Cover Lover – Feversong

Even though I was a bit let down by the previous Fever book from Karen Marie Moning, I am still a huge fan of the series. It seemed like a filler book to me, and a set up for the next one, Feversong, which is due out January 17th. And lo and behold, today the cover came out…


Back to Mac on the cover. Mac was my least favorite part of the last book, and with the way things ended off she will probably get even more page time in this one. Either way, I do think this one will be a pretty addition to the series. There is a brief excerpt out, too, which can be found on the Entertainment Weekly website, found HERE.


2 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Feversong

  1. ashley says:

    Oh wow. Love the cover. I was disappointed in the last one as well, until the very end. If we can have kick-ass Mac back and lose the whiny, scared, navel-gazing chick she morphed into during the last several books, I will be so, so happy. I loved Mac in the first “half” of the series, and I want that character back. KMM also posted a picture on Instagram yesterday with the first link of Feversong.

  2. peeeeaches says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for the link to the instagram. Just read the excerpt…..I am sooooo excited for the next book! And the cover is beautiful!!!!!!

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