotica story involving a split personality hero and a bunch of spider webs into the mix. And the fit was not pretty. I enjoyed the Ghostwalker part, and could’ve done without the rest. Oh, and it looks like the next book will be another team four adventure (since the first two have been so awesome). Swamp Game be out next year, and I am betting on Joe…and Violet. I wonder if Joe will follow Wyatt and Trap into asshole territory, too?

Am I way out there? What was your take on Spider Game? Did Trap just go too far for you, too? What did you think of the “new” style of sexy scenes Christine Feehan had going on?



13 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up…and a Rant

  1. PhoenixFyre says:


    Christine Feehan is actually answering questions on “Goodreads” right now and then you also have her “Wall” on her website. She wants her fans to be honest with her about her books. She is taking them seriously and wants reactions to her books. So her fans that feel that her books are more “Sex” than story need to say something. Fans that read “Dark Ghost” said the same thing. It was more sex than story.

    So unless her fans let her know and be honest about it….it won’t change. She won’t take offense to it. Me, personally, like a good kick-ass story with loads of action scenes and humor. I hate when “sex” seems to over-take the story. Then I find it purely boring and end up skipping most of the book. PRN has to do with love and romance…not Erotica.

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Phoenix…I might check out the Goodreads and see if I am alone in my thoughts. I am like you – good story, strong characters, and some action makes me happy.

  2. Tiger Lily says:

    I used to by the ghost series but now I get it from the library because I know I will never reread it and in case I DNF I don’t feel like I wasted my money. It used to be a good series but I need to have a story and not just a bunch of sex scenes with two people who too often end up as unlivable characters. I quit her Dark series about 8 books ago. I am on the way to dropping the ghost series.

  3. Emily says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Spider Game. And people who aren’t familiar with the series, or didn’t previously love it so much that they’ve reread them dozens of times, just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Spider Game- “Trap was like a ghost on missions, and entered a camp leaving death in his wake before anyone knew he was there” – or something like that, and then endless chapters of sex. I’m currently rereading Conspiracy Game because my need for a REAL Ghostwalker book wasn’t satisfied, and the story starts out with Jack escaping the camp where he was held prisoner, and then instead of going on the run, he stays behind to completely decimate his ememies. The difference is Showing vs. Telling, an exciting story enhanced by hot sex scenes vs. BDSM porn with bits of a story interspersed, alpha males vs. assholes, and strong female leads, soldiers themselves half the time vs. doormats that, being discarded by Whitney, are so freaking desperate for attention and acceptance that they will allow themselves to be emotionally abused. In Samurai Game, Azami/Thorn was rejected by Whitney, and built herself into a complete badass. Sure, she was insecure about some things, but if Sam has said some of the crap that Trap was spouting, he would have ended up with one of Azami’s poisoned hairpins stabbed through his heart! lol. But, back to Spider Game, I don’t have a problem with erotica or BDSM. I actually read both on occasion. I’m not upset that it was a horrible book, because all in all, it wasn’t. I’m upset because it was NOT a Ghostwalkers novel. Simple as that. It just wasn’t. And after 2 novels like this (and more from her other series), I’m rereading the series so I can officially say goodbye to it. Ghostwalkers are done for, and I am sad. 😦

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, you nailed it. It wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t a ghostwalker book. Or, I should say, it started out a Ghostwalker book and veered off into some other territory. But I really thought that Trap’s character was almost a caricature when any other guy was around. But I am not giving up…nope. Still holding on.

      • Emily says:

        I don’t want to give up. I really, really don’t. But, even if I keep reading the series, if they stay this way, it’s the same as giving up. I kinda thought Trap would be similar to Kaden in Murder Game. Kaden was the original “Ice Man,” never showing emotions until he found the woman he was meant to be with. He was also very sexual and very possessive. But I can’t recall him ever being outright abusive. And there was still a major storyline around all the romance. The secondary characters were more than just stick figures. In Spider Game, was Ryland even recognizable in the few lines he had? I think I am going to write to Feehan and see what’s up with this new version of the Ghostwalkers. I just need to find a tactful, non-accusitory way of asking. It’s amazing how worked up I can get over fictional characters, but I do. She gave them to us when she published the books, and I feel like Wyatt’s long awaited story didn’t do him justice. Same with Elijah’s story from the Leopard series. If Gary and Gabrielle have a disappointing novel (Carpathians), I’ll throw a hissy fit. lol.

