August’s Book of the Month

I swear that it feels like it was just last week that I was doing up the July book of the Month list and whining that there wasn’t really anything that was must-have for me. Well, I can’t say the same thing about August – at all. For me, August usually shapes up to be second only to March in terms of anticipated new releases, and there are some good ones to choose from. As always, I have listed 10 upcoming titles for you to choose from, but if you have something else in mind just select “Other” and leave your pick in the comments section. A complete list of August’s new releases can be found HERE

Brace yourselves, because this is about the only time in history that Nalini Singh is releasing a book and I am not making it my pick of the month. Seriously. My runaway pick is absolutely Betrayals from Kelley Armstrong, the second from last book of the Cainsville series (Noooo, only one left after this). I have a strangely intense love for this series, and if you asked me I can’t even really tell you why. I guess sometimes a storyline just clicks for you, and this one did for me. I am excited for Wild Embrace, too, of course, and I have very high hopes for Blood of the Earth. I haven’t bonded with Jane Yellowrock that much, something about her multiple potential love interests has thrown me off a bit, but I am excited for Nell’s story. Amanda Bouchet‘s first book, A Promise of Fire, intrigued me since I first saw it listed months ago, and I find myself even looking forward to Christine Feehan‘s next Carpathian book, Dark Carousel, mostly because it is city-based rather than the usual jungle-or-mountain thing that has been going on. Yep, going to be a big, big month.


8 thoughts on “August’s Book of the Month

  1. Redbutterfly says:

    I voted for Kelley Armstrong – Betrayals. Like you I can’t tell why I love the Cainsville series so much, since the 1st book where there were only a hint of paranormal (ok maybe it was Gabriel who made me love it roflmao ;p).

    “I haven’t bonded with Jane Yellowrock that much, something about her multiple potential love interests has thrown me off a bit…” Ugh yeah, I’m with you there, Jane is a kick ass heroine but all her d*mn love interests bug me a LOT. I decided that I’ll wait for the series to end and maybe I’ll go back and read it.

    BTW hating you soooooooo bad for that Archangel’s Heart ARC *grin* (but it’s a good kind of hate *wink)

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, that was weird for me, too. I am usually full-on PNR, so the first books shouldn’t even have been on my radar, but I was completely hooked. Uh, and it was probably Gabriel that reeled me in, too. I am determined to like Jane Yellowrock, or rather I should say I like her character a lot, but the circling around all the dudes means I can’t get invested (I totally typed infested – thank God for a proof read).

  2. Sam says:

    I am looking forward to BETRAYALS but I can’t justify the price in either ebook or paper. I am hoping my library will get a copy…*sigh*

    And of course, ARCHANGEL’S HEART is on my list as well

    • kaleigha says:

      I was like that with Sweet Ruin a while back – it wasn’t like I couldn’t afford it, but I just couldn’t make myself shell out 35 bucks for it. I ended up using my bonus points through Chapters to get it for free, so I dodged that bullet. Now it is Dark Promises that has me up in the air – I loathe the character of Gabrielle, so I don’t want her story, but if I don’t get it then I am missing one from my collection, and I might miss out on a set up for future stories. But to me it isn’t worth the hardcover price.

      • Sam says:

        I have all of the DARK series by Christine Feehan either in paper or hardcover and like you, I don’t want to interrupt my collection. I have all of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld in paper or hard cover as well. The Cainsville series I have in both ebook and hard cover, so I don’t mind either way but to pay $15+ for an ebook is outrageous in my opinion. Yes, I know the author and publisher must get paid for their work, but, an ebook doesn’t go to print and that saves the publisher $$$$$$. With high priced ebooks,everything is profit for the publisher….because the author is usually paid a flat fee unless he or she has negotiated a special contract. I was once told by an author that on a $10 ebook, the author receives $1 for every book sold…..that is 10%….what does that say about the 99¢ ebooks etc?? I can’t justify paying what I consider too high a price for an ebook that, if something should happen to Kindle, Amazon, Nook,Kobo etc the book will no longer be at my disposal. Technically when we buy an ebook, we are borrowing temporarily for a price…because all things eventually evolve or die.

        • kaleigha says:

          The e-book thing has always been so weird to me.The pricing doesn’t make any sense at all, especially in the cases where it is higher than the print versions of the same book. That one I really can’t justify, and it is one more thing to make me keep going the print route.

  3. cheryl says:

    I am looking forward to the new series by Faith Hunter so I had to vote for
    Blood of the Earth and the 2nd one comes out I think a month after the first.
    I, also, am hooked on the Cainsville series but have been getting them from my library in ebook format and saving the coin for books for my keeper shelf.

  4. cc says:

    I picked other. Not really following any of these. What I’ve been reading is Lindsay Buroker’s new series, Fallen Empire. She has another coming in aug.

    What I’m really looking forward to is Sept with books by Ilona Andrews and JD Robb.

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