Spotlight Wednesday – Toni McGee Causey

Time for another spotlight post, where we check out new, up-and-coming authors, or those who have been around for a while but we don’t hear about much. This week’s author is Toni McGee Causey, who was recommended by Cheryl. Cheryl says that the books are hilarious, and just from reading the blurbs I have to say that they gave me a real Charley Davidson vibe (which is never a bad thing).

charmed and dangerousBook one is called Charmed and Dangerous, and also called Bobbie Faye’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Day.

When Bobbie Faye wakes up on the morning of the Lake Charles Contraband Days Festival, she’s looking forward to balloons, booze, and babies in pirate costumes. Instead, she discovers that her trailer’s flooded, her no-good brother’s been kidnapped, and the criminals are demanding her mom’s tiara as ransom.

Soon Bobbie Faye is committing (unintentional) bank robbery and (fully intentional) car jacking to retrieve her family heirloom. The one bright spot comes in the hard-muscled, impossibly sexy form of Trevor, the guy whose truck she just took hostage. Luckily, Bobbie Faye knows how to outsmart angry bears, drive a speedboat, and handle a gun. As for handling Trevor? No gun-shyness there. Now, if only that pesky state police detective, who also happens to be a pissed-off ex-boyfriend, would stay out of her way.

girls just want to have gunsBook two is Girls Just Wanna Have Guns – aka Bobbie Faye’s (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels.

It had been a whole freaking month since Bobbie Faye Sumrall had blown up anything or been shot at, and that was almost a new record. Then her diva cousin Francesca waltzed up to where she manned the gun counter in Ce Ce’s Cajun Outfitter and Feng Shui Emporium and everything just went to hell. Fast.

Francesca’s mom has disappeared with exceptionally valuable diamonds swiped from Francesca’s dad (difficult marriage) so of course Francesca broadcast to every insane psycho that Bobbie Faye could recover the ersatz family jewels.

Accused of one man’s murder, Bobbie Faye’s on the run as an unintentional Pied Piper to a rabid band of thieves. She has to find the diamonds, figure out the motives of the dead sexy FBI agent who’s pressing her for more than just the jewels, all while racing to side-step her steamy (and steamed) detective ex-boyfriend before the deadline arrives and the diamonds disappear.

when a man loves a weaponAnd wrapping up the trilogy is When a Man Loves a Weapon.

Living single in her trailer was great for a time. But now Bobbie Faye’s officially engaged to, and has purchased a home with, the hottest FBI agent on the beat: Trevor Cormier. Even though she still has no idea what he really does on the job, Bobbie Faye has never been happier…until Trevor gets called away on an urgent assignment and leaves her in the care of body-guard slash babysitter Riley.

As it turns out, Bobbie Faye could use a little extra security. The man she helped put in behind bars, the murderous Sean MacGreggor, has escaped from prison…and is dead-set on revenge. With still no word from Trevor—who was only supposed to be gone for three days—Bobbie Faye finds herself reluctantly turning to her detective ex-boyfriend Cam for help. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect Bobbie Faye…so long as Trevor stays out of the picture. For good.

Has anyone else tried this series, or do you think it sounds like something that might be up your alley? Do you have any new authors that have caught your eye recently, or anyone that has been around for a while but doesn’t get the attention you think they deserve? If so, just hit the “Contact Me” me button on the menu bar above and let me know. Maybe we can do our part to help out a great author.


4 thoughts on “Spotlight Wednesday – Toni McGee Causey

  1. Lydia says:

    CJ Daniels has a great series featuring Kit Colbana. It has several books so far-Shattered Blade is one. Also Lauren Dane the Goddess series is really good. You should give them a try. I started reading them from seeing a really good review on Amazon

    • snapdragon says:

      I also enjoyed the Lauren Dane Goddess series. Good pick. I have the Daniel’s books in my TBR pile and I know I need to move them up in the stacks.

  2. snapdragon says:

    I have these books and adore the stories. The chapter blurbs have cracked me up numerous times. There are also 3 novellas that you can read off her website. As a matter of fact I have my brother reading this series — or he has the books anyway. I’m not sure if he has read them yet.

    Cat Adams has the Blood Singer series which I enjoyed quite a bit. Blood Song is the first book.

  3. Monika says:

    Actually they give me a bit of a Stephanie Plum-vibe; hilarious, very over the top, not really knowing what she is doing. I don’t feel compelled to get them right away, but intrigued enough that I might give them a try when I hit a lull in my TBR pile…

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