March’s Book of the Month

Our last book of the month poll was a bit on the bland side. A few solid releases, but nothing that screamed winner at me. But this month? A whole different story. March has a ton of big ticket releases coming out, and the hard part will be picking just one. So, time to vote. I have chosen 10 titles, but a complete list of March’s releases can be found HERE. If you have something else you are looking forward to, just select “Other” and leave your choice in the comments section.

I am thinking that it looks like a Marked by Flesh month, but there are some really, really strong contenders. It is hard to not see a Patricia Briggs story not taking top spot, and then there is the second-to-last Chicagoland Vampires book, too. Decisions, decisions.


8 thoughts on “March’s Book of the Month

  1. pals20 says:

    I thought for sure my choice would be Anne Bishop’s Marked in Flesh, but then I saw Shelley Laurenston also has a Crows release so now I’m so confused.

  2. kaleigha says:

    It is still really early yet in the voting, but I am surprised that (as of right now) Christine Feehan’s Dark Promises only has one vote. But to be honest, it isn’t one I am looking forward to at all. I was strangely weirded out by someone’s grandma being a lifemate, as bad as that makes me sound, and I read the first chapter excerpt that didn’t make me a big Gabrielle fan, either. She sounded whiny. So, no big rush for me to pick this one up.

  3. snapdragon says:

    Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, Seanan McGuire and Shelly Laurenstern are my top reads for the month.

    Feehan – I just can’t get into the Dark series anymore. It has gotten very wonky the last several books and I just can’t get engaged like I used to be for her earlier books in the series.
    I still hope the Sisters of the Heart series continues doing decent. I am pre-ordered for “Fire Bound” than she only has one more book to finish out that series. * fingers crossed *

    • kaleigha says:

      I am with you – my most anticipated Feehan series is the Sea Haven one, now. Ghostwalkers has taken a couple of hits, so has Leopard and Dark, but I still can’t give those suckers up.

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