Well, This is Just Plain Weird

I was doing my nightly scan through things to see what happened while I was at work today, and I came across a very, very weird article. Weird enough that I literally stopped for a second to figure out if it was April Fools Day, or the article I read was dated April 1st. But nope, it is still July, and this is my random weirdness for today.

Do you remember how the powers that be decided to split the final movie adaptation from Veronica Roth‘s Divergent series, Allegiant, into two parts? Yeah, they followed the trend (or more likely they followed the money), and decided to make two movies, Allegiant and Ascendant. Ok, here is where the weirdness comes in…it looks like Ascendant will NOT be heading to a theater near you. Instead, it will be a straight to television release. You heard that right, folks. No theatrical release. There haven’t been any details on exactly where you will be finding it (Network? Netflix? Who knows), but Ascendant will be exclusively on the small screen. And that isn’t even all of it. Nope.

It seems that the ultimate goal is to THEN spin things off into a full fledged TV show. They would wrap things up with the existing cast of Shailene Woodley, Theo James and company, introduce all new players, and continue on in some form or another. And may I once again repeat…THIS IS WEIRD.

Granted, if you look at the numbers, this franchise hasn’t been the biggest success. But still, this seems so very odd to me. And kind of like beating a dead horse. Either film it or forget it, but this plain out of left field. And screams of desperation.

What is your take? I might’ve mentioned that I find this plain weird once or twice (or way more than that), but do you think this is a good idea? Have you been watching the movies, and do you plan to follow it to the small screen? Can you see a TV show succeeding where the movies have obviously failed?


4 thoughts on “Well, This is Just Plain Weird

  1. bfmason50 says:

    I really enjoyed the first book of the Divergent series where I would give it a rating of about 4.5. It had believable and strong characters. Then book 2 comes along and you get a completely messed up in the head Tris that is all down on herself. I still enjoyed the book for how she came through it but I would of given about a 4.0. Then you get the huge curveball thrown in where book 3 and they go to the “outside” world from Chicago. I was enjoying the book even though now Four is all in his head and his character has gone completely away from what he was. Until the last 50 pages I would probably give Book 3 a 4.5 rating, then you get the ending which I saw no point to. So then I would give the rating of the book to 3.5. To me the ending of the series was a WTF moment from the author. It was worse to me then how Hunger Games series ended with the controversial death at the end of Mocking Jay. As a guy I did not find what Rachelle Meade did in the Black Swan series at the end with the children to be that controversial. But I understand how some women hated the series for how it ended.

    I just could not imagine Ilona Andrews ending the Kate Daniels series how Roth ended the Divergent series. If people had conniption fits when Aunt B was killed off I could only imagine if Kate or Curran had a similar ending. How many readers of Frosts series with Cat and Bones had a similar ending (which it did come close sort of).

    But back on topic I watched the first Divergent movie and did not like how they took the story. They completely changed it from the movie even worse then what happened in the last Harry Potter Movie with endings and such. So I have not watched the last two movies that have come out I did watch the trailers but have not gotten around to it. Of course I do not spend money on movie theaters for the most part. I still have not seen the newest Star Wars movie!!!

    Sorry for being long winded (aka typing way to damn much).

  2. kaleigha says:

    I quite liked the books, honestly, and the movies were not bad, either. Well, the first two, since I didn’t pick up the third one as yet (waiting for the sale, since I don’t consider it a “full price” movie). The trailer for the third one looks funky, though…and with the red tinge to everything, all I could of was that it looked like it was set on Mars.

    Don’t feel bad about Star Wars – I still haven’t seen all of the first 6 movies, either. I have seen bits here and there, but that is about it.

  3. Barb (boxermommyreads) says:

    I just watched Allegiant last night and all I can say is for me, the movie ended there. I didn’t care for it and stopped reading the books after Divergent because someone spoiled them for me. At this point I don’t even care what happens to the characters and there’s plenty of other things for me to watch and read.

  4. azteclady says:

    It is weird.

    They are hoping for a longer money tail, but, as you said, the movies have not made as big a splash as they hoped, why should a tv series work?

    Then again, I’m a cynic: whenever I see announcements for TV series based on novels or movies, I start the book on how soon they’ll fail. (spoiler: soon)

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