Magic Binds Predictions and Spoilers

Hey everyone. Today, I thought we could try something new and maybe see how a predictions and spoilers post would work out, focusing on next week’s Magic Binds. I figure from now until release day, we can theorize and prophecize about what Ilona Andrews‘ has come up with this time, and after that we can re-hash and discuss.

Like, for example, I have been trying to figure out who is going to die.

Yep, morbid as that sounds, you just know someone is going to get taken out. I just can’t quite put my finger on who. You know (hope/pray) that Kate and Curran are ok (or at least alive at the end. Ditto Julie. And I refuse to believe Derek will die. Just no. But it still has to be a character that will make an impact not just on the other characters but on us readers, too. I figure the rat alphas and Desandra should be safe just because one of them dying would be sad but not traumatic. The same goes for George, Eduardo, and that type. And surely people like Andrea/Raphael and Jim/Dali are safe, because it would be evil to kill characters who have had their own book. I think. And I am still on the “Roman gets his own book” train, so I refuse to think it is him.

The next level up would be those like Doolittle, Barabas, Christopher, Ascanio, Mahone. Any one of them dying at this point would be even more impactful than when Aunt B was killed, and leave an even bigger hole. Doolittle has probably suffered enough in the last couple of books, so I am going to call him safe (ish). Ascanio is young, so I am going to skip him, too. I don’t know if Christopher has reached his full potential yet, so I am going to call him safe as well. That leaves me fearing for the future of Mahone and Barabas – and as much as I hate to think it, I am going with Barabas dying in Magic Binds. And if I am right, which I hope I’m not, that will hurt.

Dammit! I just realized I agreed to go to movies this Tuesday night. What the holy hell was I smoking? Did I not have a clue that this is supposed to be delivered on Tuesday? Duh.

So, what do you predict will happen in Magic Binds? Or, what would you like to see? Roland taken down? Some word on Hugh? More development for Julie and Derek? Do you figure someone is due to die, and if so, who? Doug has already sent over his spoiler-free review, which can be found HERE, and Monika seconded the love in a recent comment. The lucky ARC people already know what happens, but now it is your turn.

Just remember…

Spoiler Free Until Release Day!


23 thoughts on “Magic Binds Predictions and Spoilers

  1. cheryl says:

    Oh, man… I never think in terms of who is gonna get knocked off. Just no and darn.
    I assume hurt and battles and wedding stuff and I would think you couldn’t knock off Julie, Kate or Curran. Geez…. if you want more bang for the buck you knock off Derek. You just don’t get the same oomph with Barabas and since he is the lawyer … was he ever in any battles? As much as I love these books and the authors … my crappy memory gets sucked down the rabbit hole and I mix plots and books together. In fact, one of the things that drives me nuts is I mix the characters from Patrica Briggs, Jennifer Ashley, Ilona Andrews and try to remember if you drown in water or have other powers and …. yep bad me.
    I will have to try and set aside a fun read day with no other chores done. You know except work.

    • kaleigha says:

      Derek is my “I’m scared it is but refusing to believe it could happen” guy. I get world details mixed up sometimes, too. I know some people do a series re-read before a new release for some of their favorite series, which has always seemed like a good idea – great way to get everything straight heading into a new one.

  2. bfmason50 says:

    Well I am in the conundrum since I prefer audio books since I work about 60 hours a week between my two jobs. With the delay in Magic Binds audio book thanks to Renee’s wedding and honeymoon there’s no word on release date for the audio. I am going to have to break down and buy the book I think not sure what format yet though.

    My prediction on death of a character (if their will be one) will be someone in Kate/Curran new pack. For some reason the name of George is sticking out as a possible kill target. We know they had in the past were going to kill off Mahone but he kept getting the reprieve on death’s row. I see a death to George would both devastate Curran new pack and parts of the old pack with Mahone.

    I also am 99.999% sure it won’t be Kate, Curran, Derek, or Julie since Ilona has already said at the end of the 10th book their will be a HoA for Kate and Curran. I just do not see how their can be a HoA moment if either Kate, Curran and in away their adopted children. I look at Derek as away as Curran foster dad as Mahone was to Curran. I can not think of the actual word that Ilona used to describe the relationship between Kate and Derek as something to the effect that Derek considers himself as Kate’s. We also know that Julie is the adopted child or ward of Kate and Curran already.

    I think how much Ilona identifies with the Boudas that they will be safe, if any of them dies I could see it be either Barabas or the other Bouda that was given to Kate by Aunt B. But I just do not see any Bouda dieing.

    I could also see a curveball killing of either Nick of the Knights, or from the PAD Luther, or Patrice. All three of these characters have seen their book time increase specially Luther and Nick. I have always like Patrice from the first time we met her in book 4 when she shows up at the bar.

    • kaleigha says:

      I could see Mahone dying, too. Something like Kate’s father takes out Curran’s would be quite the dynamic – and like you say, Mahone has dodged the bullet quite a few times. And hopefully since Derek and Julie are featured in the Grey Wolf stories, they should be safe. I hope. At this point, I would like Nick to go, and I would be ok with either Luther or Patrice. I like them, but they wouldn’t devastate me if they were gone, either.

