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Time for my weekly check into the authors that have their own sections of Wicked Scribes, and that means time to post an update, as well. There isn’t a ton for this one, but there are a couple of tidbits to share…

  • The cover has been released for the next Branded Packs book from Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan, which is called Buried and Shadowed. It will release on July 12th…

buried and shadowed

  • Oooh, title alert! Title alert! The 11th Charley Davidson book from Darynda Jones will be called Eleventh Grave in Moonlight, and it is due out next January.
  • Speaking of title alerts, it was just hours ago that Kresley Cole confirmed that Immortals After Dark #18 will be called Wicked Abyss. Ok, seriously. Can anything with Abyss in it be about anyone other than Furie? I guess we will find out…when it is released next March.
  • Oh, and the cover has also been released for the next novella in Jennifer Estep‘s Elemental Assassin series, Unwanted. It is due out on July 18th…


  • And on the Black Dagger Brotherhood front, J.R. Ward‘s next book will be called The Chosen, and it will feature…Layla. Hmmm. Not my favorite character. Probably my least, actually. I care about her so little, I don’t even know if I spelled her name right. Bummer. If everything holds to the usual schedule, it should be released next March.
  • Totally neither PNR or UF, but the next Casey Duncan book from Kelley Armstrong will be released next February 7th, and it will be called A Darkness Absolute.
  • Ok, this isn’t an update, but a rant about lack of updates. I wish authors all the best, and I want them to do whatever works for their careers so that we will continue to get the books we love, but why is it when some authors go self-pubbed that you just can’t seem to find out any info on upcoming releases? Seriously. Alexandra Ivy is great about keeping her readers in the loop about what she has coming out, but so many others seem to just fall right off the radar. I want to do my little part by maybe making a post, or at least putting their upcoming works in the new release pages, but I can’t find any info. Ok, I needed to vent before I go back to trying to find out what Thea Harrison is working on now. Oy.

So, which of these are you looking forward to the most? Who do you predict the next IAD book will be about?


11 thoughts on “From the Author Pages

  1. Gabrielle says:

    I agree with you on Layla’s book. I like Xcor , but she’s very wish washy and boring, like she does’t know who she is. It also really annoyed me that in The Shadows she called humans ‘rats without tails’ at least twice i think (I don’t know whether anybody else picked up on it). It annoyed me because firstly the chosen aren’t known for insulting others. And secondly I don’t think she knows humans well enough to insult us in that way. I know it seems to be the standard insult for brothers, Vischous says it constantly (which makes him a hypocrite in my book- married to one and best friends with an ex-human. But he’s great so I can forgive him). But when has Layla ever been around average or arsehole humans? It didn’t fit with her character and I imagine the only time she has come into contant with humans is in the mansion with Mary, Jane, Manny and Butch (I still see him as human just with bigger fangs and more abs:) – so does that mean she doesn’t like them? Or any other time she came into contact was when Quinn took he out into Caldwell. Well, then they wouldn’t be as many humans about at night, and in resturants and shops I highly doubt she received awful customer service when she’s drop dead gorgeous and surrounded by walking fanged mountains. So yeah… that irritated me. I don’t know whether anyone else agrees or not, but that’s how I read it and its all the human hating is starting to bug me. 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      The human contempt was strong in the Beast, wasn’t it? I thought it was just me, but Rhage, V, and Layla all brought their share of dislike. It didn’t bother me from the boys, which sounds wrong, but I figure since the Lessers are the humans they deal with most, I got it (although both guys are with humans, like you say). For Layla, it didn’t jive. Maybe it was because I just don’t like her that I cut her less slack, but still. Xcor I like, Layla I don’t. I will of course be reading The Chosen, but I will be skimming the Layla bits, for sure.

  2. pals20 says:

    I am a little fatigued with the IAD series. Kresley Cole seems to have lost the script after Lothaire. She started a spinoff series Dacians then went back to IAD for some fairly forgettable lead characters. I’m only waiting for Nucking Futs Nix’s book and to see how the Accession plays out, not really invested in any more side-characters-turned-lead. Although if the next book is about Furie, I would probably read that.

