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booksI figured it was time for a reading wrap up post…but then I realized that I didn’t really remember much I had read since the last time. I got caught up on the Jennifer Ashley Shifters Unbound novellas I had been behind, and I also read a couple of Alexandra Ivy e-books from her Dragons of Eternity series. I am part way through The Beast by J.R. Ward (which is great so far, but not finished yet), but I dropped that one to read the Allegiance of Honor ARC from Nalini Singh (of course).

So, I thought maybe I could give a few small, completely spoiler free thoughts Allegiance of Honor. When I first heard that there was to be an ensemble book, I was excited but a bit hesitant. The cast of characters in the Psy/Changeling world is huge, and to see all or even most of the previous couples in one story could easily have become chaotic and overcrowded, or sheer volume of people could’ve come at the cost of a cohesive plot. Of course, since it is a Nalini Singh book, none of that happens. Everything is flowing along, no one feels like they are just “thrown in” to make an appearance, and there are a couple of very strong storylines. If I had to pick a main couple, I would say it is Lucas and Sascha, but all of the couples from previous books and novellas have their time, too. I was especially happy to see Max Shannon and Devraj Santos again, because they haven’t really been seen much since their stories.

Even with everything going on, Nalini also seemingly has begun to plant some seeds for future books, as well. Two characters who seem to be poised for their own stories are Silver Mercant and Pax Marshall. Both of them have small roles in Allegiance of Honor, but both of them stood out for me and made me very interested in the role they will play in a post-Silence world.

Ok, that wraps things up for me. What have you been reading the last couple of weeks? Any surprisingly good stories, or are you in a dry spell?


12 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. pals20 says:

    Finished Nora Roberts’s Obsession last week and Ward’s The Beast yesterday. Happy with both. I’ve been on a historical kick lately, blew through a ton of Sabrina Jeffries backlist so both these books were a good change from that.

    I’m looking forward to Alyssa Day’s Private Eye and J.C. Daniels’s Shadowed Blade releasing tomorrow and next week. Cheers!

  2. Ashley says:

    I have Nora Robert’s Obsession on my to-read list, but that’s about it. Otherwise, dry as a bone. Thinking about trying Nalini S’s Psy/Changling series again. I read the first two AGES ago, but they just didn’t grab me. Of course, I also passed over Bishop’s The Others series several times until people talked it up here. So maybe not such a dry season after all!

  3. bfmason50 says:

    I have finished listening to the Beast earlier this week which by the way I Loved it!!! I think it was one of my favorite of the series so far besides the one that involved Payne and Manny.
    — I also listened to the Glittering Court by Richelle Meade which I enjoyed but it was not in the LOVE category like Vampire Academy, Bloodlines and Dark Swan (even though Dark Swan had a very controversial last book ending til the series like Hunger Games and Divergent). Glittering Court just had no element of supernatural in it, was just a romance Young Adult book series feel.
    — The last few days I just started listening to Mercy Thompson series where I am just about 1 hour into book 3 Iron Kissed. I really am enjoying the series so far where Mercy Thompson story has the feel of some of Richelle Meade’s Dark Swan with the Faye, and a little bit of Charley Davidson feel with Mercy’s ability to see and interact with the ghosts.
    — In a completely different type of book genre I listened to Killing Jesus by “everyone’s favorite TV reporter” Bill O’reilly. As a history major I enjoyed the book a lot where I was greatly supprised that it had so much information on people like Julius Caesar, Augustus, Pompey, Cleopatra and Marcus Anthony since those events all took place about 40 years before the birth of Christ.

    I am currently also slowly reading before bed Written in Red by Anne Bishop. I wanted to read the book even though I have listened to the entire series including book 4 about 3 times, and books 1 thru 3 about 6 times.

    As a Pizza delivery driver I get A LOT of time a week to listen to books while I am driving in the car. I make over 20 dollars an hour to listen to books for 12 to 20 hours a week!!!

      • kaleigha says:

        God, me too. It was going to be my next target, but then I decided to hit the Dragon Kin books instead since I can remember absolutely no names from that one. Seriously. But Mercy is still on the to-do list.

      • kaleigha says:

        Dear God, me too. It was a toss up between doing that one next, Lords of the Underworld, or Dragon Kin. I decided to do Dragon Kin, but I do think Mercy’s world will be next. Maybe. I hope?

  4. Lisa says:

    Occasionally I take breaks from reading Fantasy genre books. One such “trip” lead me to Jana DeLeon’s Louisiana Longshot, book 1 of the Miss Fortune Mystery Series. I’m soooo glad I discovered it! I absolutely love it!

    It’s about a female CIA agent named Fortune Redding who deliberately blows her cover (for a good cause) which causes the head arms dealer to put a bounty on her head. To protect Fortune, her boss gives her a new identity, changes her appearance and sends her to Sinful, Louisiana. She is to play the role of Sandy Sue Morrow, ex-beauty queen, who has come to her recently come from New York to settle her deceased aunts’s estate. She’s beyond annoyed about playing a role of someone who is so different from herself and getting dumped into a podunk town full of church-going gossips. Her first day in Sinful is proof to her that this is punishment as well as protection. Her transportation drops her in town, but she’s got no way to get to herself and her ugly pink luggage to her “Aunts’s” house. She ends up hoofing it in her Sandy Sue Morrow uncomfortable heels, another thing about her role that doesn’t fit her. It all goes downward from that moment: She breaks a heel, A human bone is pulled from the bayou in back of her Aunts’s house, She meets the handsome deputy sheriff twice under bad circumstances, She’s introduced to nosey townsfolk who are very strange, She discovers the town’s rules are stranger than any of the customs found in the foreign countries she’s been in, And she’s in possible mortal danger from her new association with two old ladies who belong to the Sinful Ladies Society.

    I was so entertained by this book that I continued to read all the books available from this series.

    As of today, this book is free on Kindle.

  5. ywlovesg says:

    Love your comment about Silver Mercant and Pax Marshall! I have been a fan of the former ever since she first appeared in Caressed by Ice ā¤

    I see Nalini has mentioned her time and time again, albeit her lines were few or none at all over the past few books, she was still mentioned by other characters and much admiration and respect towards the Mercant family whom she is part of. I can't wait to read AoH and speculate more on her!

    As for Pax, he already caught my attention in Shards of Hope and hope to see more of him in AoH and speculate on him as well šŸ˜€

  6. ywlovesg says:

    Reblogged this on ywlovesg and commented:
    A non-spoiler review of Allegiance Of Honor – love the review’s thoughts on Silver Mercant and Pax Marshall!

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