      • Iain says:

        After reading your post, I think Mahone is a strong possibility, because of how much it would affect Curran… most of the others don’t seem like they would be as impactful to me… George already lost an arm… Doolittle had the wheelchair-inducing injury… etc…

        Roland is obviously the big battle in book 10, and killing Mahone would probably go a long way to making the bridge between 9 and 10 a dark time…

        As much as I’m looking forward to #9, #10 kinda has me scared… it has the potential to be a bloated mess… kinda like the Avengers: Infinity War… Kate and Curran have been amassing allies that are all going to come together for a final showdown… some of which I thought we would have seen again by now like Naema the reptile-shifter, and Nick pops up a lot, etc.

        • kaleigha says:

          That was actually my logic, too – George and Doolittle have already paid their dues, so I figure they are safe-ish. Maybe. Is #10 the official last book? I have refused to check and see because I really don’t know to handle so many series wrapping up next year – The Others, Cainsville, Chicagoland Vampires, Sisters of the Heart…even if there will be spin-offs for some of them, it still feels like endings.

          • Iain says:

            Yea… 7 was the original end-goal, but it became clear around 4-5 that Kate wouldn’t be ready for a final showdown, but they planned an initial confrontation with 10 as the new endpoint… all the spin-off fodder is on the table tho… Grey Wolf, the Hugh novel, hopefully Roman, and anything else they choose to write… with the whole Hidden Legacy trilogy coming out next year, a lot of Ilona Andrews storylines are wrapping up next year

              • Iain says:

                Me too… I hope the delays caused by the mini-meltdown haven’t hurt the chances of more…

                I remember when the final 2 books in a voting for best UF book of year somewhere came down to Burn for Me and Magic Breaks in the final round… and the authors did a smack talk conversation between Kate & Curran and Rogan & Nevada

                • kaleigha says:

                  That was fun, Curran and Rogan insulting each other. I was so happy that Burn For Me got that kind of recognition being the first book in a series.

    • Iain says:

      I’ve been working through a re-listen the last few weeks… the other Bouda is Jezebel… and Barnes and Noble says November 22nd for the audiobook… 2 months is a long time to wait tho

  3. Lisa says:

    My guesses are:

    Kate will give Julie an order, which she swore she’d never do as Julie would be compelled due to the Blood magic to obey.

    Ascanio will possibly get into dangerous trouble trying to help Julie with the compulsion issue.

    It is my guess that Saimon will die. His arrogance will finally catch up with him.

    I wonder if we’ll see Yu Fong (Suanmi, a descendant of one of the nine sons of the dragon – Magic Dreams & Magic Tests) in this book.

    I also wonder if we get to see Adib again, and if Biohazard has “employed” him now that he’s a djin instead of a ghoul.

    Re-reading the series to prepare for Magic Binds!

    • kaleigha says:

      Julie getting an order could even push her a little closer to Roland, since she was spending time with him. I had forgotten about Saiman, surprisingly. I could see him being the one, too – which would thrill most of the shifters. I liked Yu Fong and always hoped to see more of him. A young adult series with Julie centered at her school always appealed to me just to get to see more of him.

      • Iain says:

        Saiman seems obvious… I mean, it says in the blurb Roland kidnapped Saiman and is draining him dry…

        My big concern is that maybe Roland can command Julie just like Kate can… I mean… Kate is always using her bloodline to exploit Roland’s blood magic stuff… why wouldn’t it work the other way too…

        Only way I see Kate giving Julie an order is if it comes out Julie has been consorting with Roland and knows about the compulsion… Kate might could order Julie to stay away from Roland for her own good… which would still cause strain I’m sure…

        Dougs review has me chomping at the bit to read the book… but I’m only up to Gunmetal Magic in my reread… probably be another week before I make it through to Magic Shifts on audio

          • Iain says:

            I read the 2nd half of the first chapter excerpt yesterday… and noticed 2 inconsistencies I hope they caught in edit…

            1) Roman previously said his mother was in labor with him for 40hrs (Gunmetal Magic), not 18hrs

            2) Curran asked for black coffee from the rabbi in Magic Slays, which seems inconsistent with the coffee banter here in Magic Binds

            I know this is pretty nitpicky… and has little story impact…

            I generally read blurbs (even though SOME authors manage to spoil things with them), and most excerpts Ilona Andrews gives out are spoiler-free so I enjoy them sometimes too for a quick laugh

  4. bfmason50 says:

    Well I was sort of right on one of my predictions. I didn’t think a Bouda would die but I did give two names of Bouda’s that could die. I was shocked how it happened and what not but I see it played a significant part in how things will play out with some of the characters that we had been worried about. We need a thread where we can talk openly about the book with out worrying about spoilers. I waited for the Audio Download to be released and I am so glad I waited Renee is an awesome reader/recording voice for books.

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