Arcana Chronicles Book 4

So, the title of this post doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but the title, cover and blurb for the next Arcana Chronicles book from Kresley Cole have been released. And, Le sigh, now I want this style of cover for the previous three books, too. The pain! Strangely enough, there isn’t much of a wait for this one, either, since it is due out this August 15th. Behold, Arcana Rising:

arcana risingWhen the battle is done . . .
The Emperor unleashed hell and annihilated an army, jeopardizing the future of mankind–but Circe struck back. The epic clash between them devastates the Arcana world and nearly kills Evie, separating her from her allies.

And all hope is lost . . .
With Aric missing and no sign that Jack and Selena escaped Richter’s reach, Evie turns more and more to the darkness lurking inside her. Two Arcana emerge as game changers: one who could be her salvation, the other her worst nightmare.

Vengeance becomes everything.
To take on Richter, Evie must reunite with Death and mend their broken bond. But as she learns more about her role in the future–and her chilling past–will she become a monster like the Emperor? Or can Evie and her allies rise up from Richter’s ashes, stronger than ever before?

Book three left of with a pretty epic cliffhanger, so I will be glad to finally figure out what happened to whom – and hopefully we will see an end to the ever-loathsome love triangle trope, too. Please?


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