My DNF Weekend

yes-noUsually, I don’t DNF anything. I will chug along, no matter what, even if I have to take way longer to get through something than I would like. But this weekend, I had not one but two things I tanked on.

First off, I just couldn’t get into Midnight Crossroad from Charlaine Harris. At all. I figured I would give it a shot since I found out there was going to be a tv show based off of it, but it just didn’t work out for me. I can’t say it was bad, strangely enough, but it was just…nothing. I made the half-way mark, and absolutely nothing had happened. It was page after page of the details of everyone’s life – what they were wearing, where they were going, what they were eating and who they were talking to – but nothing happened. No plot, no action, no character development, no intrigue, no romantic development – just…nothing. It was like reading 100 pages of someone’s grocery list. But, there is still a plus side – I was anxious to try this one, so I ended up buying the Kindle version. Yes, I still wasted the money, but I don’t have the print-book urge to make myself keep reading because I have the book in my hand. It was just a matter of hitting delete and done. It is my plan to try all new series in ebook now before I commit to picking up the print copy. Less disappointment that way.

And strangely enough, I also DNF’d a tv show. I have heard so, so many people rave about Mr. Robot that I thought I would give it a try. It is offered through Shomi, a Canadian streaming service, and since Shomi is shutting down next month I figured this was the best time to dive in. But once again, it was a bit of a dud for me. I tried the first half of season 1, and again it just didn’t grab me. Not horrible, just not enough to keep my attention. Maybe it gets better as it goes on, or maybe things get more exciting, but it looks like I will be skipping this one.

What have you DNF’s recently, either on page or screen? Anything that everyone else seems to love that just doesn’t work for you?


40 thoughts on “My DNF Weekend

  1. Barb Sanders says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that couldn’t get into Midnight Crossing. I got it for my Kindle and started reading right away. Nope, fell asleep. I kept trying to like it because I really enjoy all of Charlaine Harris’ books – Aurora Teagarden, Harper Connelly, and, of course, Sookie. Just couldn’t do it. Like you, at about a third of the way in I gave up. Sorry, Charlaine.

    • kaleigha says:

      I know, right? I wanted to like it, and it was my first Charlaine Harris story, but it was so blah. The other ones are better, right?

  2. Monika says:

    “Nothing” actually sounds a lot worse than “bad”, as bad at least is something. I think I DNF the last few (about 6) Feehan books, both from the Capathian and the Leopard series, don’t know why I keep buying them. I also just discovered that I DNF Feverborn, which I can’t explain even to myself as I inhaled all the previous installments of the series. It was not even that it was bad, just that more interesting and engrossing books came along and I sort of forgot about it. I will give it another try, though, but I will have to start anew…

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, Feverborn was my nothing Fever book. For me, it was filler. I kept waiting for “it” to happen, whatever “it” was, but it didn’t. It does make me wonder just how everything can be resolved in the one book remaining.

      • tomehuntress says:

        I was going to comment was better than nothing lol. Haven’t read any Harris book. IMHO, Moning should have stopped the fever series at book five. Because that was fantastic!

        • kaleigha says:

          Or switched to the Dani POV as planned and stuck with it. It just came off as weird to have 5 Mac books, then a Dani book, then back to Mac and then a multiple POV. It became disjointed.

            • kaleigha says:

              For me, Mac and Barrons are done, now it is Dani and Ryodan. Going back and having drama between Mac and Barrons feels like a step backwards, at least to me.

                • kaleigha says:

                  I would love to know what exactly Dancer even is, but then it is just one more thing to wrap up in the last book. Dancer. What are the nine. Dageus. Dani and Ryodan. The end of the world. Oy.

                  • Monika says:

                    There definitively needs to be a book about what’s happening between Dani and Ryodan, and all the others, too. I think there should be more than just one book, but they should be more like the earlier installments.

                    • kaleigha says:

                      Yeah, I would much rather see Dani and Ryodan get a book/books of their own rather than try and get a resolution crammed in with all of the other stuff going on. Ditto for Lor and Kasteo and company. If it was just to FINALLY wrap up Mac and Barrons, I would consider that a win.

      • Iain says:

        I actually never continued past Shadowfever… but I already had KMM on my Goodreads follow list… so I still get blog posts and such in my feed… she recently made a post tempering expectations for Feversong…

        Basically… she ISN”T going to be resolving everything… just the main Mac/Barrons + Dani/Jada stuff… and whatever else is relevent… she’s leaving the other stuff open to spin-off and one-off novels/novellas later apparently

        • kaleigha says:

          Oh. Yay and…eh. That gives me more hope for the last book, and I do like the thought of the world continuing in some format. I would even be ok with a Dani/Ryodan tangent series, but I loathe the thought of some monster cliff-hanger and a two year wait for whatever comes next.

