Cover Lover – Wicked Abyss

I was responding to some comments in the previous post whey Lidy mentioned that the cover was out for the next Immortals After Dark book by Kresley Cole, called Wicked Abyss. Here is how the couple of minutes after that discovery went “Yes! Cover! Yes, yes, yes…No! Ew. Really?” So, yeah, I am just going to say it…I think this one is pretty not cute. At all. But hopefully it will look better in person? Nah, who am I kidding. Still not cute. Either way, the story will focus on Sian, and it has a release date of March 28th.

wicked abyssHe never wanted to be a beast…

As a boy, Abyssian ‘Sian’ Infernas had his heart shattered by a treacherous fey beauty who died before he could exact vengeance. Millennia later, a curse has amplified his hell-demon blood, transforming him into an unrecognizable monster – just as she’s been reincarnated. Sian fantasizes about seducing and spurning her, but he can retain his former appearance for only one hour a day.

She never wanted to be a beauty…

When a beastly demon king abducts her, fey princess Liliana ‘Lili’ Barbot goes from one prison to another. The beast vows revenge for betrayals she can’t remember and punishes her with gruelling labour within his mystical castle. Her only solace is spending time with a fellow prisoner Bael, a devastatingly gorgeous male who is allowed to see her for only one hour a day.

Can they break the spell before it’s too late…?

In the guise of ‘Bael’, Sian toys with Lili’s heart and body. Yet as she falls deeper under his spell, Lili can’t help but respond to the beast’s vulnerability and pain, and her sympathy develops into something more. When truths from a far distant past are revealed and identities discovered, can their tenuous bond withstand ages of deceit – and a looming supernatural war?

Seriously, does anyone else think of bad fan art when they see this? And as someone who used to do bad fanart, I am usually a bit more forgiving. I don’t know if it is the flat yellow font with the basic drop shadow or the tacked on little title, but this one looks like a self-pubbed jobbie. Not feeling the cover, but not quite sure where I stand on the Beauty and Beast/IAD mashup. What might be throwing me is that I have read a few fairytale retellings lately, and they can be hit or miss.


15 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Wicked Abyss

  1. azteclady says:

    Honestly? That cover sucks. What’s with the sideways flames in neon yellow/orange?

    But mostly, I’m pissed off that we got the setup for at least three or four other characters pretty much from the first handful of books, yet here we are, ten books later, reading about characters that have just been introduced, while Fury/Munro/Nix/the Dacians/Kristoff/etc just sit it out there, idling.

    Ah well, I guess I really am getting ready to ditch this series too.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, not a good look. Glad I was not being overly picky, because that is a dud.

      IAD is getting a bit like The Breeds, actually. Too many characters/unresolved plotlines/set ups for future books/ going on at the same time. A start of a future storyline or two is great, but when you lay out the whole thing then drop it for a few years it is annoying. Like Furie, found on the bottom of the ocean, or Munro WITH HIS MATE RIGHT THERE, and then to do two books in a row to feature all new characters is weird. Don’t get me started on the Dacians – I am still annoyed that they were seemingly dropped. I know there is another story coming out soon, but I am getting a novella vibe. I guess we’ll see.

      • azteclady says:

        I find the last two covers (Sweet Ruin’s and this one) particularly jarring after the great new covers they series got with the re-release for the anniversary thing. I also liked the first few titles a lot, they really were unique and matched the books. Lately, they are lot more generic.

        On the series itself, my thing is that I’m always leery when there is too much set up for any given character as resolution of the series main story arc–I’m concerned that the author will writer herself into a corner, as it were.

        In IAD, the longer we go without Nix’s book, the more I fear a dud. Yes, Lothaire was also set up practically from the first story, and his book delivered, but Nix has had an active, explicit, on-scene part in every single book and story. Between having her fingers on all the pies, at all times, and her ‘she’s going/gone crazy,’ I can’t see how adding more storylines (and more things hemming in the direction of Nix’s story) can help the author.

        I’m also wondering whether we are now supposed to root for the Mordior, when earlier in the series they were being set up as the main antagonists in the Accession.

        It’s a matter of trust, and the more books about characters that have just been introduced we have, the less trust I have on the author’s ability to deliver on what got me into the series to begin with.

        But I’m cantankerous like that.

        • kaleigha says:

          Nah, you aren’t cantankerous, just realistic. It makes sense. There has to be new blood introduced to keep a series moving forward, but not at the expense of already existing characters. Interest wanes when you don’t get resolution to a story for years after things are set up, and like you say things just keep building and building over the course of several books with no end in sight.