    I think Cole’s IAD and G A Aiken’s Dragon series are comparable. Both are long running yet Aiken kept it fresh by closing an arc and starting another one with the next generation seamlessly. I just feel Ms. Cole needs to wind up the Accession arc, it’s going on for far too long.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am so glad when someone else finds they have drifted off from the IAD books, because I thought I was alone. I started to lose interest, too, which I never, ever thought would happen. It went from my #1, +A series to like a solid B. Too big, too many characters and storylines that seem to have gotten out of hand (like the Breeds, Carpathians, etc). Nalini is a great example of an author who has a vast, complicated, multi-species world who still manages to keep everything cohesive and moving forward.

      • Alexandra says:

        I used to consider myself like this Nalini superfan but I’ve found her stuff doesn’t work for me lately. While she retains great control over lots of characters and plot arcs I feel like the quality of her writing has become really inconsistent not to mention extremely repetitive. A lot of authors have a ‘formula’ and recycle the same types of characters. I’m okay with this.

        However maybe I’ve changed or maybe it’s the writing…maybe both…but I was ready for everyone to start holding hands and begin singing Kumbaya in SoH and with an ensemble cast Psy-Changeling book coming up really don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach it. While her worldbuilding is ever expanding and rich I think her storytelling and ability to sell characters is starting to suffer. She’s ace at building complex characters are writing in shades of gray but with this much scope the characters become caricatures and those messages get oversimplified.

        There are several authors I don’t read not because I don’t like the stories they have to tell or because they are bad writers but for some reason the way they put it together in words just grates on me. Unfortunately Nalini Singh’s books are becoming that for me 😦

        • Abra says:

          I feel the same way on all points, which is a shame. I used to be a huge fan and really enjoyed every book, but now I take a step back and evaluate each one before reading it.

          • kaleigha says:

            I think that is so sad when we get the writer fatigue on an author we used to love. Mine is Kresley Cole, like I said above, but there are a few others that I have been letting go over the last while, too. Not sure if my tastes are changing, or their style, or a combination of both, but I just don’t have the interest I used to. And then I have the guilt like I am doing something wrong, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

    • Alexandra says:

      I feel the same way about the IAD series. After the introduction of the Morior in the last book the amount of characters and plot threads Cole is juggling have spiraled out of control. I can’t remember where I read it, in one of her newsletters or on her Facebook page, but it seems like her publisher is just okay with dragging this series on into forever.

      Maybe that wouldn’t be a big deal if she had new books out on a regular basis, but the pattern the last few years has been 12 to 18 months between IAD releases. With all the major characters who haven’t had stories/loose plot threads/hints (e.g. remember the end of Cadeon’s book it was implied his friend Rok maybe found his mate? That was the sixth book and we’re headed into the 17th installment! And don’t get me started on the Dacians). At this rate do you think we’ll get Nix’s story within 10 years? I’m honestly not optimistic.

      I don’t even care about the major cliffhanger at the end of Will’s book involving Munroe, but then I was never a big fan of the Lykae. If this next one turn’s out to be Furie’s I will read it otherwise I really think I’m done.

      • kaleigha says:

        I agree. Even while I really liked the addition of the Morior (and I still say head dude is Nix’s, well, dude), it was another plot line added to the mix when there are so, so many already on the go. I don’t do well with a million storylines that, like you say, can be years before we have any resolution. Like Garreth and Lucia…we waiting for how many years and how many books for their resolution? I don’t expect storyarcs to go from A to B to C – that would be boring, but having A-Z on the go at the same time doesn’t work, either.

  3. Larissa Benoliel says:

    i loved your rant! i was just thinking about that the other day when I was trying to find out what Thea Harrison is working on lol It’s so annoying, I’m always hoping for “Works in progress” or “Coming soon” tab hehe

    • kaleigha says:

      It is my own pet peeve, really. Like the “Surprise! My book came out last Thursday” thing makes it so hard to keep track of things. Drives me nuts, since I can never seem to be ahead of the game. That, and author sites that are not updated – like coming soon sections where the books have already been out for two years. Makes my “job” that much harder.

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