Reading Wrap Up

booksHey everyone. Time once again to touch base and see what we all have been reading recently. On my end, I finished up the Southern Witch series from Kimberly Frost. I did a mini-marathon of the final three books, and it turned out to be a quick, fun read. They gave me a Charley Davidson vibe in the humor department, and it was one of the few instances where a love triangle didn’t make me nuts. I wasn’t particularly fond of Tammy Jo swinging between the two fellas, but since there wasn’t much mystery as to whom she would end up with it worked out ok. I was glad I picked this series up.

I also did both a read and a re-read of Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan. All in all, not a bad first book of a series, and it read like a “real” Feehan book. I do know that there are a ton of characters, meaning a ton of potential books to come. The only thing that sort of bugged me was that we once again get a young, tortured and abused girl introduced that will of course be the mate of one of the male leads after she is old enough. Kind of like Skyler 2.0. I am not a huge fan of that particular plotline, and not looking forward to seeing it all play out again.

And I really enjoyed stepping outside the reading box for a change. Kelley Armstrong is an author that has moved up the ranks to be one of my favorites, and so I thought I would pick up her non-PNR Nadia Stafford series. Not only was it not at all paranormal, but the first couple of books can’t even be called romance. There are hints of romantic tension, but nothing really comes of it until the third story. Nadia Stafford was a police officer who killed a rapist and was thrown off of the force for it. Because of an event in her past, she has a vigilante streak and a willingness to kill, which leads her to the unusual profession of hitman. Nadia was an interesting character, what with her cop mentality and her criminal second life. This one was a treat.

Your turn. What have you been reading? I didn’t tackle much off of my TBR shelf this past couple of weeks, but hopefully I will make a dent the next couple of weeks. Did you manage to whittle down your collection at all, or did you add to it?


17 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. Zenaida Hodle says:

    Last summer I started a re-read of Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunters series. I was determined to read every full length novel and short story. Got as far as book 17. This summer I’m picking up where I left off and I just finished book 20. I even read books 1 and 2 of her Chronicles of Nick series. Now I’m taking a little break and reading Gena Showalter’s Lord of the Underworld series. I’m playing catch up on my favorite series.

    • kaleigha says:

      Wow, that is an undertaking. I have actually started to tackle my Kenyon TBR mountain just this week. Kinda scary when I look at them all.

  2. Jean says:

    I picked up Devon Monk’s Death and Relaxation, outstanding! Great plot, interesting setting, I highly recommend it. I’m a Devon Monk fan and this book delivered with the strong female lead and elements of romance throughout. Very well written.

    • kaleigha says:

      Is it tied to any of her other series, or set in a new world? I was always interested in checking her stuff out.

      • Jean says:

        It’s set in a new world separate from her other series, Ordinary, Oregon with a rhubarb festival in the back drop. Fun fast summer read, looking forward to the next installments in the series.

  3. Shira says:

    Since you were saying good things about Southern Witch, which had been on my to-read list for a while, I decided to try it, too.
    I really enjoyed it. Loved Bryn.
    I finished all five books in the series, but do you know if the author is writing more of this series? I don’t find any updates on her website or Goodreads.
    I also tried Baba Yaga by Deborah Blake, but to me it wasn’t as much fun as Southern Witch. The “powerful witches” didn’t seem to use much magic.

  4. kaleigha says:

    I loved Bryn, too…he made the series for me. And Merc, too. I haven’t heard about any more books coming, either. It was a good place to end, but still left it open for more, at least I thought. I hope we get a couple more showing them married, that would be good.

        • Shira says:

          I think it was something like Bryn tearing the family apart and taking their little girl away from Tammy Jo in her great aunt’s vision? I really want that solved.

  5. azteclady says:

    I’m still in the grip of a most horrendous reading slump (a year and counting…). However! I started a re-read of the Immortals After Dark series, and plan to review them as I go. Here’s hoping…

    Also, I realized recently that I never got around to reading Sweet Ruin, so.

    • kaleigha says:

      Good lord…a year?!? I think my longest one was about 3 weeks, and that was horrid. I think it actually led to my first TBR book purge, if I remember correctly. Good luck!

  6. Monika says:

    I could never warm up to Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series (except for her novella ‘Bewitched’ – Eve Levine and Kristof Nast’s story – but then she went and killed Eve off, so that was like a punch in the face for me), but Nadia Stafford sounds kind of interesting, might add it to my growing TBR pile…

    • kaleigha says:

      Eve actually plays a role after her untimely demise, and ended up with her own HEA in a latter story. It wasn’t my favorite of the series, but it was a decent story.

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