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Today was the nicest day ever. Every day, I do a list of everything that I want to get done – either blog or book related, cover design related (my other hobby), running around or house cleaning related. And I do a monster one that covers the different things I need to accomplish on my days off. Today? I threw the list away. Then I bought the Kindle version of my pick of the week (even though the paperback version is in the mail as we speak), and I proceeded to throw myself back in bed and read. And sleep. Then wake up and read some more. Best. Day. Ever.

Ok, bored you enough. Time to get to my laziness-inducing pick of the week, which comes to us from Christine Feehan. Her recent books have changed in tone so much (at least for me), that they haven’t really felt like Feehan books – and that covers the last couple of Ghostwalker and Leopard books (douchey heroes and way too much sex), and the last Carpathian book (which I didn’t even pick up because I got a weird vibe and didn’t like the first chapter excerpt). But the Sea Haven books? They haven’t let me down yet. So my pick of the week is Fire Bound.

fire boundSynopsis…

Flame-haired Lissa Piner is a skilled glass blower whose delicate gift conceals a burning inner strength that can destroy as exquisitely as it can create. Commissioned to design chandeliers for a string of luxury hotels, her remarkable skills have taken her to Italy. But Lissa’s real mission there is a secret. For her entire life has been a lie, leading to a chance to avenge a terrible wrong.

Enlisted as her bodyguard is Casmir Prakenskii, a trained assassin living off the grid. In Lissa, he sees a kindred spirit—something unexpected and wicked, mysterious and sensual. But more than desire is about to bring them together: because both of their pasts cry out for revenge. And for two people with this many secrets, this much passion, and this many enemies, someone is bound to get burned.

Lissa’s role in the last book was one of my favorite parts of the story, and while I am only about half way through I am really liking it so far. Lissa is absolutely no doormat, and Casimir is not the abusive Alpha-hole we have seen in recent books. Lots of action, a strong storyline, and great characters. So far, unless things go to hell in the back half of the book and everyone gets a personality makeover, this is the best Feehan book in a long time.


12 thoughts on “Pick of Week

  1. dougmeeks says:

    I read all of the original Sea Haven books (They were called something else then) but none of this series, never heard anyone tell me they were “really good”. Can you read this one without the previous books or are the other books in this series actually very good?

    • kaleigha says:

      Pretty much all of this series follows the original Feehan formula, to be honest. You could step into this one without reading, but the previous book does set up Lissa’s backstory so that might be something to keep in mind.

      This spin-off series does up the drama quotient from the Drake Sisters books. All of the brothers were brutally raised (like Ilya from the last Drake book), and all of the women met in a support group for those who lost loved ones to violent crimes, so they all have their share of back-story angst. But, with the recent change to the “Feehan style”, this series seems to be the lone one that reads, well, like a Feehan book.

      • dougmeeks says:

        Just a random comment from one of my forums that I visit, someone who is reading “Fire Bound said ” I find I am skimming thru the really lengthy smexy scenes” but were enjoying toe book overall.

        • kaleigha says:

          Yeah, I just finished it up, and there were a lot of pages of “special” time. I did some skimming, myself, but at least this time I can say that they didn’t get in the way of the overall story. Thankfully.

          • Monika says:

            That sounds something less then a glowing recommendation. Looking forward to having to skip pages doesn’t really make me want to run out and get the book…

            • kaleigha says:

              Actually, I liked this one. I skimmed a bit of the sex scenes mostly because I was really wrapped up in the story, and I needed to know what was going to happen next. I think it was my favorite of the series so far.

  2. Monika says:

    I’ll try the Sea Haven books sometime, but after my recent experiences with Feehan books I still feel this reluctance to try anything by her.
    On a whim I picked up a book from the 1001 Dark Nights series today, Z by Larissa Ione. Though it was short I liked it a lot, so for me that is my book of the week.

  3. PhoenixFyre says:

    I was reading her “Dark Series” and I gave up. It seems the last two books were mostly sexual and I am sorry but like others, I like my steamy scenes but not when they are 80% of the story. I love a story that is kick-ass and humorous.

    Well, Christine said she wanted her fans to be honest with her about how we feel about her books and I did…and got chewed a royal one by her. Honesty and her books went out the door (so to speak). I will NOT waste any more money on her series till we get back to actual stories and less sex. Nut I do ope she reverts back to the way she used to write.

    So how was this book? Good or too much sex? Just curious.

    • kaleigha says:

      Ah, yes…when the author responds. I have made a couple of posts here that have been…not well received. I feel the pain. I do try to keep the blog as a neutral reference site, but sometimes my personal opinions do sneak in. But, if she only wanted a pat on the back, she shouldn’t have asked for her fans to be honest. Simple as that. The sex in her books HAS been in place of story for the last few books, but I have to say that Fire Bound was strong on the story side. Actually, none of the Sea Haven books (again, my opinion), have gone down the all-sex-no-story path yet. And so far, the heroes have managed to be Alpha without the Alpha-hole taking over.

  4. cheryl says:

    I was so excited about this book and the plot and story were great…. until the “good times” on the horse. I was ready to throw my kindle at that point. Now my complaint isn’t specifically for Feehan … too many authors devote pages and pages and pages to a smexy scene…. some whole chapters. I went from books when I was young with the main couple kissing and closing the bedroom door … to me wanting to slam the bedroom door myself. ( Of course, most times it doesn’t even happen in a bedroom)
    Too much … I get it … great smex …hunky guy who spends hours and hours and hours …. I get the ick factor with the descriptive prose.
    Geez. Less is okay.
    I can’t believe she would write 17 more… I will be long gone from this world before this series ends. ( not planning on it happening soon but good grief)

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