Feversong – What Did You Think?

feversongIt has been a couple of weeks now since Karen Marie Moning‘s Feversong, the ninth book of the Fever series, was released. It was set to be the final book of the main series focused on MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons, but it left several loose ends that will hopefully be addressed in subsequent stories.

For me, I was so anticipating this one that I couldn’t wait to dive in. I pulled an all-nighter reading it, and by the end I was so tired I found myself skimming a lot just to get to Jada, Ryodan, Christian and Dancer sections. I honestly can’t even tell you how things wrapped up for Mac and Barrons or the King and Queen. Nada.I definitely didn’t do the book or myself any favors by trying to rush through such a complex finale in one long sitting. I did very much enjoy what I did absorb, I just didn’t take in enough. I will soon be doing a slower, much more thorough re-read, and I am looking forward to it.

I did just see that the next book set in the fever world will be called High Voltage, and it will be a Dani/Jada centric story (but it does not pick up where Feversong ended). I wasn’t thrilled when the series changed direction mid-stream and veered away from the proposed Dani trilogy, since I liked Dani much more than Mac. And for me, Mac’s story was wrapped up in the first five books. But maybe things worked out for the best, because now we can get a full Dani/Jada story with her as an adult – and hopefully a resolution to her and Ryodan’s story. After that, I can totally see a Christian book, which would also resolve the whole Dageus situation, as well. I hope.

Ok, what did you think of Feversong? Was it a fitting “end”, or did it leave you wanting more? Were you like me and found Mac’s POV getting old, or did you like the second arc of her story? What did you like best (and least) about this Fever finale?


6 thoughts on “Feversong – What Did You Think?

  1. DebbieF says:

    There were many things that I really liked but a few that I thought were a “easy fix” to get her way out of the situation Moning had written her way into.
    Perfect example is how the Queen and Kings story ended. I thought this ending was a travesty to characters that we have learned to care about over many years – especially the “Queen”. Plus the whole confusion over Dreamy Eyed Guy – is he a piece of the King or not, and if not who is he and do we really care at this point?
    However, I am one of the few who’s glad that the last few books have centered on Mac and Barrons. Mac needed to finish growing up and this last book especially made her realize what being a grown up really means, the choices one is forced to make at times and what grey areas really are.
    The sister coming back was just stupid and really contributed nothing to the story other than giving Mac a chance to say good-bye.
    I also love the fact that Dani/Jada has grown up and that she had her first time with Dancer. It was sweet and special and just how you wanted it to be for her.
    Overall I was happy with this final book and look forward to the next.

    • kaleigha says:

      And I was happy that Jada and Dancer got their time, too, but Ryodan will be the end-game. It was a mini-triangle that for me had the best possible ending since no one got their heart broken.

  2. onetoughbelle says:

    I enjoyed it, although I still need to go back and do a second read, because I did the all-night speed read thing, too. It was SO NICE to put an end to whiny Mac. I also loved the way the Dancer/Dani/Ryodan triangle was put to rest. And it didn’t feel forced at all. In fact, I fell in love with Ryodan even more for letting Dani go to Dancer when he knew he could have made it really difficult for her. Instead, he sucked it up. That was awesome!

    As far as the King and Queen, I thought they had a great ending!!! The Kind had missed such an essential part of who the Concubine was, so he gave her back her mortality, then went to join her in it! I imagine she’ll never know it’s him, but he’ll know, and that’s what matters.

    The only thing I struggled with really is Chapter 64, when Mac goes up to study the mural on the ceiling of BB&B. She said she knew where the mirror went. I don’t!!! Where?? And so Barrons knew he was becoming the King all along? Interesting. Is he becoming the Unseelie King or the Seelie King, as he was before he fell in love with the concubine? That bit really, really confused me.

    I definitely need a second read, but overall, I was happy with how Mac & Barrons were wrapped up. Can’t wait for Dani/Ryodan!

  3. Kemelia says:

    I. Am with you I wanted to see a dani/ryodan story the ending cut was kinda enough to pull me into the next book but once again it’s more because I didn’t get what I wanted from this book. But I feel it was better than the last book

    • kaleigha says:

      For me, the last book wasn’t horrible, but it felt like a filler book. There were a few developments, but it was like it was just killing time to the finale.

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