So, this is what I did this evening. I hope it is right, ’cause I ain’t going back to redo it. Ever.

– Dark Hunter World Reading List

  • Fantasy Lover – DHW #1 (Julian of Macedon and Grace Alexander)
  • Dragonswan – DHW #1.5/ WH #.5 (Sebastian Kattalakis and Channon MacRae): also found in In Other Worlds, Tapestry and Dark Bites
  • Night Pleasures – DHW #2 (Kyrian of Thrace and Amanda Deveraux)
  • Night Embrace – DHW #3 (Talon and Sunshine Runningwolf)
  • Phantom Lover – DHW #3.5/ DRH #.5 (V’Aidan and Erin McDaniels): found in Midnight Pleasures and Dark Bites
  • A Dark Hunter Christmas – DHW #3.6 (Simi and James Gallagher): found in Dark Bites
  • Dance With the Devil – DHW #4 (Zarek of Moesia and Astrid)
  • Kiss of the Night – DHW #5 (Wulf Tryggvason and Cassandra Peters)
  • Night Play – DHW #6/ WH #1 (Vane Kattalakis and Bride McTierney)
  • Winter Born – DHW #6.5/ WH #1.5 (Dante Pontis and Pandora): found in Stroke of Midnight and Dark Bites
  • Sieze the Night – DHW #7 (Valerius Magnus and Tabitha Devereaux)
  • Sins of the Night – DHW #8 (Alexion/Ias and Dangerereuse St. Richard)
  • Second Chances – DHW #8.5 (Acheron and Styxx): found in the Dark Hunter Companion and Dark Bites
  • Unleash the Night – DHW #9/ WH #2 (Wren Tigarian and Marguerite D’Aubert Goudeau)
  • Dark Side of the Moon – DHW #10/ WH #3 (Ravyn Kontis and Susan Michaels)
  • A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher – DHW #10.5 (Raphael Santiago and Celena D’Arcy): found in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding and Dark Bites
  • Until Death Do We Part – DHW #10.6 (Velkan Danesti and Esperetta): found in Love at First Bite and Dark Bites
  • The Dream Hunter – DHW #11/ DRH #1 (Arik Cantranides/ V’Arik and Geary Kafieri)
  • Fear the Darkness – DHW #11.5 (Nick Gautier): found in Dark Bites
  • Devil May Cry – DHW #12 (Sin of Sumeria and Katra Agrotera)
  • Upon the Midnight Clear – DHW #13/ DH #2 (Aidan O’Connor and Leta Skotos)
  • Dream Chaser – DHW #14/ DRH #3 (Xypher Skotos and Simone Dubois)
  • Acheron – DWH #15 (Acheron Parthenopaeus and Soteria Kafieri)
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread – DHW #15.5/ HC #.5 (Zeke Jacobson): found in Blood Lite and Dark Bites
  • Shadow of the Moon – DWH #15.6/ WH #3.5 (Fury Kattalakis and Angelia): found in Dead After Dark and Dark Bites
  • One Silent Night – DHW #16 (Stryker and Zephyra)
  • Dream Warrior – DHW #17/ DRH #4 (Cratus/Jericho and Delphine Iole)
  • Bad Moon Rising – DHW #18/ WH #4/ HC #1 (Fang Kattalakis and Aimee Peltier)
  • Infinity – DHW #19/ CoN #1 (Nick Gautier)
  • No Mercy – DHW #20/ WH #5 (Dev Peltier and Samia Savage)
  • Invincible – DHW #21/ CoN #2 (Nick Gautier)
  • Retribution – DHW #22 (William Jessup Brady/Sundown and Abigail Yager)
  • The Guardian – DHW #23/ DRH #5/ WH #6/ HC #3 (Seth and Lydia Tsakali)
  • Redemption – DHW #23.5/ DRH #5.5/ WH #6.5 (Seth and Lydia Tsakali): found in Dark Bites
  • Infamous – DHW #24/ Con #3 (Nick Gautier)
  • Time Untime – DHW #25/ WH #7/ HC #4 (Ren Waya and Kateri Avani)
  • Inferno – DHW #26/ CoN #4 (Nick Gautier)
  • Styxx – DHW #27 (Styxx of Didymos and Bethany Agriosa)
  • House of the Rising Son – DHW #27.5 (Aricles and Bathymaas): found in Dark Bites
  • Illusion – DHW #28/ CoN #5 (Nick Gautier)
  • Son of No One – DWH #29/ WH #8/ HC #5/ LoA #3 (Cade Maboddium and Josette Landry)
  • Instinct – DHW #30/ CoN #6 (Nick Gautier)
  • Dragonbane – DHW #31/ WH #9/ HC #6/ LoA #4 (Maxis Drago and Seraphina)
  • Invision – DWH #32/ CoN #7 (Nick Gautier)
  • Dragonmark  – DHW #33/ LoA #5/ DR #1 (Illarion Kattalakis and Edilyn Kattalakis)
DHW = Dark Hunter World
DRH = Dream Hunter
WH = Were Hunter
HC = Hellchaser
CoN = Chronicles of Nick
LoA – Lords of Avalon
DR – Dragons Rising

