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So, there aren’t any new series to spotlight this week (or any book of the week pick, either, but more on that in a bit). Instead, I thought I would do a little updating in things I found while updating the author pages. And maybe whine a bit…

  • Alexandra Ivy will have a third Dragons of Eternity book coming out this December, and it will be called Taken by Darkness.
  • This isn’t directly book related, but it looks like Shadowhunters, the Freeform show based on The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, has officially been released for a second season. I have to admit, I am surprised. I have been faithfully watching it, but it can be a bit painful at times. I actually don’t mind most of the changes from the books, and most of the cast is pretty good, too. Jace doesn’t have quite the snark and arrogance of Jace from the book, but I can deal with that – what is throwing me off is the actress playing Clary. She just isn’t working for me. I find myself rolling my eyes a lot when she is on, which isn’t ideal, but hopefully she will come more into her own in season two.
  • Chloe Neill will release a Chicagoland Vampires novella next January, which will be the second to last story before March final book. Scary thought.
  • On a personal note, Christine Feehan‘s Dark Promises comes out tomorrow – and it is the first Feehan book I haven’t bought. Seriously, I have never before not pre-ordered one of her new releases, but I just didn’t feel like it this time. Between the fact that I have two great books waiting for me (Fire Touched and Marked in Flesh), my disappointment with her recent stories, and my strange distaste for Grandma Trixie (not to mention my dislike of Gabrielle in the excerpt that I read), nothing made me want to pick this one up. At least not yet. If I have a free week coming up somewhere down the line I might break down and get it, but I am in no hurry at all.
  • On the publishing front, it appears that Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb is switching publishing houses. Recent behind-the-scenes changes at Random House prompted  the move, and now Roberts/Robb will be signed with MacMillian-St. Martin’s Press. I guess sometimes that I forget that books are not only pleasure, but a business, too, and in business things sometimes need to change. While there might be some tweaks to the publishing schedule, it looks like everything will pretty much carry on as before. So, no end to Eve and Roarke in sight, thank God.
  • Ok, I gave myself a concussion rolling my eyes on this one. Last December, J.R. Ward published the first book of her new Black Dagger Legacy spin-off series, Blood Kiss, in paperback format. There was a whole write up before it was published about how it was a return to the old-school mass market romance style of the first Black Dagger Brotherhood books. And I really enjoyed it. Fast forward to book two, Blood Vow, which is due out on December 6th in – wait for it – hardcover. Yep. Unless Amazon has totally screwed up, this one is going to be hardcover. So, one whole book in paperback, then a format switch. Unless they re-release the first book in hardcover, I am going to be annoyed. Seriously.
  • Kelley Armstrong‘s next Women of the Otherworld collection will be called Otherworld Chills, and it will be released on October 6th.
  • The cover for the upcoming Rachel Morgan/Peri Reed novella mash-up from Kim Harrison has been released. Waylaid will be available on April 4th.


  • Also on the cover front, the art and blurb for the 24th Argeneau Vampires book from Lynsay Sands, called Immortal Nights. It will be released on September 20th.

immortal nightsAbigail Forsythe’s life hasn’t been easy lately. Still, if there’s one thing guaranteed to take her mind off an empty bank account and abandoned dreams, it’s a naked man locked in a plane’s cargo hold. A very big, incredibly gorgeous naked man. And when instinct prompts her to free him, Abigail must rely on this stranger for survival…a stranger who leaves her thrumming with need every time they touch.

Tomasso Notte knows he’s found his life mate in Abigail. Now he just has to hold on to her. They’re miles from civilization, hunted by his kidnappers. Abigail has no idea of Tomasso’s abilities, or of how intensely pleasurable their unique connection can be. But he’s about to show her, beginning with one wild, hot, immortal night…

So, that’s about it for this batch. Are you watching Shadowhunters? Are you surprised it got picked up for a second season? What do you think about the new Ward books going to hardcover already?


7 thoughts on “From the Author Pages

  1. vgm0826 says:

    Hey Kayleigha. I thought I’d tell you who Grandma Trixie is based on. I’ve been a follower of yours for A long time. Love your site. I’m a reviewer for The Reading Cafe. We all met on Feehan’s site a few years ago. Trixie Is a member of the same site and she hates Gabrielle and Gary both. But, for some unfathomable Reason, Chrisritine (who says she never goes to anyone’s page other than her own on her site, which, Btw is total bs) decided to use “Trixie” as a muse of sorts. Her real name is Joan.

    Her writing style has changed so much, that I’m seriously contemplating stopping the series. And the Ghostwalkers as well. But how can I give up on a series that gave me Gator?!?!?! ❤️❤️

    Just thought I’d fill you in. I got an ARC of Dark Promises. Oy!!!! I didn’t review for TRC, but the owners Of the site did. It’s up now, if you’re interested.

    Vickie Moore

    Sent from my iPad


    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Vickie – thanks! I found myself really turned off by Gabrielle in the 1st chapter excerpt I read, and it surprised me since I liked her well enough before. I guess I found her whiny, but then maybe she just came off that way at the start? I don’t know if I will ever be able to stop any of them, but the drive to grab them right away is dropping. Except for the Sea Haven books, which have moved up my list as the other three series have moved down. Weird, right? I will check out the review, too – looking forward to seeing what others think.

  2. Melanie says:

    The Immortal Night’s cover is OH WOW. The best cover yet.
    Not too sure about Dark Promises either. I still have the previous book on the TBR pile. Not really rushing to read it. But I will get it anyway.

  3. PhoenixFyre says:

    I thought that JR Ward’s BDB Legacy was supposed to be all paperback? Only the UK is supposed to have the Hardcovers which is what I have. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, me too. I was going to pick up the UK hardcover, but then I thought “Nah. No point. The rest will all be paperback”. Sigh. Now the hardcovers are really expensive.

  4. Maria says:

    I am watching the Shadowhunters and OMG I tooooootally agree with you. I kind of like Jace and I think they’ve aced it with Alec, Isabelle, Simon and Marcus… but Clary???? She keeps getting on my nerves. I’m considering ditching the series because of her. The only reason I haven’t done it is because I loved the books so much, and the show is true to them enough to keep me happy.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, Clary is trying at times. I find myself cringing a bit. Jace doesn’t quite have the snark and arrogance down, but I am blaming that on the writing more than the acting. I agree – there is just enough of the books in the show to keep me happy, too.

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