Psy-Changeling News

Nalini Singh has posted some Psy-Changeling news over on her website, giving a little hint of the things to come. Allegiance of Honor, the “reunion book”, was officially the end of the first chapter of the series, but in no way was it an ending.

According to Nalini, the next book will be called Silver Silence – which is a change in naming format, but I like it. And while it will be the 16th title overall, it will officially be the first book of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. The Trinity Accord is just the focus of this arc, as the fall of Silence was the focus of the last one. We will be introduced to new characters, but there will also be stories focused on previous characters who haven’t had their stories told as yet.

I know that Allegiance of Honor was a love it or hate it book for a lot of people, and I was surprised by the number people who made the break from the series. I loved seeing everyone again, so for me it was a win, but it did feel like a bit of an ending for the first chapter. I am very excited for this new arc, which I figure will feature Silver (duh), Pax, Bo, and hopefully some BlackSea changelings.

Do you like the idea of a whole new arc, complete with new naming format and change in series title? Even if you weren’t a huge fan of Allegiance of Honor, will you be trying out this new season?


69 thoughts on “Psy-Changeling News

  1. vgm0826 says:

    I think that as long as we get some kind of either continuation or finalization of the Ming LeBon/Sienna storyline, I’ll be okay with it!  LOL!!  I, for one, can’t wait for more about the Black Sea Changlings!  But, I’ll admit that my heart stuttered in my chest when I read the email from her this morning.  She’s good enough that I’m sure it’ll all be just fine…..really…….fine…no worries here!!  Ha! Vickie Moore   

    • kaleigha says:

      I figure since Ming is trying to break Trinity, he will probably get his comeuppance – hopefully he isn’t the Architect, though. That would be way obvious.

  2. saidahgilbert says:

    I doubt Ming Le Bon is the Architect. He may be a great strategist but he is a bit too narrow-minded to plan anything as complex as the Consortium. Ming tends to see what is in front of him which is why he never caught the Laurens’ defection, the Arrows’ defection or even his loss of power as a Councilor.

    • kaleigha says:

      I can’t see it, either. He has been made to look more and more ineffectual lately, what with being bested not just physically, but financially by everyone he has come up against. For me, he is going down fast.

  3. Iain says:

    This is why I follow her newsletter… which I meant to check yesterday… interested to read Silver’s story… skimmed the theories on who the male lead is… hope the blurb comes out in the next month or 2 so we dont have to wait in suspense for long…

    • kaleigha says:

      It shouldn’t be long for the blurb and cover, or at least I hope. Nalini is great about keeping everyone updated, unlike a lot of other authors.

    • Monika says:

      Actually I am sort of hoping for Bo… not because I really see him for Silver, but because he needs his story told, too, and because his time seems to be running out. Doesn’t he only have weeks left, before the implant starts malfunctioning?
      I am also hoping for more BlackSea presence and stories (there are still a lot of Sea changelings missing…
      And in a way I’m also hoping for Amaya’s story, even if she is the crazy twin…

      • kaleigha says:

        I would like to get Bo’s story, too. His is up near the top of the list for me, along with Alexi, Pax, Tag and Tiara, but my only worry is that it opens up yet another branch of a huge cast. We still have to get into BlackSea, RainFire, and the Forgotten, so the Human Alliance would add even more.

  4. Maria says:

    Yes! Even though I wasn’t a fan of Allegiance, I loved the 4 short stories in Wild Embrace. So I don’t foresee my abandoning the series anytime soon. I’m intrigued with the new direction, would love a new villain, because I agree that Ming seems already beat and I’m a fan of the water changelings. Also agree that the characters that we so love should keep making appearances. I think I’m not ready to loose Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. psub20 says:

    I don’t think her fans will quit this series any time soon. Especially with open story lines of the Consortium and the failing implants and Purity. There are so many heroes and heroines who are still to find their HEA. I know I definitely don’t intend to stop buying her books. AoH was a win in my book simply because I was not expecting anything other than what Ms. Singh had promised – a catch up with all the couples. Essentially a feel-good book.

    I also think we will definitely continue to see Lucas, Hawke, Bo and of course Aden in the second arc because they are the architects of the Trinity Accord and a series names the Psy-Changeling Trinity series will definitely have them in the books.