  2. Monika says:

    I always try not to be influenced by covers and then realize how strongly I am influenced by covers despite myself.
    I’ve never started this series (I think I read the first story) and it didn’t click for me and this cover is really off-putting, looks kind of toxic.
    If the author is unknown to me, the cover usually decides whether I will click to read the blurb or not. I have to say that I’ve come to appreciate ARC’s that come without a cover 😉

    • kaleigha says:

      I am a total cover snob, unfortunately. If it is an author I love, I don’t care so much, but I will be tempted to start an unknown series if the cover catches my eye. This one so wouldn’t draw me in. If I was walking around the bookstore, I would probably point and laugh, honestly.

  3. Lidy says:

    Wait, is there a blurb, too? In her Q&A she revealed the cover (not very impressive, is it? Don’t like the flames, and the coloring is strange, too), but not the blurb ( She also said it was a conscious choice, not giving Munro his book because Sian’s will shed some light on the guys who have kidnapped Munro. That remains to be seen.

    “Abyssian ‘Sian’ Infernas”?
    Really, people. Abyssian Infernas? Come on.

    I like the Beauty and the Beast tale; it’s my favorite – I still own the classic Disney from the 1950s (1930s? 1940s? Whatever.). I’m just surprised that Sian has apparently become fugly so fast; with his conversations with Rune, I really thought it’d take him a while, and that it would be a progression of his transformation, instead of a curse, like the blurb says.

    I wonder if we’ll see Lanthe (and that asshole Thronos), since they visited Sian’s hell realm.

    • kaleigha says:

      I found the blurb on…hm, I think it was They are usually quicker at putting up blurbs and release dates, so I use them a lot.

      Abyssian Infernas…doesn’t roll off of the tongue, does it? No way I am going to remember that one, either. I think I am Beauty and the Beast’ed out, honestly. I really enjoyed the first couple I read, but then it started to get old for me.

      I was the opposite, though. I didn’t mind Thronos, but I couldn’t stand Lanthe. I am always harder on the female characters, though, but my dislike for her was a real thing.

      • Lidy says:

        I had no idea the British Amazon was quicker. I’ll check them before – not for covers. I usually find them bland.

        Yeah, Abyssian Infernas sounds like bad Latin. Just… of. Not really engaging, like Lothaire Daciano or the Woedes, or even the MacRieves. Just cringe-worthy. But I liked Sian, so I’ll overlook his name. I hope (and I don’t want to think about Blaise’s).

        Beauty and the Beast has been ad nauseam. But if done well, it can be quite awesome. Maybe it’s because Belle isn’t Beast’s ho, and doesn’t really let anyone mistreat her, like Cinderella and Snow White (the two fairy tales I despise the most).

        Dark Skye didn’t impress me much. I really liked Lanthe in Sabine’s book, and though I disagreed with her choice of giving Thronos a chance, I got it: she wanted some “love”. I disagreed with her picking up Thronos’ brand of love. I couldn’t stand him slut-shaming her, all because he was jealous that she took lovers while he went without, and looking down at everything she said and did because his race was so much better than hers. He even wanted to brainwash her. There were moments I wanted to hurt him. I had hopes for him, and he didn’t fulfill them. He should give hands to the MacRieves (all of them, except Munro) and jump off the highest cliff and die.

          • Lidy says:

            I was hoping Thronos would be more than a little angry after Lanthe told him to jump… then they’d sort their shit out and have a bit of angry sex followed by make up sex. Really, I thought their book would be a little more like Demon from the Dark, which also features a hero who wants the heroine to die before he finally forgives her – and despite all of Malkom’s hatred, I was still able to like and want to hug him. Instead, DS made me wonder when the slut-shaming would finally become domestic violence. 😦 Of course, not all of it is Thronos’ fault; the Vrekener culture made it hard for me to warm up to his beliefs.

            • kaleigha says:

              And then Melanthe’s poor-me attitude added another level of grating on my nerves, too. He was judgemental, she was everyone’s victim, and neither deserved the other until about the last eighth of the book.

        • kaleigha says:

          Yeah, will often list books way ahead of, which is great. Paperback re-release dates can be different, but original release dates are usually the same.

          See, I liked Lanthe in Sabine’s book, too. She was a little different from the norm, and seemed like fun. Then I couldn’t stand her in her own book, and Thronos did have a big judgemental stick up his ass for most the story, too. It was a disappointment all around for me.

    • kaleigha says:

      I usually try and not flog my opinions all over the place, since often times things are subjective. But this was too hideous to not call out.

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