February Book of the Month

Somehow, someway, it is the end of January. It went so fast I didn’t even think to put up the book of the month poll until now. Well, at least the voting time will be short. February is not traditionally a huge month for me, and I usually only have one or two books that I am excited for. That is a good thing, because it give me time to prepare for March which is one must-read after another. Usually on the same day. Ugh. Anyways, as always, I have put together a list of 10 of the books coming out next month for you to chose from. If you have another title you are most looking forward to, just select “Other” and leave your choice in the comments section. A complete list of February’s releases can be found HERE.

I am going for Into the Fire. If I wasn’t 3.27 million books behind in the In Death series, it would’ve been a hard choice, but I figure I won’t be up to Echoes in Death until sometime next year.  As much as I like both Vlad and Leila, I am most excited to get the set up to Ian’s story arc, which is up next.



6 thoughts on “February Book of the Month

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Well I have already read “Hard To Handle” and while it was better than the last 2 it did not set my world on fire, still highly recommended. I got burned out on Vlad 2 books back so I won’t be reading “Into The Fire” anytime soon, series seemed to be dragged out for no reason other than money IMHO. I have put reading the “In Death” books on my bucket list but the sheer volume of books I am behind just overwhelms me, but the 4-5 I have read were excellent. I am a huge fan of Shona Husk since I read “Summons: A Goblin King Prequel” which was short (and it is FREE is you want a quick exceptional story to read, WARNING: you will buy more books, I have read EVERYTHING she has written since LOL) so my choice for this month is “Lady in Silver” and the synopsis sounds great.

  2. cheryl says:

    WEN SPENCER is my choice because it is the start of a new series and since I love her Elf home series .. got to give it a try.
    I will probably get the next J.D. Robb book as the next one.

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