    My guess for Silver Silence is Bo as the hero for Silver Mercant. 1. Because Bo’s failing implant is a ticking time bomb and it has to be resolved ASAP and 2. I just liked the idea of pairing of the super business-like Silver with a laid-back Bowen. That said, even Remi is a good possibility for Silver. But I also like both these guys for Alice, so I don’t know… Either way, I am excited and can’t wait for this book.

    Right now though, I’m eagerly waiting for the Guild Hunter book.

    • kaleigha says:

      I loved AoH just because I so enjoy reunion books. Seeing all of the past favorites always makes me happy. I could see Silver and Bo, too, especially since bringing another human into the PsyNet through bonding also helps stabilize another section of the net. I hadn’t thought of Remi and Alice….I like it.

  6. azteclady says:

    I am one of the people who disliked/hated Alliance of Honor, and I know a number of people for whom that was the last straw, for a number of reasons.

    I confess I’m having a hard time breaking with the series, because of the many unresolved storylines, such a the Ming/Sienna thing, and the failing implants; and because in the back of my mind I’m hoping that some secondary characters’ stories will be told.

    On the other hand, I am much more easily annoyed by Ms Singh’s writing tics these days that I ever was, and some of the underlying philosophy in the worldbuilding (‘traditionalist’ was the best term I could come up with, but I’ve seen it called anti-feminism) seems to be more in the open these days.

    So I don’t know, really; maybe by the time this one comes out I’ll be in a more forgiving frame of mind and give it a try.

    • Iain says:

      I think I forgive my PNR a lot, as long as it doesn’t go too far… Alpha Dickheads and rape-y fated mate scenarios… that’s why i didn’t make it very far in Immortals After Dark… and after awhile I just couldn’t handle another superfluous H, Z, or “For Truth, My Brother” from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…

      • kaleigha says:

        My weirdness is backstory that doesn’t make sense, or is so convoluted that I can’t follow it. Like right now with the Dark-Hunters, I am having to do “homework” to keep some of the backstory straight. Arcadians. Katagaria. Strati. Daimons. Appollites. This branch hunts this other branch, and these ones are ancient enemies of those ones. I had to wikipedia to figure everything out, and I still have to look up some terms.

      • azteclady says:

        Indeed, I can read, and enjoy, some problematic stuff myself :looking at old Linda Howard’s:

        But, after following her writing for ten years, and after multiples re-reads of all of the Psy/Changeling stories, I get just too irked, too quickly.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is so, so hard to walk away, especially when there are past favorites who still need to get their stories told. Like for me, I never thought I would ever not be counting down the days to get my hands on an Immortals After Dark book, but I am to the point where I can’t say I hate it, but I just don’t have much interest. Especially this next installment with two completely new characters and a Beauty and the Beast vibe. Meh.

      • azteclady says:

        It is hard, as long as there’s hope for those characters left dangling. In the case of KC’s IAD books, I have stopped believing she’ll ever come back to Fury, or Nix, or even Webb. And so, it was a lot easier to stop caring–to the point that I’ve yet to read Sweet Ruin. I literally just don’t care about two characters who seemed to spring out of nowhere.

        In the case of NS’s Psy/Changeling novels, I do have some hope she may come back for some of the minor secondary characters introduced in the series’ arc, which usually would keep me buying new releases, but…well, those writing tics, which appear about once in every page, yank me out of the story every single time.

        • kaleigha says:

          Once you see those things, though, you can’t just unsee them. Mine is Christine Feehan’s short, choppy, repetitive sentences. “He was tall. So tall. Huge and imposing. Intimidating. Tall and impressive. Like a great jungle cat”. Even when I don’t mind the story or want to beat some of the characters, that style of writing breaks up my flow of enjoying the story.

          • Alex says:

            Is that a quote from a Feehan book?

            The choppy repetitive sentences (because let’s be honest, those aren’t sentences) drive me crazy, too! Here’s one from a historical romance series I enjoyed until the books devolved became filled with passages like this:

            Her words trailed like vapor when the man slowly straightened to his full height and took a slow step forward.
            Into the firelight.
            Realization penetrated. Rather like an arrow.
            She stopped breathing.
            Her lips parted.
            And finally a tiny, arid sound emerged. Part raw pain, part shock.

