‘Tis the Season…For an Unhaul

I was pretty sure that my last book unhaul was my last. Just like I thought the one before that was the last. And so forth. But I am almost positive that this last one is the final one. Maybe. Sigh.

Anyways, I was ruthless once again and managed to pull almost 100 books from my little collection – and in doing so, I even managed to drop Mount TBR to below 40 books. Beauty!

There have been several authors I haven’t picked up a book from in years. Lara Adrian, Christina Dodd, and Jacquelyn Frank fall into that category, so I finally managed to let them go. A few other authors have series that seem to have petered out, like Alyssa Day and her Warriors of Poseidon and Larissa Ione and the Demonica books…so they got the heave, too. Add in a few more young adult titles, and things are looking good.

I might’ve cheated a bit, though. Since I have decided relatively recently that e-books aren’t exactly the work of the devil, I was all bold and stuff and got rid of a few physical books with the intention of picking them up again for my Kindle. People like Elizabeth Naughton, Elizabeth Hunter, Jessica Sims and even Ilona Andrews‘ Innkeeper Chronicles will now be picked up only in e-format. And the best part? I don’t list the books on my Kindle to be official TBR titles, so I don’t feel like such an epic failure with all the books I haven’t read.

Have you done any big clean outs lately? What old favorite authors could you purge from your collection, or which ones are on the verge?


8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…For an Unhaul

  1. library addict says:

    I did a giant print book purge 10 years ago when I moved to a much smaller house. I gave away over 500 books, many unread (*sob*)

    My TBR mountain is still out of control. But since I now read 99.9% digitally, it’s really just a massive TBR list in Word at the point.

    I went through my digital library in Calibre a few years ago and purged out about 35% of my books. They were mostly freebies I have no clue why I bothered to get in the first place. I still have a problem with buying entire series of books when I haven’t read the first. And they are the ones that tend to sit unread as starting another series always seems to be so daunting to me.

    For 2016 I went through and made a list of all of my read-on-or-near-release day authors books that were scheduled to be published.

    Then I added 10 books from my TBR that I considered “must reads” for the year.

    I also picked 2 authors I had fallen behind reading that I wanted to catch up on.

    To these books I also added 5 series I was just a few (no more than 4) books behind on.

    And finally I picked one completed series to read (I admit I cheated and went with a short, 4 book one).

    I posted this list of books on my bulletin board. And it worked really well. Whenever I couldn’t decide what to read next I would go “shopping” within the list. I managed to read all of the books. It worked so well, that I repeated the same basic plan for 2017 with a few modifications. I’m only picking one woefully-behind-on author and my plan is to keep up with all of the series I am current on. I also picked 4 authors I am behind on, but will read only two books by each of them. And for a reading challenge I am participating in I picked a bunch of older books from my TBR published one-per-year for 2000-1984. (This is really just an effort to get myself to read more of Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz’ category backlists)

    There are still books in my TBR I will probably never get to. But I am also trying to be very strict about what books and buy and not go out and purchase entire series because I want to read book 5 and have to read everything in order. Seriously that is my main downfall for new-to-me authors.

    I reread the entire Psy/Changeling series again this year as well. I plan to do it again (will be my fifth time for most of the books) but this time I am go to mix it up and read the books/novellas/newsletter stories in chronological rather than published order.

    I never used to really plan out what I would read other than new releases I was really looking forward to. But I found having some loosely structured and reachable goals has helped me whittle down my TBR over the last few years. But this year was the first time in too many years to count that I added less books than I actually read.

    To only have 40 books in your TBR is a real accomplishment. Congrats!

    • kaleigha says:

      If I tally up the purges over the last 3 years I would have to be at over 400, but I split them up so I didn’t feel the pain as much. I was so guilty of picking up most or all of a series before I had even read the first book, but that was one of the things I worked on last year. Now it is one book which I read as soon as I get it, so it never hits mount TBR. Even better, I have started to try any new author/series on the Kindle so if I don’t like it I can just delete it. That way, I don’t have the guilt of getting rid of a brand new book, or even worse having it sit on the shelf when I have no plans to get the rest of the series.