        • kaleigha says:

          Actually, Murder Game is my favorite book in the series, and Kaden is my favorite hero. I thought his character was the right balance of attributes, and like you say, there was a good, solid, involving story driving everything. I loved those ones.

  4. Monika says:

    so sad, I already have given up and quite some time ago. I already found Viper Game really bad because the guy (can’t remember his name) was a complete control freak and an absolute asshole and it was all about his insecurities that the other spice girl doormat had to accommodate. And it’s not only the Ghostwalker series, but all her series. The last books in each series that I wholeheartedly loved were Samurai Game (with Murder Game being one of my favorites, too), Dark Slayer (because for a change the female protagonist took the lead), though Dimitri and Skyler’s story wasn’t half bad either, and Savage Nature, since Donavan seems to lack most of the asshole traits of the other Leopard shifters.
    I have a growing pile of Feehan books I could just not force myself to finish and after reading the impressions of readers here I am not even going to waste my money on Spider Game. I could cry because Feehan was the first PNR author I read and I really, really loved the Carpathian series and back in the day I could hardly wait for her new books to come out.
    I, too, sometimes enjoy Erotica or stories with slight (or even a bit more) kink, but PNR and UF is more about the world building, the action, the character development, the imagination and the magic. I would much rather the main protagonists don’t do the deed than that there are endless pages of repetetive and un-imaginative sex with nothing to hold the story together. I loved Andrews’ Burn For Me, even though reviewers complained that there was hardly any romance in it. Even though Nevada and Rogan haven’t had actual sex yet, there was plenty of sexual tension that at least for me lit up the pages…
    I am more of the stoic ice-man aficionado, too, that’s why I love heroes like Judd, Kaleb, Raphael (Nalini does them best), Kaden, Razvan, Dimitri (Feehan), or tortured heroes (also Kaleb, Vasic, Aden and hopefully some of the other Arrows) or even anti-heroes like Ian from the Night Huntress series, for whose story we all are still waiting for…
    Even though I read PNR and UF (and enjoy it) I am at heart a feminist, so doormats make me want to throw up. Therefore, If your hero is kind of a jerk (which can be sexy, too) you need a heroine to kick his ass! (just as Emily says)
    Sorry, this rant has gotten much longer than intended…

    • Pheonix says:

      Actually Emily, From a review I read from RT Book Review Magazine which is a big and popular magazine with “experienced book reviewer’s” had already reviewed for “Dark Promises.”  But Gabrielle has a lifemate…an ancient named Aleksei. And Trixie ends up with Fane. Both are from the Monastery. So Gary and Gabrielle most likely won’t end up together. Remember, they can’t walk away from a lifemate. We do learn more about the Ancient Carpathians at the Monastery. 

      • kaleigha says:

        I read the first chapter excerpt of the next Dark book, and for some reason I got the vibe that Gary and Gabrielle weren’t the focus. Not sure why, but I am not surprised when you said she had a different lifemate. I liked the little bit we saw of Fane, but I still have a hard time seeing grandma Trixie as a lifemate. Could be interesting.

    • kaleigha says:

      Feehan was my first PNR author, too. And she was the author that got me back into reading after I had stopped for years, too. I still faithfully get them as soon as they come out, but of all the series now I think I am starting to favor the Sea Haven books, since they have to this point still read as “traditional” Feehan stories. It’s weird, though – I am no prude, honestly, and I don’t mind the erotica stuff, either. But it doesn’t really jive in a Feehan book, or at least it doesn’t for me. It seemed like an awkward fit.

      I was a total Burn for Me fangirl…it was a little sad, actually. The whole thing just worked for me – world building, characters, storyline, the whole thing. It jumped really fast to the top of my favorites list, and that was only the first book (I so hope for more than the planned trilogy, too).

  5. Michelle says:

    Hated that Gary and Gabrielle did not get it together and very let down by Christine Feehan for splitting them up all because he is her true lifemate which now seems to mean they desperately need to have sex all the time and very little else 😦 I just tend to skip the sex scenes as if i want to read pages of erotica/porn i will but when i want a good story it used to be i would turn to my favourite authors. JD Robb uses sex scenes with Dallas & Roarke, soem very diverse some more traditional wham, bam, thank you ma’am but always a decent length and to move the story forward not a gratuitous lets drop some bdsm style sex in here cos you just cant have enough of it! Dark Promises has given me serious doubts about reading any more carpathian novels i really hated it that much.

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