Pick of the Week

There are a few good books to chose from this week, but I am going with a sentimental favorite. Otherworld Chills is the final anthology collection from Kelley Armstrong‘s Women of the Otherworld series, a solid past favorite of mine.

otherworld chillsSynopsis…

These stories of mystery and magic will feature a wide range of characters from the bestselling Women of the Otherworld series. The Otherworld books have sold millions around the world, and while the series has concluded after thirteen book, these collections of stories keep the characters and their stories alive for fans. They are also a perfect introduction for new readers. The fifth story collection, Otherworld Chills focuses on dark mysteries and haunting stories…along with desire, betrayal and magic.


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Week

  1. Iain says:

    I kinda stopped with the Otherworld shorts after awhile… I mean… there are like 50-75 of them… I finally finished the Alaska book through to the Savanna trilogy last year and called it quits… I think I read all the shorts chronologically up to around book 8

    In an unrelated question… did you get the Nalini Singh email?… UGH… the email didn’t seem that long to me, and she teases us with Silver Silence news and then says we have to wait a week to get it because of length… I guess the Guild Hunter excerpt approached the character limit… 5 days and counting I guess

    • kaleigha says:

      I did frantically read through the email for the Silver Silence news, too, with no luck. I guess I will just have to play stalker again until the info comes out.

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