Archangel’s Viper

I have been doing behind-the-scenes stuff for the last couple of days, so my usual info-hunting routine has been behind. So imagine my shock when I stumbled onto Nalini Singh‘s site to find the title and a non-official blurb for the next Guild Hunter book, Archangel’s Viper. And we all know who that’s about:

Return to the epic and dangerous world of the Guild Hunters in this new adventure from New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh, as immortal angels, vampires, and mortals struggle to build a new world order…

Venom has always been one of the most mysterious and seductive members of the Seven–Archangel Raphael’s personal guard. But even this powerful vampire has no idea what awaits when he returns to New York…and to a woman who might be the greatest threat of all…

Confession time – I firmly believed that Sorrow (whom I am completely assuming is the woman in question) would end up with Bluebell. Even against all of the signs, I was almost sure. I figured her terror of angels would bring the angst, and his love for humans would be covered in a way that didn’t involve his HEA having to turn vampire. And it now really makes me wonder about the Illium/Aodhan vibe I have gotten from the last book. Sigh. lists the next Guild Hunter book as a September 21st release. Countdown begins again.


6 thoughts on “Archangel’s Viper

  1. onetoughbelle says:

    I actually put Venom and Sorrow together in my head as well. As far as the Illium/Aodhan vibe, I’ve definitely picked up on it and questioned where she’s going with it. I don’t have a problem with guy/guy pairing at all, but I’m not a fan of this one. If that’s where she’s going. It just feels forced, and too foreshadowed.

  2. Redbutterfly says:

    Well, from the book’s name (Archangel’s Viper) I already knew it was going to be about Venom and the (little) blurb confirmed that. Also, I always put Venom and Sorrow together, and I really hope she is his heroine.

    I REALLY am and Illium/Aodhan fan so I hope that pairing happens, but something tells me Nalini is going the traditional route and will find them both a heroine *sigh*.

  3. Kimberly Rottiers says:

    You know, I have been looking forward to Venom and Sorrow for awhile. I feel that Venom needs to be paired with an unique and dangerous female and Sorrow would definitely fit the bill. As for Aodhan and Illium…I don’t mind mm pairings but I would have a problem if she went that route with them for a few reasons. I agree with another writer saying that it would be forced and I think it would feel forced because it would be right. It kinda bugs me that when two characters in a story has a connection people automatically try to push them together. Aodhan and Illium grew up together and have been friends for centuries, of course they are going to feel strongly for one another, but that doesn’t mean ithat needs to be put into romantic love. I just want their relationship to be real and I think their deep friendship is all their relationship is going to be and honestly, I think thats enough.

  4. Lidy says:

    As much as I dislike Venom, I’m very hyped for this book. Archangel’s Heart left me a bit disappointed, and it took me several days to finish it. I hope I won’t have with AV the same issues I had with AH. Also, Venom was very friendly with Mahiya, so I expect to see more of her. I’d like to learn more about Neha, too.

    As for the heroine, I also think it’s Sorrow. But that short blurb gave me the feeling that she’s finally going to snap (or thought to have snapped, as the case may be). So, if she’s going to touch on the infection Uram gave Sorrow, maybe she’s going to reveal more about Michaela, too.

    Plot twist: Michaela is Venom’s heroine! :p

  5. Haylo says:

    I think Venom and Sorrow have been a given since she was “reborn” so to speak. As for Illium and Aodhan, I don’t think that they will get together. I just think that they are really close. This isn’t a Bhay/Qhuinn thing for me. Those two (and seriously Butch & V…don’t even get me started) clearly had something else going on. I think that Aodhan will get with Lijuan’s sister. Someone who was tortured just like him who he can help. I’m not sure about Illium. For some reason I keep thinking that Favashi is going to get a redemption ARC or that Illium will get with one of Caliane’s people.

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