Seriously?!? The Guardian is Dark Hunterverse book #23, Dream Hunter #5, Were Hunter #6 AND Hellchaser #3? Ok.

Yeah. This. I am not sure where the first couple of the Lords of Avalon books fall, since the first one listed as connected to the Dark-Hunter world is #3. And I can’t figure out why Dragonmark is the first book of the Dragons Rising series and not Dragonbane. Aaaand I imagine the upcoming Deadman’s Cross trilogy will have to be added somewhere, too.

I might need a drink.


53 thoughts on “Seriously?!?!

  1. Gabrielle says:

    When you put it like that, the series is a mess. It doesn’t help that Kenyon keeps introducing new characters by the bucket load as well as different pantheons without tying up all of the loose ends from previous books that were solid.
    Case in point – the war with Noir and Azura. That started off being in the Dark Hunterverse but end up in the Chronicles. You can’t do that! Start a plot in one series and continue it in a completely different timeline/series. Hence why I’ve stopped collecting them, which is a shame cause I’ve been a fan since I was 14.
    Bear in mind too, that Dragonmark got, at most, a 3 star rating on Amazon and most of the reviews were done by long term fans. The series just gets worse as you go along and thats seriously disappointing especially as there were so many great characters who haven’t had a story yet and now she’s moving on to bloody dragons! Where did that come from!!

    • kaleigha says:

      That’s sad, actually. I might be on the simple side, but I don’t do well with things that are chaotic like that. I like resolution and more linear storytelling, but I will chug along and see how I make out.

      • kaleigha says:

        What surprises me is that while I might only be on book 6…I think…there are so many stories from people I haven’t seen yet. I guess it is smart, because introducing that many in a few books would be overkill, but still a lot of them are total question marks to me right now.

      • Iain says:

        I’m interested in Savitar’s book, mostly since it seems obvious who he’s paired with… but all she, Jared and Jaden are all tied into the Noir plot, right?… which probably can’t be resolved until closer to Nick’s adult book which I think is book 54-55… that’s like a decade away, once all 15 Chronicles of Nick books are out…

  2. Dawn says:

    Just curious, was your intention for the list to be in publication order or chronological event order? (I always try to do event order, since sometimes when series overlap the events do so as well, but that’s my reference)

    And I had no idea that:
    a) the Lords of Avalon had started again (I thought she suspended, let’s say, that series) — or that it linked up
    b) there was a Hell Chaser or Dragons whatever series that linked either — is it really necessary to do such subsets?

    There was also an early book that was the genesis of the idea of the daemons, ironically called Daemon’s Mark (1995). Not sure if it was just an, “oh, I can use that in this as well” or really connected, I was never able to find a copy of it myself.

    PS – has next year’s novel titled Dragonsworn, and the CoN as Intensity, if you want to jump ahead.