  3. dougmeeks says:

    I am glad you saved me, I was feeling guilty about having this book for so long but NOBODY has told me it was really a great book (not sure if anybody even told me it was worth reading)

  4. Rai says:

    I wish I had DNF’d Ann Aguirre’s The Leopard King. The world was underdeveloped and I disliked both MC’s. It’s the first in a new series and unless I see a glowing review of the next one, I won’t be continuing.

    • kaleigha says:

      You pushed through, though? I usually do, too, but just decided to toss in the towel this time. It was nice to not make myself keep going when I didn’t feel like it.

  5. tomehuntress says:

    First few pages of The Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) and I’ve given up . I had such a high expectation of it because of the media hype and the way it was constantly compared to The Lord of the Rings. But nope, for me it’s just a reality show disguise as a fantasy in medieval setting (have watched the first ten or so episodes too). I guess, it’s not for me. Same goes with Fifty Shades of Grey. That one is real atrocious writing.

    • kaleigha says:

      Ew, 50 Shades was funny in an eye-rolling, cringing way. I can’t even remember if I made it through the first book or not.

      Fantasy has never been a big draw for me, but like you I am getting pulled in by the hype. I know I will break down and try both the books and the show at some point, but not sure what to expect.

  6. cheryl says:

    Oh my, my list is long. I tried some of the new TV shows that are supposed to be great and I just don’t get it: Empire, This is Us, Pitch,Bull, the new MacGyver and How to Get Away with Murder.
    Tried multiple episodes of each. Gave up.
    As for Midnight Crossroad it was slow and I slogged thru and Bk 2 was better and Bk 3 was best. Yes slow buildup and people background overdose but it is not an action oriented series…. it is a little bit like Robyn Carr and her Virgin River series. more of a romance with paranormal parts but not an urban fantasy where you get lots of action.

    • kaleigha says:

      I have to say, those shows were on my radar, too, but I gave them a pass for some reason. I did try and episode of Vikings, which I liked right away. I am going to give Orphan Black a shot, too, while trying to work my way through the ones I already have on bluray.

  7. Iain says:

    I can’t even remember all the stuff I’ve DNF’d… it doesn’t really stick with me unless I have a visceral reaction or can’t stand the editing problems in a first-publish indie author or something… when looking for a new series I tend to try a lot of stuff and give up early… I don’t necessarily think that means the series isn’t for me in those circumstances… just not for me right now…

    I remember more the series I have given up on… there are tons of those… I quit Allie Beckstrom after 2 books because the realities of a character who lost memories in payment for using magic got annoying… Seanan McGuire actually did a short explanation on the dangers of an unreliable narrator recently on her Patreon page (to explain why she wouldn’t be doing certain kinds of novellas that would give readers info October doesn’t have yet)

    I read 1.5 Secret McQueen books before I decided the revolving door love triangle (wheel) wasn’t for me… 2 Immortals After Dark books and the starter novella… 1/2 of the first Midnight Liaisons book… the first Breeds book (frothy)… 3 Georgina Kincaid books (succubus rationalizations got too much)… 1st Love at Stake book (some annoying repetitive word choices I think)… first Corinne Solomon… first 5 GhostWalkers (got too Alpha for me anymore)

    There’s probably more… but its been awhile since I bothered going through and shelving things in detail on Goodreads…

    I haven’t watched much TV this year other than comedy news, Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, abd a few others … but there was a time (before my reading explosion a few years ago) where I tried almost every non-reality show on TV… so I’ve DNF’d a lot…

    • kaleigha says:

      When you go through as much as you do, you are bound to hit some that just don’t work for you. I am surprised some of the “bigger” name series, too. I haven’t checked many of them out myself, either.

      • Iain says:

        Yea… since I read so much I worked through a lot of best in the genre lists… found tons of great series/authors that way (Kate Daniels, Mercy, etc… all the bigs)… also inevitably found a bunch that didn’t work out…

        It’s a lot harder to parse through the lesser known and indie choices… and I’m much less likely to persevere to the point of an official DNF I think

        • kaleigha says:

          I never do, because I had the guilt of the physical book in my hand. Can’t stop because I bought the book. But now since I try all new series on e-book first? Hitting delete isn’t hard at all.

  8. Brenda Willis says:

    my last DNF I can remember is Ward’s Bourbon Kings book #1. It did nothing for me. I’ve also come so close to not finishing any of the latest from Feehan’s Ghostwalkers, Leigh’s Breeds and KMM’s Fever – I think it’s just cause I’ve put in so much of my time with them I can’t let them go…so I’m still barely hanging on…
    Y’all mentioned new tv shows – i’ve been an hbo gal lately – the new shows: westworld, insecure (freaking hilarious!) and Divorce have all started well IMO…enough to get me interested anyway….

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, Bourbon Kings didn’t look like my kind of thing, so I gave it a pass. Gave me a strong Dallas/Dynasty vibe, which I didn’t need. I did see the ads for Westworld, though, and I thought it looked interesting.

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