Well, One Down

A few months ago, I did up a post asking about what books we have all been waiting for the longest, and one of mine was the third and final installment of Shana Abe‘s The Sweetest Dark series. I very much enjoyed books one and two, and patiently waited for the third story. And waited. And waited. For three and a half years. But now the wait is over.

Just today, The Fiercest Joy has been upped on Amazon for purchase. There wasn’t any pre-order time or warning – it just appeared. Doesn’t matter, though, since I will take what I can get.


In the autumn of 1915, Eleanore Jones is on the verge of becoming who she was always meant to be: a drákon of stunning beauty and strength. She has discovered she is not the last dragon in the world, as she’d long thought: not one but two drákon brothers vie for her heart.

And just as Lora begins to embrace her destiny, yet another drákon enters her life—another female who, like her, has disguised herself as a student at the prestigious Iverson School for Girls. It’s no coincidence. Secrets come unraveled; time comes undone. Soon all four of the drákon caught in Iverson’s mysterious, enchanted world are going to have to confront a new enemy: an army of dragons, come to steal Lora away—and destroy anyone who attempts to stop them.

Have any of you gotten any of your long-awaited books lately? Or at least any word of them? Are there any you have finally just given up on?


6 thoughts on “Well, One Down

  1. lemonamour says:

    The book I’ve been waiting for the longest is Stephenie Meyer’s next book in The Host trilogy. (The Host came out in 2008, so it’s been 9 years.) After so long I keep assuming she’s abandoned the idea, but then she’ll say something about it and get my hopes up again. When The Host movie came out she even went so far as to say something about when she’s writing she visualizes Saoirse Ronan (who played Mel/Wanda in the film) doing the scene. Gah! I wish she’d either write the bloody book or tells us it ain’t gonna happen.

    • kaleigha says:

      The Host books were on my list, too, but I have given up completely on them at this point. It was a shame, because I did love that book (the movie not so much, but that is another story).

      • lemonamour says:

        True! Loved the book, the film not so much. Though to me, it wasn’t the acting of the three main characters really – it was the bloody script. The changes they made and the characters they left out ruined it for me.

        As for giving up, every time I decide all hope is lost, SM will mention the book and suck me right back in. O_o

        • kaleigha says:

          And it was such a tricky idea, because so much of what went on in the book was in Wanda’s head, so I felt like a lot was lost in the movie.

  2. Lidy says:

    Peace Talks by Jim Butcher. I began reading the Dresden Files a few months before Skin Game came out (so, I began reading after Christmas… 2013?). He’s still writing it.

    I won’t get started on GRRM’s Winds of Winter, but I do complain about more Dunk and Egg, because those short stories are my favorite pieces by him.

    On the romance front, most series I read are complete. Of course, I’d love it if Jacquelyn Frank wrote Tristan’s book, but I’m not getting my hopes up, especially now that I’ve kind of given up on her.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, Peace Talks seems to have been in the works for a while now, with more than one pushback that I remember. Strange, but I have given up Jacquelyn Frank’s books, too. I started out enjoying her series, but by the end of five or six books my interest always had waned.

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