            They aren’t only choppy sentences; they are formatted as new paragraphs which is even more jarring! There’s a difference between having a writing “voice” that takes some artistic license and bad writing. The line is usually found at a certain frequency.

            • kaleigha says:

              Nope, not a direct quote (I don’t think, but it really could be something pretty similar in one of them). Doesn’t that just kill you? I don’t like the run-on paragraph long disaster sentence either, but at least something that flows and doesn’t make you read it 12 times.

          • Iain says:

            Things like that are what make pre-reading reviews my own worst enemy… I’ll read something and it can totally color my reading to where a book I may have enjoyed if read blind, now is annoying/troublesome…

            Talking of writing quirks like that… Jennifer Estep’s need to re-explain things every other chapter drove me nuts… such as every time she turned up at the Wind Elemental’s nail salon / healing house… it was basically copy-paste… I skimmed so much of those books… trying to continue the series on audio when I couldnt be bothered to skim anymore was a bad idea… hard to skim audio…

            • kaleigha says:

              Reviews are a double edged sword, for sure. If you can find a few reviewers you trust, they work well. If you read too many, you get influenced unduly. And if you just go by star ratings, they don’t work because some dufus will always rate based on everything other than the book – cost too much? One star. Wrong format? Second cousin said it was good? Five stars. Meh.

              • Monika says:

                I got so upset because some dimwit rated The Curse of Tenth Grave 1 star. OK, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but in her 3 line review she wrote that she hadn’t realized it was part of a series and hence found it very confusing. And because she is stupid as a stump she ruins the author’s average rating?!?! People like that shouldn’t be allowed to write a review or give a rating!

                • kaleigha says:

                  That is the type of thing that makes me nuts. People who review anything other than the story content should have their reviews pulled. There was one book that wasn’t released in e-format on the same day as paperback, and a bunch of them on Amazon bitched and moaned and left 1 star reviews.

                  • pals20 says:

                    Oh damn, I feel so sad for the author. From what I understand, they don’t even have control over release dates. Readers really ought to know better than this. 😦 :-/

                  • Iain says:

                    That’s ridiculous… from what I understand… the whole reason big publishers do that is in the war to save printed books… e-books have cut away a large chunk of traditional print sales… and thus bookstores are a dying industry… and the more that happens, the less books publishers can sell to bookstores in bulk… which hurts their bottom line… so they like to stagger e-book releases… and raise the prices above the 8.99 Amazon standard… etc…

                    Basically… author’s get paid a check by publishers to write a book while publisher creates cover, edits, advertises, releases… to punish the author for any of those things outside their control…you’re just shooting yourself in the foot if enough people do this and the publisher ends a series prematurely…

                    • kaleigha says:

                      I find both sides annoying. You get the 1 star reviews on Amazon because THE BOOK COST TOO MUCH and the “reader” didn’t buy it (meaning they didn’t read it), or the five star reviews on Goodreads for a book that hasn’t come out yet. Screws everything up.

            • Monika says:

              Yeah, since I read one of azteclady’s Psy/Changeling reviews (I think it was AoH) I now can’t escape NS’s dress/clothing descriptions 😉
              Usually, when I plan to write a review myself I don’t read any other reviews prior, because it’s so depressing if you read a great review that says exactly what you yourself think, only expresses everything much better so that you wish you had written it yourself 😉

              • kaleigha says:

                I can’t review. My thoughts wander, and I go between giving too much away or rambling and making no sense. I am to the point now where I just try and say whether I liked it or not.

                • Iain says:

                  Yea, I’m a great friend like that… I have to make a conscious effort not to spoil things if I’m talking to someone who hasn’t seen/read something I have… unless its something they never plan to see/watch… then i spoil away :D… save them the time

        • pals20 says:

          Oboy, I don’t even know who Webb is. While I’m not sure about Fury’s book, I will most definitely buy Nix’s book – whenever it finally comes out. My problem now is I can’t imagine a hero who will stand up to Nucking Futs Nix. Lothaire was my best bet for her, he was as crazy, crooked and insane as she is but now I can’t imagine who would be perfect for her.

