The Chosen Cover and Excerpt

I was going to label this as a “Cover Lover” post, but really, that is a no. I had seen this version of The Chosen floating around Goodreads a few days ago, but to be honest I thought it was a bad fan-made jobbie posted as a joke. But when I saw J.R. Ward link to the cover reveal on her site, I knew it was the real deal. Yeah.


So, I might sound bitchy, but this is not pretty. If you put this one and Kresley Cole‘s Wicked Abyss side by side, maybe this one doesn’t look that bad, but it is close. The Chosen will be out on April 4th. If you would like to check out an excerpt, you can head over to Entertainment Weekly and check it out HERE.


42 thoughts on “The Chosen Cover and Excerpt

    • bfmason50 says:

      1 Month and 15 days to my Birthday (Sept 26th), 1 Month and 16 days get my present Magic Binds (Sept 27th)!!!! Let the countdown begin!!! I can not wait to another Ilona Andrews book is released!!!! Also did you see the excerpt she had on how Hugh got his name and met Roland and Voron? sub possibly she is working on a Hugh book! I also hope she works on another Julie and Derek book.

      • kaleigha says:

        I saw the excerpt thingie, and was so hopeful about getting a Hugh book. If any author could make Hugh a leading man after all the crap he has pulled, Ilona is it.

        • Iain says:

          Oh, it’s a thing… you’ll need to dig through the goodreads archives for proof tho… sometime last year they confirmed the April Fool’s joke had taken on a life of it’s own and now they were excited at the challenge of redeeming Hugh… but the comments got out of hand and Ilona lashed out a little harshly at the backseat writing in the comments… then they apologized and deleted the whole incident and locked the comments…

          So it’s coming… dunno when… and I can’t wait

  1. Redbutterfly says:

    Ugh, that cover is UGLY. Sad, because I really wanted this one to have a pretty cover. This book is going to look awful on the shelf

    • kaleigha says:

      Thanks! That shows a bit of fun int he Courtyard that you don’t usually get to see. So looking forward to this one in one way, but sad to see this arc end, too.

  2. Emma says:

    Are these cover designers off coffee or their meds…I’m not sure.
    Covers are becoming a hit/miss/big miss type of affair. Just when you think you’ve seen the worse…something else pops up their blows it out of the water.
    I’m not a huge believer in the cover fortelling the story within, but if this was the first book in a series I’d be back tracking and checking the synopsis a wee bit harder

    • kaleigha says:

      It is especially sad on hardcover releases. I mean, with the prices right now running at well over 30 bucks most of the time, you should at least get a book that you don’t have the urge to rip the cover off of.

  3. Lidy says:

    This cover reminded me of a seizure-inducing gif. I really dislike it.

    Complaining about a cover isn’t bitchy, especially when the thing is an affront to good taste. šŸ™‚

    • kaleigha says:

      Glad I’m not alone in finding this one tacky. I always want to like them, but sometimes you just gotta be honest about the ugly.

      • Lidy says:

        We stand together, but… is there anyone out there who finds this cover beautiful? I wouldn’t be caught reading it, anywhere. It’s sad when we see the big publishers with all the money creating such bad art.

        • kaleigha says:

          Like you say, when it is a self-pubbed author just trying to make the best book they can you understand, but when a publishing house who employs countless professional designers come up with crap it is not as forgivable.

  4. azteclady says:

    Okay, so I admit I finally quit J.R. Ward a while back, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Aren’t the Chosen all female? If so, why is there a half naked man in the cover, again? Never mind the not-very-good amateur hour look of the design itself.

    • kaleigha says:

      God, as much as I dislike Layla, her on the cover couldn’t have been any worse. This is Xcor, leader of the band of bastards, who suffers from a facial deformity…not shown here. Of course.

        • kaleigha says:

          Well, I guess it isn’t as bad as when they have a dark skinned, dark haired main character in the book and a chesty blonde on the cover. That one makes me laugh.

          • Lidy says:

            @azteclady, I understand why you’ve given up on JRW books. I’m about to do it, too. Well, I’ve decided to give up on a number of them, and considering that I dislike both Layla AND XCor… goodbye, Brothers, it was good while it lasted!

            @kaleigha, now I’m thinking of a BDB cover featuring Fabio. O_o A complete bodice-ripper.

                    • Lidy says:

                      Yeah, I’ve seen people saying he’s a great guy – most authors and readers have something nice to say about the cover models in general. I remember when I was little, and Fabio, John deSalvo, and another model who passed away a few years ago were all the rage. I loved those books!

                    • kaleigha says:

                      Heh…I used to go to the bookstore when I was in University and start counting all of the Fabio covers…there were a ton of them at any one time.

    • Iain says:

      I quit BDB after book 9… altho I’d started losing interest around book 6… anyway… I still like to skim Goodreads reviews… The Chosen’s main storyline is about Layla (the main chosen blood donor in early books) and Xcor (leader of the Band of Bastards, introduced around book 9 as I was quitting)

          • Iain says:

            Hard to measure the indents after awhile… would be nice if there could be a vertical line running down the page from replied to comments with horizontal lines pointing at replies or something… that seems like something on wordpress’s end of things to come up with…

  5. Rika Ashton says:

    Don’t know if I like this cover. To be honest I haven’t been keeping up with BDB recently so I’m not invested enough to hate it yet…but that’ll probably change once I get back into the series and start buying the novels again. It’s all about that bookshelf aesthetic lol

      • Iain says:

        Sometimes I’m surprised much effort at all is put into ebook-only indie covers… its not like I ever see the cover once its on my kindle unless I put in the effort to GoTo Cover… with my settings, you only see titles on menu, and books automatically open to the first page of the story

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