July’s Book of the Month

Ok, some months are awesome with too many books to choose from. Some months are…not. This one, at least for me, is a not. What with the last-minute change in release day for one book, the lack of purchase links at Amazon for a couple of others, and a general lack of “wow” factor, this isn’t my favorite month.

Anyways, you have voted, and July’s book of the month is Illusion Town by Jayne Castle. Is anyone else completely surprised by this? I am. Nothing against the book at all, but it seemed to come out of nowhere. My choice was Alyssa Day‘s Evil Eye (which isn’t even listed on Goodreads yet. Oy), but I figured playing the odds that the winner would be Elizabeth Hunter‘s The Staff and the Blade. Show what I know.

illusion town


A new adventure begins on Harmony…

With its opulent casinos and hotels, the desert city of Illusion Town is totally unique—and will take you on a thrill ride you’ll never forget.

Hannah West isn’t the first woman to wake up in Illusion Town married to a man she barely knows, but she has no memory of the ceremony at all. For that matter, neither does Elias Coppersmith, her new husband. All either can remember is that they were on the run…

With Hannah’s dubious background and shaky para-psych profile, she could have done much worse. The cooly competent mining heir arouses her curiosity—as well as other parts of her mind and body. And even her dust bunny likes him.

But a honeymoon spent retracing their footsteps leads Hannah and Elias into the twisting underground catacombs, where secrets from both their pasts will come to light—and where the energy of their clashing auras will grow hot enough to burn…

I think I have asked this one before, but how many Jayne Castle (and other pseudonyms) fans are out there? I do know that there are about 11 million books published under her several names, so there must be something for everyone. If you were new to this author, which series would you most recommend?


13 thoughts on “July’s Book of the Month

  1. Dawn says:

    For me, it was a toss up to vote for When a Lioness Snarls or Illusion Town. I actually went with Lioness, but I was a bit surprised when Illusion Town showed to be in the lead. I know JAK is a popular writer, but I didn’t think her pseudonym Jayne Castle was.

    I actually got started reading her under Amanda Quick, I think the first one I actually read was Ravished. I really like the stories that link to J&J or the Arcane Society, no matter the name they were written under (these are the ones that have the most PNR elements to them). I honestly have to say, anything since the early/mid 1990s has been really great. I tried some of the reissues that she had written as Stephanie James, and I didn’t care for those so much. After that I stuck with her main 3, and still do.

    • kaleigha says:

      Now that you say it, I do remember way back in my university days (about 113 years ago) reading some Amanda Quick books. I am pretty sure I liked them, too.

  2. Monika says:

    I am a big fan of JAK’s and have been for a long time. I first discovered her thru her Historicals, I quite like her old Regency Romances. I think I have every book of hers written before 2005, except the Guinevere Jones Mysteries. The problem is that since she has been writing the Arcane Society series all the books are interconnected: the Futuristic (Curtain) books, the Contemporaries as well as the Historicals. I really, really like her old Paranormals / Futuristic Romances from the 80s (Lost Colony); haven’t read them in some time and they might appear a bit dated (especially with regard to the gender dynamic), but they can be read as standalones. The St. Helens trilogy is a bit more recent and though they are set in the same universe they can also be read as standalones. For the last 10years I have become increasingly unable to keep the couples/main protagonists seperate in my head, that’s why I have stopped getting her books on release day, but I still end up reading them sooner or later. Of the more recent stuff I like the Ghost Hunter series best. Hope this helps (though I doubt it 😉 )

    • kaleigha says:

      I did try, once, to do a “reading list” for all of her books. Um, yeah. Wouldn’t want to try that again. Between the different writing names and interconnected series and spin-offs, I pretty much needed a spreadsheet to keep track.

      • Dawn says:

        If you want to do an order list, I would really stick with just the order of the JC books, and then maybe the order of the J&J/Arcane Society novels. Other than that, not a lot are inter-connected.

  3. Judit says:

    The Ghost Hunter and Rainshadow novels are amazing. JAK work building and mystery, with paranormal elements and good romances!

  4. Catt says:

    I started reading JAK years ago with her regency romances. I then moved on to her paranormal romances and just kept going. I have to admit that I stopped reading some of her paranormal books as they seemed to be repeating themselves just with weirder “abilities”. I still consider her Whispering Springs books amongst my favourite reads and often go back to the contemporary arcane books such as White Lies and Running Hot (loved these ones!). If you want to get started pick a genre you most enjoy and start at the beginning otherwise some of the terminology will give you a headache.

    • kaleigha says:

      I think I will add her to the list for after I get my two big monster tbr series read (In Death and Dark-Hunter). I will just have to check and see if I can get decent covers for some of the older books.

  5. Cassandra B. says:

    JAK has been my favorite author since my early days of romance reading. I read all three of her current pseudonyms (and have read some of older books written under different, no longer used pseudonyms). Her writing is a formulaic, but it works and I know what I am getting. I do not get excited about her new releases like I do with Nalini Singh, but I still buy on release day (or preorder). I enjoy all her various books, but Jayne Castle books are probably favs.

  6. pals20 says:

    I like her contemporaries written as Jayne Anne Krentz. She writes mystery thrillers really well. Her heroes always start off as almost-alphaholes but she manages to make it amusing rather than frustrating. And she usually has a good grovel in the novel somewhere which is always good.

    But I also like her Arcane Society series – they’re written across genres and past, present and future timelines.

  7. snapdragon says:

    Add me to the list of JAK/AQ/JC fans. I am more into the JC books but I so adored her early Regencies – I believe I still have some in my regular bookshelf. I think I might have to go browsing the stacks….

    • kaleigha says:

      I can’t remember if I had any Jayne Castle books back in my uni days (er, like 25 years ago), but I was way into historicals back then so it is hard to say.

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