April’s Book of the Month

Yep, March was a pretty stellar new release month, but it usually is. If every month was like this last one, we would all be broke. April doesn’t have as many biggies (at least for me), but let’s take a peek and see what shapes up to be our next book of the month. I have chosen 10 that look promising, but if there is something else you are most excited for, just click “Other” and leave your choice in the comments. A complete list of April’s releases can be found HERE.

Even though I haven’t been completely thrilled with the last few Christine Feehan books, I am still hoping things will turn around. Her Sisters of the Heart series hasn’t let me down (like the Ghostwalker, Leopard and Dark books – yet), so Fire Bound is my pick for this month. Lissa was the most interesting part of the last book, and I am really looking forward to her story.


3 thoughts on “April’s Book of the Month

  1. serepink says:

    I chose other since this is my pick for April. Cant wait. I love this series.

    The Player

    by Kresley Cole
    Release Date: April 12

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