Book of the Month Updates – Part 2

Sigh. Really? Not that it matters now, but man July is looking like a screwed up month, which can be seen just by looking at the books I put in the poll for book of the month. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that C.L. Wilson‘s The Sea King got a very last minute push back to as as-yet unknown date. Well, Rachel Caine‘s Weather Warden reboot Red Hot Rain was also supposed to be out on July 1st, but that date has come and gone with no sign of the book. Aaand, within the last couple of days, Alyssa Day‘s next Tiger’s Eye Mystery, Evil Eye, seems to have been delayed, too. Well, itunes still lists it for July 5th, but Barnes and Noble has a new release date of September 1st. Ugh.

So, things are really mixed up this month. I can usually catch changes, but the last minute ones drive me nuts. Especially when they occur within a few days of the original release date. I do a double-check of all release dates about every two weeks, and a specific check before I list them in the book of the month polls. And still the buggers slip by.

Basically, July was a crappy month to start with, and the changes made it worse. Actually, I don’t remember a poorer new-release month in recent memory. I won’t be picking up any new releases at all, but on the plus side, I might get to tackle a few more off of my TBR. Always an upside.

On a similar note, I am going to stop listing which books are e-book releases, mostly because that can change between countries. For example, will show a book as an e-release only, but will show both Kindle and paperback versions. To stop the confusion, I am just going to remove it all together. Hope that doesn’t confuse anyone.


6 thoughts on “Book of the Month Updates – Part 2

  1. Sam says:

    This is nothing new for either CL Wilson or Alyssa Day. Whether it is personal reasons, health issues, or problem with the editor / publisher there is always a delay with both of these authors. I have resigned myself to the fact that the dates listed are never set in stone.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is true, sadly. I really thought that things were turning around for them, though, but maybe next time.

  2. Emma says:

    This is why I stopped pre-ordering books from alot of authors.
    Push back dates are frustrating as heck…But for Rachel Caine, it’s understandable. She’s been ill and keeping her fans up todate. So that one was to be expected. I will admit I was part of the kickstart she did for the book, so I’ve known how many issues she’s had.

    But for those who keep quiet until the 11th hour…that’s just exhausting!!!

    • kaleigha says:

      I think all three – Caine, Wilson and Day – are battling various illnesses, which is too bad. Like you say, I do wish we had more notice, but what can you do?

  3. azteclady says:

    Well, this is embarrassing.

    I was following your blog back in the day, and then WordPress hiccuped and new post stopped showing up. I’ve been so scattered that I didn’t notice until now, and lo and behold! I was no longer following you.

    Situation rectified!

    • kaleigha says:

      WordPress can be pretty funky sometimes. The behind-the-scenes stuff is always being tweaked, and it doesn’t always make sense.

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