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xSo, I have been busy the last couple of hours playing around with some behind the scenes stuff, and I thought I should let you know there have been a few changes. They won’t matter to most people, but I am mentioning it on the off chance you go looking for something and can’t find it.

First off, I mentioned that since I was quitting the Arcana Chronicles series from Kresley Cole, I was also giving up the character guide. That has been deleted, along with a couple of others that I enjoyed but just didn’t feel like updating anymore – one is the Shadowhunters guide for Cassandra Clare‘s multiple series, and the other is the Rock Kiss series guide from Nalini Singh. On the Shadowhunters front, I have moved on from YA and don’t want to “have to” read it if I don’t feel like it, and Rock Kiss doesn’t fit the overall PNR/UF theme I have going on so I let it go, too.

I also deleted a few author pages. Tastes change, interests change, and having almost 30 different pages to try and keep updated and edited on a weekly basis was a bit over the top. I did delete the Cassandra Clare page, again because I am not doing young adult too much anymore, and that same reason made me say goodbye to the Richelle Mead section, too. Larissa Ione hasn’t really had much to mentioned for quite a while now, so that one was just taking up space, and I stopped reading Lara Adrian way back when so her page is gone, too. PhoenixFyre has a great character guide for The Midnight Breed that I definitely didn’t want to go to waste, so I moved it HERE.

There was other stuff I could’ve dumped, too, but I decided to wait and see. Maybe I am getting lazy, or just more realistic, but I don’t want this blog to turn into work. I spend a lot of time on it, but it is time I enjoy. When there are things that I start to dread, or have to force myself to do, then it is time to let those things go. I still have plans to add other guides, maybe new authors as I find them, but for now this will keep me busy.


22 thoughts on “Site Updates

  1. Maria says:

    I’ve been hesitant to leave this comment for a while, because I’m not sure what the possible solution would be, but I’ll try.
    First I want to say that I love your character guides, I often forget what’s going on with a series and a quick check lets me refresh my memory. That being said, I find that the structure of the In Death character guide doesn’t work. It’s so long (the series) and in each book there’s a new set of characters and the vast majority of them disappear (I can think of a few exceptions, like the Icove case) so it really doesn’t work for me as a refresher. Maybe if you classified them by book? Or have a section for main/recurring characters and then the rest by book.
    Now that you’re playing with things I thought it might be the time to make my suggestion (feel free to throw it in the trash can 😉

  2. kaleigha says:

    Hm, the longer the series (when focused on one core couple), the trickier it does get to keep track of, for sure. It’s an interesting idea, though…you mean like maybe do the first section for Eve, Roarke, Mira, Peabody, etc, then another section that would be the characters from Naked in Death, then Glory in Death, that sort of thing?

    • Iain says:

      I don’t use the character guides much… I mostly like seeing what’s coming out… reminder on things I didn’t already have in my TBR for a series I already read and to find new things…

      Anyway, In Death: by far, the most important characters are Eve, Roarke, and Eve’s squad… the Medical Examiner, etc… probably a good rule of thumb would be to upgrade anyone who appears in 3 or more books to an elevated status or something…

      BTW… you sure you want to delete them character guides… I’m sure someone gets use out of them… unless its a bandwidth thing, couldn’t you just move them to an archive/discontinued updates section and list at the top what book they’re accurate to?

      • kaleigha says:

        For me, though, the problem is just not wanting to finish reading the series, but then my OCD kicks in because I have left something unfinished. But I don’t want to read anymore. And the circle goes on, and on…

  3. snapdragon says:

    Good for you! I know that I have dropped things because they were no longer fun and had turned into a chore that just seemed endless. Tastes DO change and there is no reason to have to keep updating something that no longer interests you.

    • kaleigha says:

      I have gone through a few different sets of author pages, and once it becomes a chore, or when they stop updating their own info, I tend to drop them. I know it sounds bitchy, but I figure that if an author doesn’t bother to keep readers informed in one way or another for months on end, why should I?