    • kaleigha says:

      I try and do both, honestly. I prefer to read chronological, but I go with the author’s own reading order whenever possible. If I had my way I would list the CoN books first because of chronological order, but they don’t really fit there, either. I had originally added Dragonsworn and Intensity, but then I saw an old tweet during an online search that Dragonsworn was actually the original title of Dragonbane, but it had been changed because people were mixing it up with Dragonswan. But then I saw that lists Dragonsworn as the next book. Soooo, then I gave up and decided to wait and see.

    • kaleigha says:

      You should see me when details don’t line up for the Character guides. Things get…intense. Especially with someone like Lora Leigh, who can scrap a whole backstory built over the course of several books and just make a new one. Then I really get testy.

  3. Iain says:

    Kenyon basically throws around sub-series tags anytime the plot involves them…

    All series have Dark-Hunter tagged even tho not all really have one in it (I don’t remember any in Dream Hunter #1 for example) since the overall plot is always moving forward somehow

    All Hell-chaser books are Were-Hunter books because a pretty major Hell-Chaser is a Were-Hunter… and I think any book with Thorn in it immediately counts as a Hell-Chaser book…

    The Avalon books are basically Arthurian legend stories, and were recently lumped into the mega-series… which just makes the whole thing convoluted, but whatever… now they’re part of Hell-Chaser dimension… which means I guess chronologically you can read them before Phantom Lover at the start… but they have no series impact until the newest book… and are summarized in the story I think (I’ve never read them so I dunno)

    And if we’re going to start making up trilogies like Dragon Rising, why isn’t Retribution/Guardian/Time Untilme called the Mayan Apocalypse trilogy or something?… just seems like more series names for the sake of more series names

    And to agree with some of the others on here… I haven’t liked any of the stories past Styxx that much, but at this point I’m too invested to give up… not sure the point of these dragons, and telling so many stories about new characters when by this point there are enough existing ones to continue for years to come… but Kenyon has said many times that every story is necessary to the telling the larger story/epic…

  4. Melanie says:

    I love this series but all the chopping and changing in the different worlds was difficult to keep track of. I got as far as Dream Warrior and then put it aside to read something else, that was a year ago. I think I will pick it up again and continue plodding along. Acheron is still my favourite.
    Thanks for the reading lists.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am hoping that I can keep them all straight, but I haven’t gotten into all of the different branches yet. I have read Dar-Hunter and Were-Hunter stories, but that is about it so far.

  5. Lidy says:

    Yep, it makes one’s brain explode, doesn’t it?

    I began reading around Bad Moon Rising… now, I think the Lords of Avalon have been joined with DH because:
    (a) SK had a series about the MacAllisters/Brotherhood of the Sword (the last one was published here in Brazil… no, I haven’t read it), and there was a character there, a missing brother, that appeared in one of the books as a DH. At any rate, I remember people saying something like “is he a vampire?” while the DH readers were like “OMG he’s a DH!”, which confused some, since both series belonged to different publishers. The guy is still listed as showing up in the DH books, in case you’re interested.
    (b) Some years ago, she was going to publish this Lords of Avalon book Darkness Within, which never saw the light of day because, her assistants say, she wasn’t happy with how it turned out. So she didn’t release the book (and it had cover, blurb… everything short of being shipped). And then she announced she was going to merge the LOA and DH universes.
    (c) Having read Son of No One (which is when the merging happened), I saw mentions of King Arthur, Morgen/Morgana, etc., who are characters straight out of LOA. Then SK’s website lists as “characters” thirteen lost objects that belonged to Arthur, like the Holy Grail, Excalibur (which is guarded by a LOA character), the Shield of the Dadga (the thing the bad guys are after in SONO).
    (d) Also, I think SK is in that let’s-put-all-of-it-together-shall-we vibe, because her upcoming Deadman’s Cross trilogy is centered around a character from one of her historical romance pirate books.
    (e) The only thing I think I do know is that she doesn’t have the plan to merge the League as well. Someone asked on Facebook once and she said something like “The League isn’t set in our universe, but my other books are”. I guess she’ll make them separate entries in same universe, not so independently related.

