Magic Binds Review

With less than a day until its official release (although I got my copy in the mail today), Monika sent over her review for Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews, the ninth book in the Kate Daniels series. Doug already sent over a review a couple of weeks back (which can be found HERE), now let’s check out another POV.

magic bindsWhat Monika said…

Fate and Father issues: Turning inward.

To readers familiar with the series it does not come as a surprise that Kate Daniels is having father issues; after all the overarching story arc has been all about finding ways and the means to defeat Roland, who in the past has seemed far too powerful to go up against. Now dear old dad has relocated to outside of Atlanta and is building a residence there, right outside the territory that Kate has claimed (quite unwillingly) as her own in order to protect it from his grasp. For a short time Kate and her dad had an uneasy ceasefire going, that is, until Roland has Saiman abducted. Although Saiman is no particular friend of hers, Kate cannot have people taken from her sphere of influence if she wants to appear credible as a leader.

Her father troubles are all the more inconvenient as Kate is trying to plan her wedding with Curran. In fact, that is were the book starts: Kate and Curran are trying to gain entrance into Roman’s magically protected home to ask him to officiate at their wedding. Roman is delighted as normally – because of his position as a priest of the Dark God Chernobog – he never gets asked to officiate at happy occasions. When it turns out that Kate is busy with other stuff he takes over as the wedding planner, with hilarious results.

And if that weren’t enough the Oracle has a vision of Kate’s future if she does indeed go through with her marriage to Curran and it is bleak, though not marrying him could be even worse. Thus faced with two impossible choices Kate tries everything to change her destiny and the outcome the Oracle predicted. The question whether one’s fate is ordained or whether one can shape one’s own destiny is at the core of many belief systems. Kate seems to be more on the side of taking fate into her own hands, even if the consequences turn out to be unpredictable.

Having broken off from the pack Kate and Curran also have to establish their new roles and redefine the parameters of their relationship, thinking about the lines in the sand that cannot be crossed. Kate is also trying to strengthen the bonds with her allies and to gain new ones in order to have a chance at defeating her father.

But between all the the myriad responsibilities, her relationships with Curran, family and an ever growing circle of friends and planning the wedding, the most important struggle that Kate has to fight is an internal one. As her quest to cheat fate progresses she comes to realize that the greatest danger does not lie in being defeated by her father, but in becoming like her father: a powerful godlike being that cares nothing for the lifes and emotions of others and rationalizes his actions, even the most heinous ones, as serving the greater good…

Verdict: a great UF read, fast-paced, full of action and urgency, at times hilariously funny and displaying quite some philosophical depth.  I cannot wait to see where Ilona Andrews will take this series next!

I managed to get most of my crap done today so I can dive into Magic Binds tonight and read right through. Can’t wait.


15 thoughts on “Magic Binds Review

  1. Iain says:

    Despite everything i said in some other threads, I’m probably going to jump ahead and read this and then continue with the re-listen and probably re-listen when the audio comes out for this one too…

    Monika and Doug pretty much ended their reviews identically :D… wondering what’s next

      • Iain says:

        I kind of went overboard due to leak in apartment and trying to keep heat down with AC breaker turned off… I binge read the book in 9hrs already… the re-listen… even only thru Gunmetal Magic… helped me notice loose threads brought together in this one…

  2. Monika says:

    I think the ending is the most “cliffhangery” I.A. have done so far. I didn’t read Doug’s review before I wrote mine, as I usually try to put my thoughts down before I look at any other reviews.
    Unfortunately I am one of those people who can’t help themselves reading any snippets their favorite authors post and then gets all hyped up. I read the first chapter when Ilona put it up on her blog and just couldn’t wait, so I tried everything to get my hands on an ARC ;-).
    She has also put up quite a substantial part of the next Hidden Legacy Book and the wait until next spring is going to drive me crazy!

    • Iain says:

      I think its a lot like the end of book 6 when Hugh escaped and you just knew retaliation was going to be epic… big UH-OH moment

      I wonder if there will be a 9.5 novella mid-pregnancy…

      #9 finally outdid the ending of book 6 for me in epic-ness… and I liked the rest of the book a lot more than the first 75% of 6, so it was more of a full package…

      • kaleigha says:

        There was a lot going on, but it seems hard for me to believe they can wrap things up in just one more book. Two? Maybe. One? Seems like a stretch.

        • Iain says:

          I was starting to worry when the final battle hadnt started yet at 93%… A lot happened in Magic Binds… I’m sure they can pull it off… There’s obviously a plan… Btw… I hate when characters discuss things vaguely so author can hide something from the readers… Aka, the call to the coven near the end

          • kaleigha says:

            The sad thing is, I don’t even remember a call to the coven. I have a re-read planned for hopefully next weekish, so I can go back and pick up on the little things I missed in my frantic first read.

    • kaleigha says:

      The new Hidden Legacy books are some of my most anticipated for next year, that’s for sure. And I still hope it goes farther than just a trilogy. They said that it was a wait and see, so I am hoping that they do really well and there is more story to tell.

  3. bfmason50 says:

    On Ilona Andrews Blogs she posted today an update for the audiobook!!!
    “From out editor:

    We have an update from Brilliance on the audio edition of MAGIC BINDS:

    “The narrator is in the studio recording now and should be finished by the end of the week. We hope to have the download live on October 4th. Physical editions will be ready by November 22nd.””

    I can’t wait!!!!

    • kaleigha says:

      That’s good news, since I know a lot of people were sort of stuck between picking up the print version or waiting and maybe getting spoiled for the audio.

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