          • kaleigha says:

            Webb was Chloe’s father, the leader of the group that took all of the Immortals to the Island. He did something interesting to himself and has been changed.

            The only one I can think of for Nix is the dude who was the leader of the Morior, Orion the Undoing.

              • kaleigha says:

                Yep, I am there, too. I had to look up who and what they were in the guide, since I didn’t remember, either. To be fair, though, they were only in…uh…the last book, I think? The one with Thad’s sister (whose name I can’t remember, either).

    • Alex says:

      This is me exactly. Silver is at the top of wishlist for characters whose story I want to read and…I’m very, very tempted even after swearing off the series. I can overlook my other issues with the books, but the writing tics are too much for me.

      If I cave I’ll get it from the library. I’m 100 percent past the point of buying NS’s books (and the Kindle price for the P/C series is ridiculous). For my library this means a physical copy, which is a real trial for me. The feeling of paper on my fingertips is scratchy and gross and turning pages pulls me out of the story after so many years reading on a digital device.

      Anyway. I may be unable to resist (especially if it gets a great cover!), even though, no matter how great the story, I know it will be another cycle of cringing through the writing until I simply DNF.

      • azteclady says:

        I feel your pain, regarding being unable to borrow from the library in your preferred format.

        Anyway a friend may lend it to you through kindle, if it comes to pass that you really want to read it?

        • Alex says:

          My understanding is only certain Kindle books may be lent? I don’t know if the Psy-Changeling series books fall under those parameters.

          I just like to complain. If I decide I want to read it a physical copy from the library won’t kill me. I used to live in a much smaller town with a *tiny* library and have a lot more choices available to me now. Most, if not all, of the libraries in my state belong to an Overdrive partnership that allows check-out of ebooks and audiobooks from a shared collection using my local library card. I’ve been using it four years, and though the selection remains relatively limited it has improved drastically in quantity and variety over the last year, and I expect continued improvements.

          • kaleigha says:

            I don’t e-book (as I have bored everyone with a million times), but I toyed with the idea of setting up a private, members only e-book trading site here. I thought if you can have paperback swap, why couldn’t you have e-book swap between a few people who wouldn’t upload? I was hazy on the legality of it, or if it came too close to piracy so I put it away for now.

      • kaleigha says:

        Ew, it is hard to get a book expecting a DNF, especially since it won’t be cheap. I am the opposite, though – I get testy when I have no choice but to go e-book. Bugs me to no end.

    • Monika says:

      Azteclady: maybe to a certain degree I would go along with your analysis that in some way NS presents a somewhat ‘traditionalist’ world-view, but I do feel that calling it anti-feminist would be going too far and unjust. I do find the whole dominant/submissive paradigm a bit difficult, but she also has a sufficient number of counter-examples that balance things out. She has women in strong positions (as pack leaders, though those only as secondary characters), but as sentinels, for instance, and women in male dominated professions (doctors, researchers, engineers, business leaders) and men with strong nurturing qualities, like Walker Lauren, Aden and also some of the male changelings. And though as a rule I don’t really like ‘male virgin’ stories, I feel she did a really good job with Judd; in the context of the Psy/Arrows it was not too outlandish. So overall with regard to ‘gender’ I would not say that there is no concern, but even though NS might be a touch traditionalist, at least her despiction of female/male domains/attributes is somewhat multifacetted and not one-dimensional and thus gives rise to hope. Actually I find her gender stereotyping in her rock series much more problematic…

      • azteclady says:

        We had a longish discussion about this on the comments of my review of Alligeance of Honor, but the short version is that, while there are some women in positions of authority, in the end there’s a lot of emphasis on the males protecting the females (particularly the Changelings, but all males), and things like Hawke going behind Sienna’s back gets waved away with barely a grovel, because “it’s their nature.”

    • kaleigha says:

      You never know, though. Since Anthony is going to be a main target of the Consortium and the Architect, he should be getting page-time through this next arc. I think the way their story went in Allegiance of Honor was working towards something, maybe just a novella but it will have some sort of payoff in the end.

  7. library addict says:

    I’m excited for the new series. Silver is at the top of my wishlist of favorite characters who have’t had stories yet. Others I’d love to see stories for are Adam, Bowen, Finn, Kiya, Remington, Rina, Selenka, and Teijan. And Lissa and Tanique though their both young yet.