    It makes me go crazy.

    Now, DHW, DH and WH were all the same series. Baaaaaaaack then, there was a triad of guys (the DHW, DH and WH) whose purpose was to protect us, poor, misguided humans, from predators. Then, in One Silent Night, SK introduced the Malachai (Nick) and apparently developed the idea of pre-before-there-was-Light Earth, with Apollymi being one of the main gods involved; her son asked her to write the CON books, which she’s now using to explain the background to the DH series, but also worldbuilding under the idea of “if Nick fails, we’re screwed” (and Nick’s tempering is now affecting the DH books, too). In Bad Moon Rising, she introduced the Hellchasers, who are basically the demon hunters under Thorn’s leadership (who is also the “immortal” who is going to show up a lot in Deadman’s Cross).

    As for why Dragonbane isn’t the first Dragons Rising series, but Urian’s is the last one… yeah… I have no idea. I think it’s because Maxis is something else, which would make his dragon side less in comparison to his brothers’. But it doesn’t explain Urian’s, aside from Stryker’s ability to shape-shift into a Dragon.

    Want to read a good, but frustrating book? Try The Guardian. I loved it, but the lack of DH books after made me get mad: the fabled key to Olympus… and nothing happened. *pulls hair out*

    So, long history short: SK’s using her original series (Dark-Hunter) to weave together threads to create an extended in-universe series. At least, the latest releases point to it, but who knows is that’s what she’s doing. LOL

    Also, like Iain said, subseries are created all the time. I don’t know if it’s hers or her publishers’ decision, but I suggest you just list the books together, ignore the numbers/official series number, and go along with it. Also, like Iain said, the post-Styxx weren’t impressive. I liked SONO, but Dragonbane just bored me (hated the heroine) and Dragonmark has a lot of repeated scenes (which she used to with the first DHW books). Sometimes, it felt like she was using the last books to setup Urian’s story, since he’s the only one major character who’s going to get a book in the foreseeable future.

    • kaleigha says:

      Holy crap, that does get so involved. To make matters worse, the early Lords books were not only from a different publisher, but if I remember correctly they were put out under the Kinley MacGregor name, too.

      Hating the heroine is a thing I have been going through with a couple of books, and it just sucks. I wanted Gabrielle from the previous Dark book to drop dead, and I knew that going in and had to force myself to read that sucker. It was a waste of time, but you just never know.

      • Lidy says:

        I had forgotten about her pen name, but that would be right; at least her Brotherhood of the Sword was published here with the pseudonym.

        I’m usually too demanding with the heroines, but that Seraphina is a despicable bitch. I can forgive anything, but a heroine (or hero) who lets his/her significant other be tortured? No way. I have no idea why Maxis accepted her back.

    • Iain says:

      Hey, comic books mix dimensions in the Multiverse all the time… what if a portal was opened accidentally or on purpose and League characters entered the Dark Hunter dimension… maybe I shouldn’t be giving Kenyon ideas… because League is another series I haven’t read.. Dark Hunters was a big enough undertaking

      • kaleigha says:

        I enjoyed the League – it was my first experience with PNR with a sci-fi bent. But the heroes still get the crap tortured out of them.

  6. Maria says:

    I wonder how she keeps track of everything… here we are, ten people trying to make sense of her worlds and how they interact… and she keeps it all in her head??? Wow… just wow!

    • Iain says:

      I remember reading somewhere on her website that she has a 1000pg bible/cheat-sheet of series information for keeping track of things… a lot of work went into it to make a TV series possible… but it contains spoilers, so while she’s making it available to the studios, not to us readers for obvious reasons I guess…

      • kaleigha says:

        Its smart, and I wish some other authors would, too (Lora Leigh, I am glaring at you). I would love to get my hands on something like that.

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