      • Iain says:

        I hate when an author falls off the map and you can’t tell if they’re dead, no longer writing, or hard at work writing and just not telling anyone… especially without finishing a series… or long past a previously states expected release date… googling their name on gets you so far

        • kaleigha says:

          It seems so casual. I know things can crop up and life can get in the way, but the whole radio silence thing bugs me. And like I always say, why would I spend so much time trying to hunt down release info for so many authors when they can’t even keep themselves updated? I haunt Facebook, author sites, and, along with publishing websites to try and keep track of things, so when I go to an author page like I did yesterday and see the “Coming Soon” stuff was from 2014, it makes me not want to spend so much time on it.

          • Iain says:

            We could be talking about the same site here… Kait Ballenger and her Execution Underground series… last news update 2014… 3rd book coming September 1 (2015) still the home page of the site…

            • kaleigha says:

              That would be the one. Along with Thea Harrison’s Facebook listing, too – I discovered that coming soon last night. Yeah. Not.

  4. cheryl says:

    That is just too much to keep track of.
    I would think just stick with your favorites and forget the rest. Life is too short if something becomes more of a chore. I gave up on NA and YA and all these new releases that are less than 200 pages but cost full price.oooh, I sound grumpy. sorry. Not my intention.
    I like your site and I check it everyday … so keep up the good work.

    • kaleigha says:

      Heh..I sound grumpy. And a bit bitchy. I dropped NA way back when, and from what I can tell it seems to be dying off – I don’t see much labeled NA around anymore. Theeeen I dumped 99% of my YA, and feeling the need to abandon more all the time. I swear, one more love triangle and I will not be amused. And I am way more selective on what I buy, because I am determined to get my TBR pile down to nothing, so it has to be something that really catches my eye.

      • Iain says:

        I dropped love triangles almost as soon as I discovered them… so annoying… same with Alpha Dickheads (which seems common in fated mate scenarios sadly… I view A hunger Like No other, #2 IAD as a shining example of this… I didn’t make it far in that series)… I haven’t been adding as much to my TBR lately… and I’ve lost interest in most of the stuff I had there that looked interesting at one time… so mine is taking a nosedive… just reading new releases in all the series I’m caught up on takes up a lot of my reading time anyway, these days…

        • kaleigha says:

          That was why I started purging my TBR routinely a couple of years back. There were things I had that I knew I was never, ever going to get to, so why move them around and feel bad that I wasted my money on a dust-catcher? My ultimate goal is to get myself down to 1 TBR book, believe it or not. I want to be reading one book and have the next one ready, and then just order whatever looks good to me after that. It is the goal to get to that point by the end of next year.

          • Iain says:

            I think I’ve pseudo-reached that point… I barely acknowledge my TBR anymore… I have a coupld books on my kindle at a time… the one I’m reading… any new releases in series I’m caught up on that I haven’t read yet, and when none of those seem appealing I might pull out my goodreads TBR list or just start browsing… it helps that most of my TBR is a goodreads shelf and not a physical one… dropping things is usually free… and new fancies are a few clicks/seconds away from download

            • kaleigha says:

              That is my goal – no duty reads, no I really should read that but I don’t feel like it. And no feeling guilty for wanting to try something new when there is a ton of books I already have staring at me.

  5. Monika says:

    I understand that you no longer want to waste time maintaining guides of series that no longer interest you: it becomes a chore.
    On the other hand (though with the authors you mention I am not personally affected), I find your guides and pages very helpful, so think it’s kind of a pity to throw them completely out. Have you given any thought to making “discontinued” guides/pages available in an archive section? You wouldn’t need to update them anymore but the helpful info you have compiled up to that point would still be available…

    • kaleigha says:

      Hm, I hadn’t thought of that, but it is a good idea. I did email myself a copy of the discontinued guides, but I completely trashed the pages already. That would’ve been smart, though.

    • Iain says:

      Great minds think alike… I had a feeling I wouldn’t be the only one to think of this, but just kinda commented a bunch of times as I read through

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Jennifer…do you mean the character guide for the Arcana Chronicles? Nope, I didn’t transfer it anywhere, but I think I still have a copy if someone else wants to host it.

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