Another Kindle Question

bang-head-hereOk people, I need help yet again. Twice today alone, my father somehow managed to jump ahead on his Kindle (he must get grabby with it when he is watching his beloved wrestling, I guess). Of course, it is then passed over to me to find the exact page he was reading before the trauma. Exact. Page.

Now remember, if you will, that I also have to edit a whole bunch of books and then put them into one huge anthology so he isn’t inconvenienced by having to flip through things like chapter listings and credits. So it is find the exact page someone else is reading in the equivalent of TWELVE WHOLE BOOKS. Sorry, that was from me banging my head into the keyboard. Again, this happened. Twice. It sounds like this:

Me: What book were you on?

Father: One of those ones.

Me: Uh, yeah, but which one? There’s 12 books in this one. Was it James Patterson? Michael Connelly? Karin Slaughter? Who were you reading?

Father: Jericho Quinn.

Me, searching the spreadsheet I have done to keep track of his reading: There is no author named Jericho Quinn.

Father: Eyeroll – the CHARACTER is named Jericho Quinn. (Duh implied at the end).

Me: I don’t read them so I have no clue who…never mind. Goodreads search of all of the authors in question. Find right book. Then do the “did you read that page yet”, “did you read that page yet”, “how about that one”. Until we come to the right page. TWICE.

Rant over. For now. Maybe. He has the Kindle Paperwhite, so my question is, have any of you tried the new Kindle Oasis? The one that has the dedicated page-turn buttons? Do you think it would avoid the jumping ahead like sensitive touch-screen does? The price is pretty steep, but if it would help me avoid ever having to have the conversation above again, I might go for it. Or a tranquilizer dart. That works, too.


11 thoughts on “Another Kindle Question

  1. dougmeeks says:

    LOL, I am sorry that I can’t help except to mention that I own 5 Kindles/Fire and I do close to 90+% of my reading on my old Kindle Keyboard for reasons such as you describe 🙂

  2. katieF says:

    The old kindles with the button press on the side didn’t have that issue. But once it died & I had to get a new basic kindle it came with a touch screen 😦 And yes…. it happens to me & its annoying!

  3. Kim says:

    I have a kindle Voyage (I think it is called but I’m in the UK so it maybe the same as the Oasis) It was more expensive but I wanted the page turn button option. It’s not quite a button but when you press it there’s a small little vibration under your thumb as the page turns. Although I don’t use it, there is still the page flip option…… I sometimes move ahead a couple of pages when I don’t turn it off before closing the cover. Not sure if that helps you at all?

    • kaleigha says:

      I saw the Voyage, too, and it looks interesting. I think it has adaptive light, which would be handy. It would be great if you could turn off the touchscreen feature – it would cut down on the accidental flipping.

  4. saidahgilbert says:

    I have an old Kindle Touch. When that happens to me, it sometimes helps by pressing the ‘back’ arrow from wherever it happens. It would take me to the page I was on. Other times it goes back to the beginning of the book. Then I have scroll through looking for my page.

  5. cheryl says:

    I have a kindle fire 7in – second gen?– it was a refurbished and it works great.
    I lock the screen but just touching the screen will flip me elsewhere…. when I am not paying attention. I use the backup arrow on the right side and sometimes I have to hit it more than once but it will get me back to where I want.
    I fell in love with the fire because of looking at the book covers makes me remember which ones I have read… but my old kindle keyboad, which I had repaired , works the best for not changing the screen and is easier on the eyes.
    I have to admit I use the text to speech more than anything on my kindles.

    • kaleigha says:

      I thought of just getting my father a Kindle fire because I liked the idea of color covers, too, but then he only ever has one made-by-me book on there at a time. As soon as he is done, the old book must be deleted and the new anthology added. I love my Kindle for ipad (now) because the covers work for me, too.

  6. lemonamour says:

    I have an old Kindle with the buttons on the side and that’s what I gave my dad when I got a new Kindle Fire. It works perfectly for him as it does very little and allows him to only flip page by page – no accidental skipping ahead. I plan on finding a used one on eBay once his one dies. No way am I going through all the problems you have LOL

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