Site Updates and an Etiquette Question

question markWhat an interesting night. Where I live, we had a pretty big ice-storm with big wind gusts, so that meant no power for just about 12 hours. There are a lot of tree limbs down all around the house, and it sounded like they were coming though either the roof or the windows. Luckily, though, no damage was done. Just a bunch of mess. We don’t have them often, thankfully, so I can’t really complain.

On the site side of things, I have added all of the series you have recommended to the 101+ Series to Read page. I wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to all of you who took the time to help out with it, and hopefully we can all get some use out of it. I have found a few on there that are tempting me, but I am putting them firmly on the “one day” list.

I also have an etiquette question. Since I live in Canada, won’t let me order ebooks, and doesn’t allow for gifting, but I have been thinking of a work-around. When I did a giveaway, would it seem tacky if I bought the ebook and emailed it to the winner myself? I don’t want it to seem shady, but it would be about the only thing that would work. And because of my “experience” with my father’s reading needs, I could convert to whatever format is needed. I could even include a screenshot of the order so that it didn’t look like I was some scumbag who pirated the title and tried to pass it off as a giveaway. Then it is just a matter of the winner emailing to their Kindle themselves, just like it was an ARC. Let me know if you think that idea has potential.


19 thoughts on “Site Updates and an Etiquette Question

  1. Monika says:

    From an etiquette point of view I think that would be perfectly alright. I would just make sure that it doesn’t violate either any Canadian or American laws, so that it can’t come back to bite you on the ass!

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, that was another concern. Part of me thinks that since shipping a physical book is ok, this would be, too. But having to download and then maybe edit is a grey area. Weird.

  2. Sam says:

    Amazon. com won’t allow you to order ebooks because your Kindle is probably registered at Amazon. ca. I am in Ontario, Canada and I order ALL of my books from Amazon. com but…my Kindle is registered with Amazon. com because I found there were always better deals, although sometimes, the deal isn’t available in Canada regardless whether or not my Kindle is registered with Amazon. com . Also, prize packages and giveaways from authors often come from Kindle. com.

    Saying that, I cannot order ebooks from Amazon. ca because my Kindle is registered with Amazon. com.

    Have you approached Amazon. com about gifting ebooks?

    As to the purchasing an ebook then or emailing to someone else, I think there may be some ethical issues because technically you bought ONE book and now more than ONE person will have possession of that book-it may be considered piracy. Amazon believes YOU are the person who purchased the book but now someone else is in possession…..ebooks are not physical copies there emailing them to someone else once you are in possession conjures up potential problems

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, I thought that since I have an account, I could just order through it, but no go. Kind of weird, but Canada always seems to be behind the times for Amazon goodies. That whole issue is what has me questioning the ethics of it. I do end up buying and editing and emailing to myself, but it still remains that just one person has one copy, not multiple people. Sort of a grey area.

      • Lidy says:

        My kindle is registered in Brazil and I can’t buy from because I don’t have an American address. *rolls eyes* So, you should either find a close friend/relative willing to “loan” their address or get an ip/vpn-changer softtware to switch your Canadian ip to an American one, since they track you through your ip.

        • Lidy says:

          I think you can’t share an ebook–and that would be considered sharing (OTOH, sharing a physical book could also be considered piracy, since you’d have bought only one copy, not two or three or…). However, as you said your account is based on, you should probably check if it’s with an American address (mine was based there, until BR-Amazon was officialized and Amazon made me switch), and get a vpn/ip changing software, because no matter where your account is from, you can’t buy from abroad, even when the title is available worldwide (it happened to me).

          Another alternative is that you choose another webstore, such as Google Play, or even the publishing house’s own store, but maybe that would be more troublesome.

          • Sam says:

            Ebooks can be shared between Kindle users but that is not the issue. Perhaps using Smashwords or iTunes would be a a better alternative if you are unable to use Amazon .com due to your Canadian registration.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is like trying to honestly watch my blurays. I bought an external hard drive for my computer. I bought blu-ray software. But nope, Game of Thrones is almost impossible to watch on my computer. I was even going to buy a portable gaming monitor and bluray player and set them up beside the computer so I could watch my shows. So I end up having to run them through a couple of programs and ripping them to my hard drive, then watching that. They make it so hard to do things the right way sometimes.

  3. cheryl says:

    I don’t think you can do it without it being a form of piracy.
    Maybe a gift card instead of a book?
    Kindle customer service may have a work around but it is one of the things that drive me crazy with e-books… you can’t share them.. even tho you own it.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, it is so weird. Part of me understands, since you can’t buy a movie and copy it and send it without it being piracy, but again they make being honest so difficult sometimes.

  4. library addict says:

    I think it would violate the terms since we don’t technically “buy” ebooks, we only buy a license to the ebook.

    Are you able to gift ebooks with I’ve done so in the past for a friend who lives in England (from It’s my understanding that if the book isn’t available in the recepient’s geographical location they’d still have the purchase price to spend on a different book. Not 100% ideal, but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about having access to your account cut off.

    • kaleigha says:

      Nope, no gifting option at all. Maybe in the future, since we are starting to get some streaming options with a Prime membership now. Nothing I would watch, but it is a start.

  5. pals20 says:

    What about just a gift card for that $ amount? Ideally, I know it should be kindle gift card but if doesn’t allow you to buy that, maybe just send a gift card for the same value.

    I had the same issue with a gift card I had won. Because the gift card was in US $, I couldn’t buy anything with it unless I changed the location from India to US on my amazon app. Because of shipping costs, I ended up buying only ebooks. Thus problem solved..

  6. lemonamour says:

    This may not be to the letter of the law or whatever legalities are behind eBooks purchased by me, but I treat them just like physical books. I purchase a physical book, read it, then let a friend borrow it, no one bats an eye. I purchase an eBook, read it, then let a friend borrow it, it suddenly becomes piracy. Sorry..I don’t see it that way.

    While my friend has my eBook I remove it from my Kindle. It doesn’t exist for me while my friend has it, just as a physical book wouldn’t. When they “return it” I place it back on my Kindle, just as I would return a physical book back to my bookshelf. And I only loan eBooks to friends I know will delete them as soon as they’ve finished reading them. So as far as I’m concerned I’ve purchased an eBook and have let a friend borrow it and return it to me when they’re done. No different than the hundreds of physical books I’ve loaned out to friends to read.

    This is of course just my opinion and I’m not sure if it helps with your giveaway etiquette.

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