Looking Ahead

We are speeding towards the half-way point of 2016, and my most anticipated release for the first half of the year just came out (Nalini Singh‘s Allegiance of Honor). I thought maybe we could take a look ahead and share what we are all looking forward to in the back half of 2016. I have one or two biggies, but I thought I would go top 5, in no particular order:

Darynda JonesThe Curse of Tenth Grave: This is always a solid series for me, and I am really intrigued to see what direction things go in after the events of the previous book. If I was going in order, though, this one would probably come in at #5.

Kelley ArmstrongBetrayals: I am a huge fan of this series, it is one of my absolute favorites. And it is about the only adult series I can think of that has a love triangle that doesn’t make me want to gag. This is the second to last book, so I must enjoy every moment.

Ilona AndrewsMagic Binds: Yeah, like I have to explain this one.

Nalini SinghArchangel’s Heart: Probably don’t need to explain this one either.

Kresley Cole/ Gena ShowalterBlood Red Kiss: My dark horse pick, and solely based on the Gena Showalter entry. To finally, finally get Dallas’s story from the Alien Huntress/Otherworld Assassin after all these years? Priceless.

That is how my list shapes up, but what does yours look like? I figure Singh and Andrews will be on most people’s lists, but I am interested to see what comes up for the other three.


12 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. bfmason50 says:

    My Top 5 are the following:
    1. Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews #9 in Kate Daniels Coming Soon! – September 20, 2016 – Kate Daniels series by far my favorite series.
    2. Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas #5 in Throne of Glass Coming Soon! – September 6, 2016 (81 days) – I really enjoy this series I love how Sarah Maas has developed Celena.
    3. The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones #10 in Charley Davidson Coming Soon! – June 28, 2016 (11 days) – I really love the sense of humor of in these books.
    4. Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh #9 in Guild Hunter Coming Soon! – September 15, 2016 (90 days) – I always enjoyed Elena but Raphael is not my favorite of characters.
    5. Into The Fire by Jeaniene Frost #4 in Night Prince Coming Soon! – October 25, 2016 (130 days) – Wish this was a Kat book but I will take Vlad if I have no other choices.

    Different Genre:
    United as One by Pittacus Lore #7 in Lorien Legacies Coming Soon! – June 28, 2016 (11 days) – THis is part of the I am Number 4 series which I always enjoyed.

    • kaleigha says:

      I was tempted to add Into the Fire, too, but it just missed the cut for me. But when it is Ian’s turn, it will be right at the top.

  2. pals20 says:

    My Top 5 are :
    1. Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh
    2. Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews
    3. Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh
    4. Blood Red Kiss by Gena Showalter (I’m still mad that Dallas’s story is only a novella tho’)
    5. Into The Fire by Jeaniene Frost

    Three books by Ms. Singh in one year – one of the many reasons I simply adore this author. So prolific and none of that one book per year crap…

      • pals20 says:

        I have to change mine to a “Top 6” list since Nalini Singh has one more release this year from her Rock series. 4 books in a year and all within few months of each other. Love it.

  3. Barb B (boxermommyreads) says:

    You totally have a point. I actually can’t stand love triangles either but for some reason, in the Kelley Armstrong series, it doesn’t bother me that much. I think because it’s so well done and there really isn’t an “insta-love” element to either of them. Plus she doesn’t really waffle back and forth all the time.

    • kaleigha says:

      And I think, for me, what helps is that I actually like them both and could see Olivia with either of them. The only other time that happened was in The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

  4. Monika says:

    I can’t restrict myself to just 5 books for the rest of the year, so I won’t. And although I have many others on my list (I think might give Feehan another chance, both the Carpathian and Leopard series installments sound promising), the following are the books I can’t wait to come out and that I’m dying to read:
    7/12 Elizabeth Hunter: The Staff and the Blade
    Though I have only recently discovered E. Hunter I love everything she has written so far
    8/23 Nalini Singh: Wild Embrace
    I am not so much into novellas, but I am really excited about Stefan’s story and about Kenji and Garnet
    9/6 J. D. Robb: Apprentice in Death
    Even though this is the 43rd installment and the longest running series I am following I still haven’t grown tired of it and I am still looking forward to every new release
    9/20 Ilona Andrews: Magic Binds
    Sort of self-explanatory; the excerpt from the beginning already has me hooked
    10/25 Jeanine Frost: Into the Fire
    I loved the first two books of Vlad and Leila’s story, while the third one was quite a disappointment. So here is me hoping the fourth is more like the first two.
    11/1 Nalini Singh: Archangel’s Heart
    I can’t really decide which of Nalini’s two series is my fav; luckily I don’t have to 😉
    12/6 Darynda Jones: The Curse of the Tenth Grave
    I simply have to know how Reyes is going to keep his promise (not sure whether this is going to be in this book, though)
    12/6 Eileen Wilks: Dragon Spawn
    World of the Lupi is another of my favorite PNR/UF series

    non UF/PNR
    7/18 J. T. Geissinger: Wicked Sexy
    Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense: I like the first book in the series, and this sounds even more exciting

    • pals20 says:

      Oooh, I didnt know there was a J. D. Robb book releasing this year. This ties for 4th place since Gena Showalter’s book is just a novella..

  5. Redbutterfly says:

    My Top 5 are:

    Darynda Jones – The Curse of Tenth Grave

    Kelley Armstrong – Betrayals (I really hope the love triangle in this one gets resolved and Gabriel finally gets his chance with Liv. Team Gabriel all the way ;p

    Ilona Andrews – Magic Binds

    Nalini Singh – Archangel’s Heart

    Keri Arthur – Flameout

    These are the on-going series, for new series the only one I’m looking foward too is:

    Amanda Bouchet – A Promise of Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles #1)

    • kaleigha says:

      Ah, another Cainsville fan! Love me the Cainsville…and I really like Ricky, but I love me some Gabriel, too.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Most of mine don’t come out until September-ish, but in no particular order:
    “Full of Briars” by Seanan McGuire, an October Daye novelette where we meet Quentin’s parents
    “Guardian’s Mate” by Jennifer Ashley, where the polar shifter healer gets a mate
    “Magic Binds” by Ilona Andrews (of course)
    “Blaze” by Suzanne Wright, the second in her Dark in You series about demons
    “Force of Temptation” also by Suzanne Wright, the next installment in her Mercury Pack/Phoenix pack series

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