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I haven’t seen much news of this around, but a couple of days ago I saw an article over on Hypable that dropped a bit of Cassandra Clare news – it looks like she has her first adult series in the works, and it will focus on none other than…Magnus Bane.

It looks like she will be co-authoring with Wesley Chu, adding to her growing list of writing partners which already include Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, and Robin Wasserman. It looks like the first book of the proposed trilogy will have a release date of November 2017, meaning that there will be three different Shadowhunter-world series on the go at the same time. In the announcement, Clare said:

     “Over the years writing the Shadowhunter books, Magnus Bane has emerged as one of the most fun and fascinating characters for me to bring to life… There are so many things we don’t know about Magnus, from the story of his first love to the secrets of his parentage, to the beginning of his relationship with Alec. All those are things I was able to touch on in The Bane Chronicles, but I’m excited to dig in even more deeply in these three volumes devoted to Magnus, his past, his future, and his present.”

So, I don’t quite know how I feel about this. I enjoy Magnus as much as the next reader, but we have already covered a lot of territory in his life. Between his role in The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, and his own collection of short stories, there has been a lot of page time devoted to Magnus already. And, I mean, we already know he ends up with Alec. He has already gotten his happily ever after (well, until Alec gets old or figures out how not to), so what new ground is there to cover?

As of right now, I don’t have much interest in this one. To be honest, as much as I loved The Infernal Devices and enjoyed The Mortal Instruments, I think I am burning out on the Shadowhunter books. The recently released Lady Midnight, which started yet another Shadowhunter series, didn’t really do that much for me. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t grab me, either, which was a disappointment in itself.

Are you happy to see an adult trilogy focusing on Magnus, or are you moving on from the whole Shadowhunter world? What new ground do you think they can cover that hasn’t already been done before


2 thoughts on “Cassandra Clare News

  1. pals20 says:

    I stopped reading Cassandra Clare when she came out with the The Infernal Devices. It was a copy of the Mortal Instruments only disguised as a prequel. Same format, same triangle.. 😦

    Also, what is up with all the author collaborations? It’s like James Patterson with all his collaborations… I never understood the point of it.

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually preferred The Infernal Devices to The Mortal Instruments, honestly. It was the only time that a love triangle completely intrigued me – and was heartbreaking, too. It is weird I liked it so much, because I haven’t ever really liked anything with even a hint of steampunk before, but this one was awesome.

      The Patterson collabs make me laugh. My father is an avid Patterson fan, and it seems like every month there is a new book. With his name in huge print, and the poor grunt that probably did 90% of the writing in little print on the bottom. Meh.

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