Throne of Glass News

throne-of-glassI don’t know how many of you have seen the news, but it looks like Sarah J. Maas‘s super-popular Throne of Glass series is the latest title to get the adaptation treatment.

According to Hypable, the pilot will be written by Kira Snyder (The 100), and directed by Anna Foerster (Outlanders). There hasn’t been any word yet on anything like casting, but it could go one of two ways – either the super fast route that Shadowhunters took, or the “what ever became of that pilot” route that most of the other shows went. Shadowhunters was incredibly quick from announcement to casting to filming, and was great about keeping fans updated during the whole process. The show itself wasn’t the most amazing, but that is another story.

But speaking of “what ever happened to”, what ever happened to most of the other announced adaptations? Have any of you heard any word about Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s Dark-Hunters or Chronicles of Nick, or Kresley Cole‘s Arcana Chronicles? Not to mentioned Tahereh Mafi‘s Shatter Me series, which was announced the same time as her husband Ransom Riggs‘ Miss Peregrine movie? I have tried to find release info about Lauren Kate‘s Fallen movie, too, with no luck. It has already been filmed, and from what I can tell it has been finished for quite a while, but there has been absolutely no word on release date at all. Weird.

So, yes or no on the Throne of Glass series? What other book-to-series titles are you waiting for?


12 thoughts on “Throne of Glass News

  1. alex says:

    I haven’t read these because I don’t read YA (though I’d like to give them a try I’m in a complete cannot finish – or often start anything – reading phase right now which is more just my life right now than a reading rut). I never read The 100, either, but I have followed the television series since it premiered and it keeps getting better! I’m disappointed to see this one is attached to Hulu, but if the writer has worked on The 100 AND Outlander then I have high hopes and will definitely give it a try.

  2. alex says:

    Okay, so I started writing another comment about book to television or film adaptations, but it was kind of all over the place. Partly because my brain is fried right now, and I don’t think I could properly distill the innumerable factors that effect whether an option 1) ever moves to production stage and 2) if it has gone into production, actually makes it to audiences. Oh, and then whether it will be successful. I will say I think it’s extremely unlikely we’ll see non-YA adaptations not only due to the higher production costs and financial risks associated with dramas containing supernatural, fantasy and period elements but because producers either change/remove mature material to reach a wider audience (or because of limitations set by network television) which disappoints the built-in fanbase they’re also counting on, or they end up with comparisons to a juggernaut like, say, Game of Thrones. Like I said, it’s a huge, complicated spectrum. Those are some simplistic examples, but I wanted to touch on at least a few things.

    I’m doubtful about the Dark Hunters ever making it to screen or, if they do, remaining on the screen for long; your previous post is mainly why.

    I also don’t think Arcana Chronicles would make it or do well mostly because the only successful female franchises I can think of are YA and have a kick-butt type heroine. Bella from Twilight doesn’t count because that series was enormously popular before the first film was released. Arcana will never have those numbers, and from what I’ve heard the lead (Evie?) doesn’t fit the tough-girl bill well enough. This alienates male audiences. Why do you think we haven’t seen many female characters in the Marvel/Avengers universe to date? It took YEARS to build up to Superwoman getting her own movie. This opinion is difficult to explain, but I also don’t think any of Kresley Cole’s books would translate well to screen.

    I don’t know Tahereh Mafi or Lauren Kate, but a cursory scan of the story synopses of the books in those series makes me lump them with Arcana as not having enough fanbase to be successful without a really compelling female lead. Maybe if we didn’t already have kick-butt heroines…viewers will compare the leading ladies of these series to Katniss and Tris and they just won’t be able to hack it. I wouldn’t say the market for paranormal and dystopian stories is saturated, but it has a reached a state that, because these stories are reminiscent of each other, they need something extra to stand out. I know I’m doing a lot of judging books by their covers but Arcana, Shatter Me and Fallen don’t seem compelling enough to fit that bill. Throne of Glass does, though, and I think a great indication of that is having someone attached to it who has also worked on well-regarded shows like The 100 and Outlander.

    Trend-wise I also think we’ll see less paranormal and dystopian in favor of stuff that is horror-based or has some horror elements. I also think dystopian with stronger science fiction elements will do well. Personally, with a third Star Trek reboot movie this summer and more Star Wars coming down the pipeline, I’d like to see some more space opera but I won’t get my hopes up.

    • kaleigha says:

      You rarely hear of the non-YA adaptations, and I have to admit I was caught off guard by the success of Outlander where shows like The Dresden Files failed. As much as I liked Bitten, it wasn’t what you might call a raging success. What more worries me is the budget end of things, since tv shows with the strong dystopian elements cost a ton of money to do well, and the networks don’t usually drop that kind of coin unless it is on Game of Thrones. Which I guess is the gold standard to which all strive now.

      • Iain says:

        I watched Dresden Files, which is what eventually got me to read the series… this was before I really latched on to UF/PNR… and that show barely had ANYTHING to do with the books… replacing most all magic with ordinary items like a hockey stick staff, and making Bob a Ghost instead of a talking skull, and basically toning down the Red Vampire antagonism completely

        I think the problem with a Dark Hunter show is the complexity of it all… but then… they could probably just focus on the original Acheron posse and have the Dark-Hunter show end there, so…

        Googling shows placeholder dates of 2017 for the CoN movie and 2018 for the DH show… I think at this point CoN would have a cast and be in production/filming if it was coming out late next year…

        I don’t watch many adapted shows, but I do like that with the success of shows like Game of Thrones and Bitten and others that shows are more faithful to the source materials these days…

        • kaleigha says:

          And seriously, my first thought was who the hell would they cast for a monster series like that? Like you say, unless they just focus on Acheron and his inner circle kind of thing.

          • Gabrielle says:

            Travis Fimmel (Ragnor from Vikings) has always been attributed to been the face of Acheron. I’m not sure how people feel about that, he does have scary/pretty eyes though 🙂

  3. Shannon C says:

    I love this series, and I am not a fan of YA typically (usually too young feeling for me). I think it would appeal to a larger fantasy audience who like a mix of action, suspense, drama and romance. Interested to see the TV adaptation!

  4. Dani Saunders says:

    I adore this series but I’m not excited AT ALL for a tv show. High fantasy is just too difficult to adapt. It takes enormous amounts of money to do it well. I’ll be very surprised if this (and most of these other adaptations that have been announced) ever come to fruition.

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