Back in Action

Hey everyone, I made it back in one piece – and even brought my father home with me. And not in the trunk. Anyways, we survived our road trip/adventure relatively intact, but it was wonderful to get home. And what made it even more wonderful was what was waiting for me when I got here…


My photographic skills are completely non-existent, I mean seriously cringe-worthy, but the beauty of this one speaks for itself. I seriously didn’t expect to get sent this one, but once again I am so grateful for it. I am trying to hold off until my days off before I start it so I can marathon, but it is hard. So hard.


6 thoughts on “Back in Action

    • kaleigha says:

      This is what happens after not sleeping for 36 hours…

      “Hm. Erin. I wonder who Doug is talking about? Erin. Erin? I don’t remember a blog follower here named Erin.”

      A couple of hours later, after the computer has been turned off…

      “Erin!!! Holy Crap, I just posted some poor woman’s number and email address online.”

      Thanks for mentioning that, since it flew totally over my head there.

      • dougmeeks says:

        Sometimes it is hard to remember such things but I was guilty of a similar crime a few years back, I try to remember my mistakes and not repeat them but posting when tired can be disastrous . Trust me I know LOL

  1. Dawn says:

    You know, I saw it in the post and it didn’t even click for me about the name/number showing up (and I’m a teacher so you would think it would!)

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was, Lucky You!

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