      Seriously, though, I like how you planned things out. I usually sound like a total OCD nerd because that is how I have to tackle things, too. Random doesn’t work well for me, but I do follow structure pretty well. And as I get older, I don’t like being surrounded with things I don’t actively use, so whittling down that TBR was a big thing.

  2. Maria says:

    I do envy you! I’ve been all year round trying to get my TBR mount under 50. I started at 97, and I’m now at 56. GR says that I’ve read almost 400 books so I should have been able to reduce it more, darn it!!!! I have purged the list many times. I’ve abandoned definitely two authors: Christine Feehan and Lara Adrian, so the books that I had from them have disappeared from my TBR, but it is still not enough đŸ˜¦ Anyway, I still have 16 days to go, so I am hopeful that if I keep myself in check and do not add more books to the TBR, I’ll be able to get under 50.

    • kaleigha says:

      My goal was 50, too, and I started the year at 167. I figured there was no way, but through dedicated reading from my TBR, really limiting what I picked up, and a few purges I actually made it and then some. My goal for 2017 is to get that down to 2, weirdly enough. Or so that I am reading a book, and have the next one ready. I could so make it if I got rid of my Kenyon pile, which at this point is like 2/3rds of the whole list. I find myself stalling on her big time, but I just have so many it would be like admitting defeat if I stopped now. But it still could happen. My other goal for the year was to read up to Acheron, and I am only 1 book away. After that, if I don’t find my interest in them picking up again, I just might throw in the towel.

  3. Iain says:

    I’ve whittled down my Goodreads TBR a lot the last year or so… but its still really big… and I probably still wont get around to most of them… my reading choices are usually more random and in-the-moment than structured… I don’t tend to have a reading plan beyond the next week or so… some release dates are heavily on my radar… others I just get to whenever…

    BTW… I dunno if you read any Larissa Ione, or she was just on your TBR, but she isn’t done with Demonica… the main Demonica/Horsemen series wrapped up with Reaver/Revenant… and she’s been doing the Azagoth (Grim Reaper) realm novellas the last few years in 1001 Nights anthologies… but in the next few years Demonica: Next Generation is supposed to be starting up (I don’t think that is the actual title, but it is about the grown up children of the Horsemen and Demonica characters)… I think the plan is to finish them Moon Clan Vampire books first… there are supposed to be 3 more of them for 5 total… but she wants to write them all then publish them back to back like the Hidden Legacy trilogy, or that’s what she said a year or 2 ago anyway…

    • kaleigha says:

      Actually, that is what I want to have – in the moment reads. I banned myself from branching out too far when my TBR was already ridiculous, but then nothing seemed to grab me from what I already had. I guess tastes change, and what I picked up 3 and 4 years ago doesn’t appeal as much today.

      I did read Larissa Ione, and I have heard rumors of the next generation Demonica stories. I sort of thought that maybe she had given up on that idea since there hasn’t been word in so long, but I do hope she goes back to that world. If she did, I might actually go back and pick the books up again in e-format.

      • Iain says:

        Yeah… she hasn’t released much this year… except for that multi-author serial Storm thing and a Moon Clan novella… not much information floating around either… I think I’m subscribed to her newsletter, but if so its a very rare newsletter… one or 2 emails a year… her website says something about house remodeling being time consuming… so not sure whats going on myself either…

        Just another example of why orderly authors who make monthly/quarterly/yearly updates to their writing plans are so nice…

        • kaleigha says:

          And personally, I can/will only stalk an author for so long until I give up looking for updates. It was like with C.L. Wilson – I tried for a long time to keep current on her release dates, but as things always got shifted around last minute with no new date in sight, I sort of gave up. If I catch the new dates, fine. If not, then that’s ok, too.

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