    I would also love to get at least a newsletter short if not a novella for D’Arn & Sing-Liu and Elias & Yuki.

    I think Silver & Bowen could make a lot of sense given the PsyNet needs more humans and the HA needs their chip problem solved. Whatever happens I just want Silver to remain working with Kaleb as I love their dynamic. And I just don’t see that happening if she mates with a Changeling.

    Singh writing tics don’t bother me any more than those of other authors. And they all have them. I think when a story isn’t holding a reader’s attention they certainly tend to jump out more.

    I get tired of the whole dominance issue especially in Play of Passion and with Hawke & Sienna. And I can see the argument that even the Psy and Human males get in on the must protect the woman act. And the woman do tend to excuse their behavior. But what I love is the women for the most part just go on about their business regardless. So it’s not like they aren’t equals within their individual relationships for most of the pairings we’ve had so far. So it doesn’t bother me as much as I know it does others.

    • kaleigha says:

      Even though we have seen relatively little of Silver, and I don’t think we have even learned of her abilities yet, she was one of the characters that intrigued me most. The only time I found the dominance a thing was in the recent Felix and Desiree novella. I guess it made me realize that I must be a bit sexist because I take the more dominant male role for granted, but not the female. I liked the story, but it was different.

    • Iain says:

      I think Silver could keep working for Kaleb if she ended up with a changeling… the Silver Family dynamic has been compared to a changeling pack anyway… and Kaleb is all about having access to that family now…

      I’ve seen some people have real problems with Mercy’s submission in the Mercy Thompson series… but I’ve always been fine with it… Mercy mostly uses submission as a tool, and then subverts it anyway with things like the ugly clunker in the backyard…

      • kaleigha says:

        Plus, it really isn’t like Kaleb can’t just ‘port her anywhere she needs to be. Even if she was connected to one of the packs we know about, there isn’t anywhere she would be out of reach.

        I am surprised about people having issues with Mercy’s dominance – it never crossed my mind, honestly.

        • Iain says:

          The one aspect of Mercy I see people have problems with that I can get on board with is more of an author thing… the trend to rape strong women to break their confidence for a time… at this point I have tons of plot twists I’ve just read too many times to ever want to read again…

          • kaleigha says:

            I am not happy when that happens, either. I get more wary of it when an author starts using it too much, like Christine Feehan and her human trafficking/child abuse angle that is becoming overdone.

  8. Charleen says:

    I love the change in the Psy-Changeling series. I finished re-reading the entire series just before Allegiance came out and it was so wonderful, I never get tired of her books.

    I think its a great decision, Silence has fallen and there is a huge shift in the dynamic between all three groups; we make our own designations for dynamic changes; pre-WWII; post-Vietnam; Baby Boomers vs. Gen X and Millennials; so why not Silence and Trinity? It makes perfect sense to me. Can’t wait for this new revised order. Nalini Singh has a rare talent and the ability to make changes before the characters become stale and dated. I know this will be a wonderful change of direction, within a fantastic series.

  9. library addict says:

    It’s an interesting choice. I mentioned the possibility early on, but also said I didn’t want to see her with a Changeling. Still I am excited. And happy it’s not Pax (or Ming – lol)

      • library addict says:


        the hero is the alpha of the BlackEdge bears in Moscow. So not just a Changeling, but an alpha. Even though I still want Silver to continue working for Kaleb and stay in the PsyNet, I am excited to read it. I love Silver. And Nalini may surprise us. I’m just hoping she remains with EmNet and Kaleb because I enjoy their relationship.

          • Iain says:

            The fact it’s a Russian changeling should make it easier for her to maintain her current duties than if it was a lot of the other ideas we had… North American shifters, ocean shifters, Bo…

              • pals20 says:

                I adore bear shifters. I blame it on my addiction to Shelley Laurenston’s Pride series. I definitely got the same vibe from the excerpt in the newsletter. While a new pack is a good thing, I don’t know Bo’s chip degradation will play into this. Maybe there will be a Psy who fixes Bo’s chip and she will be his HEA…

                Bottom line, I am definitely looking forward to the book. 🙂

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