Wednesday Spotlight – S.M. Reine

I was doing a spotlight post every Wednesday, but I think I am going to switch over to maybe every second week (unless I get a ton of recommendations, that is). For this week’s post, Faris has recommended author A.M. Reine and her Descent series.

The author actually has several interconnected worlds, with the Descent books being connected to her Cain Chronicles, Seasons of the Moon, and Ascension series, so if you enjoy this one you can continue on through several other series. To get things started, let’s look at the first book from the Descent series, which is called Death’s Hand. You can find an excerpt HERE, and the Kindle version is free on Amazon right now.


Policing relations between Heaven, Hell, and Earth is messy and violent, but Elise Kavanagh and James Faulkner excelled at it– until coming across a job so brutal that even they couldn’t stand to see one more dead body.

Now they’ve been pretending to be normal for five years, leaving their horrific history a dark secret. Elise works in an office. James owns a business. None of their friends realize they used to be one of the world’s best killing teams.

After years of hiding, something stirs. Bodies are vanishing. Demons scurry in the shadows of the night. A child has been possessed.

Some enemies aren’t willing to let the secrets of the past stay dead…

There are seven full Descent books, plus numerous novellas, and while it looks like this series wrapped up in 2013, there is also the chance to also read many books set in connected worlds.

Other books in the series:


. . . . .

sm reineAbout the author: Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I write urban fantasy and paranormal novels as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). It’s a good day when those three things have nothing to do with each other. If you would like to know the instant my next book is available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil!

Your turn, everyone. What other authors or series do you think deserve a little more attention? Just hit the “Contact Me” button on the top menu and drop me a line, and we can turn the spotlight on another hidden jem.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Spotlight – S.M. Reine

  1. Monika says:

    I love it when the first book of a series is free, so you can try it out. If the author is really good, I usually rush to buy the rest of the series all at once to do some binge reading.
    Kaleigha: hope you haven’t forgotten my recommendations!

  2. kaleigha says:

    It is a treat when you can get the first one risk-free.
    Nope, Belador has already been done, and your second one is up next! I do appreciate you sending them on, too.

  3. renpuspita says:

    I read two of her titles, and I can said that her writing just so so. Almost mediocre. She so productive, tho

  4. Faris says:

    I didn’t like her other series so much, but I find the Descent Series is on a whole different level. Especially compared to her Seasons of The Moon, this one was really, really good and it’s still one of my favourites. The character development is great (in my humble opinion) and I was a real sucker for the complicated relationship between Elisa and James.

  5. tomehuntress says:

    This spotlight post is great. An easy way to discover new authors. I suggest C.L. Wilson and her Tairen Soul series to spotlight on. Really superb writing and world building. Have fallen in love with it last year.

    • kaleigha says:

      I used to really enjoy the Tairen Soul books, but then with the constant delays and push backs I just sort of let them go. It would’ve been great if, like you, I had come in when the series was already finished and been able to marathon the whole thing. That would’ve kept my attention.

      • tomehuntress says:

        Yeah I was lucky. Maybe you should start at the beginning again because Tairen Soul is really worth it. I discovered it while searching for similar books to LOTR and Guild Hunter 🙂

  6. Dawn says:

    Actually, the first 3 in the Descent series are free, as well as the first one at least in 2 or three others (a couple of which were mentioned in previous posts). I figure, if they’re free, why not? It’s not like I spent hard earned money on them. And if there’s a bunch of them free to try and get me hooked on an author, then sure, I’ll take them and give her a fair shot.

    As for other recommendations, how about Milly Taiden, specifically her Paranormal Dating Agency series (among others), Mina Carter, and Celia Kyle? They are all hilarious, usually fair priced (I’d say definitely under $5), and good for when you want something quick to fill the time. If you’re looking for something longer, I just got Fury Scorned by Nicola White through NetGalley to review, and I couldn’t put it down. So much so that I just “went out” (heh, they’re on my Kindle, so I really went far!) and bought the others in the series.

    Keep up these Spotlight Recommendations, please, it is nice to hear what others are reading and what I might like to try. It’s tough with the physical bookstores being down to only Barnes & Noble, and then online. I miss having the mom & pop local shops, plus Dalton’s and Waldenbooks, and B&N (if you were lucky!). (I guess I’m dating myself, aren’t I?)

    • kaleigha says:

      God, I haven’t had a local bookstore for so long I actually forget what it is like to wander the isles and find something great. It is actually one of the reason’s I started the blog, to be honest, because I was trying so hard to find new stuff to read. It worked out for the best, but I still miss browsing.

      • Dawn says:

        I actually try NOT to go in to my local B&N, just because I don’t have a lot of extra money sitting around (part-time catholic school teacher, and my husband is a public school teacher her in NJ, where our gov. says we’re the reason the state is bankrupt, plus 2 boys now in hs). Also, there’s too many times even with sales the prices still end up being cheaper on Amazon!

        So it’s really nice to have your blog, along with some other email newsletters, to point out new stuff. I hope you keep this going for awhile!

        • kaleigha says:

          The in-store prices are one thing that always threw me a bit, since online used to be so much cheaper. Honestly though, here in Canada at least, prices are getting up there at Amazon and Chapters, too. It sort of sucks.

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