Reading Wrap Up

Hey all. I have had an insane couple of days, so bare with me. I actually had to take my father out-of-province for a Doctor’s appointment, and for those who remember my post whining/joking about his Kindle needs will not be surprised to find out that that same sort of thing carries over into real life. As in a two day trip, hotels, planning his itinerary, what/where/when he would be eating, even going to the hospital alone the night before to find out the exact route he would have to take so he wouldn’t have any unnecessary waiting time. Yes, that happened. I felt like I was part of the Secret Service clearing an appearance for the President.

Anyways, on the plus side, I did get some reading done. I did manage to do 2.5 J.D. Robb books – Immortal in Death as a re-read for the guide, Ceremony in Death and part of Vengeance in Death as new reads. Not much to say that I haven’t said before – still loving them. There are a couple of times that Eve just skirts the line of being too abrasive, but then Roarke shows up and makes everything better. I do get why Roarke is seen as one of the most celebrated romantic heroes around. Only 40 more to go!

And I picked up The Darkest Torment from Gena Showalter. Am I alone in not remembering half of what is going on in this series? Yes, I probably am. I totally didn’t remember about Baden and Pandora being out of…wherever they were. And I don’t remember anything about Hades/Lucifer. It was weird, really, and it almost felt like I forgot to read the previous book or something. Story wise, I didn’t mind this one. It wasn’t a favorite, but still quite good. And now I can see where she is bringing in new characters to expand the series past just the original Lords. It makes sense now.

So, that is me. How about you? What have you been reading lately?


6 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, he is good. Just an eye appointment, thankfully. But no specialists locally, which blows. Although the specialist did see him for about 15 whole minutes, tell him that he does have problems with one eye, and he can have it fixed. If he feels like it. Or not. Either works. Soooo helpful.

  1. cheryl says:

    wow. What a commitment from the specialist…. are they so afraid of litigation these days that they can’t even give a concise diagnosis? Your dad sounds just like my brother…. master plan and logistics … nothing happens until it is all mapped out.
    ( makes me laugh because this is the same guy who wont read directions to fix things or build things)
    Glad your dad is doing well… older parents’ are fun when you remember they are just people with their own foibles and not just a parent.

  2. barbara says:

    Glad to hear your father is ok.
    As for what I have been reading lately I just finished Grace Draven’s Radiance: it was absolutely great. I hope Eidolon will be just as good.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am not familiar with Grace Draven’s work…I think I have heard of her before, but never checked her out at all.

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