Reading Wrap Up

This is pretty much the most lame reading wrap up post in the history of blogging, since I have managed to read only half of a book this week. I am still in the process of reading the long-awaited The Fiercest Joy by Shana Abe, which is the third and final book of The Sweetest Dark trilogy. I did have to do a bit of a quick re-read of the first two books to get back up to speed, but it wasn’t a hardship. The only thing that I find wrong – and it is totally my fault – is that I remember very little from the original Drakon series that this is spun-off of, and I think it could’ve come in handy now. There are characters and situations that I sort of remember from the Drakon books, just enough to ring a bell, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. But even with my foggy memory, it so nice to get back into this world and get a proper finale.

What did you read this week? Did you discover any new authors or series, or are you playing catch-up before the monster releases of next month?


6 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. cheryl says:

    I know it isn’t long now before March hits but it has really been slim pickings for February.
    I tried reading something new and different and couldn’t believe how poorly written the latest book by Woods was. He phoned this puppy in. I made it half way thru before I quit.
    It was like describing a room … the people in it… how their travel was… a little bit of dialogue and then end of chapter. How many times can you do that … lots and now I don’t care how much your alcohol cost or quality of brand or most high-end stuff you can buy or your cook .. plane .. driver… current cuddly girlfriend. Sorry for the rant … they used to be fun reads.

    So in a funk I went on to re-read Faith Hunter and her Jane Yellowrock series… not a bad one in the bunch. Going to read the last four books so everything comes back to me as I wait for the next release.

    • kaleigha says:

      What you said about Woods (Stuart?) was what I found about Charlaine Harris’ Midnight Texas. Exactly. Where people were, what they were eating, who they were sitting beside and what that person was wearing, a few lines of dialogue, then next chapter. I was half way through when I realized nothing had happened at all. It was a DNF. I will be catching up on Faith Hunter this year, that’s for sure. At least that is one of my big goals. I loved the Nell books, and that gave me renewed interest in Jane again.

  2. cheryl says:

    Kealeigha: Yes it was Stuart Woods … when I wrote I had fifty thoughts zinging around and trying to explain why I was so disappointed. I got half way thru the book and realized absolutely nothing happened. It was like walking from the kitchen to the living room and back again.
    I read both books in the Nell series and loved em both… you gotta catch up on Jane Yellowrock but that is absolutely a series you have to read from the beginning or it won’t make sense.

    • kaleigha says:

      I read the first three Jane books, and while I liked them the lack of defined male lead made me weird. The whole “him. Maybe him. Hmmm, is it him?” thing I had going on when reading it threw me off. But my enjoyment of Nell and her story totally got me interested in Jane again, especially since I was told that she now has just one love interest.

  3. Monika says:

    For me there still is a biggy to come this month, namely the culmination of the Night Prince series (though after book 3 I’m looking forward to it with kind of mixed feelings).
    I also finally managed to finish Eleventh Grave. I didn’t hate it precisely and I did not even find the new godhood thing the worst. What really got me were the logical inconsistencies. I get that it is fantasy and that the author can pretty much do whatever they want, but within the realm they create, things have to make sense (at least to me), and they just didn’t. Part of the story is devoted to Charley learning about her new powers, how to disintegrate her body, how to shift to another plane and travel on that plane, factually teleporting herself and from before we know she can slow down time. Reyes is very badass, too, and he already can do all these things. And if I understood the previous books correctly, he can also seperate his essence from his human body, in fact has done so countless times in order to help Charley while his body remained in prison. So you’ve got these two powerful beings and in the final showdown with some humans their grand plan is to let themselves get beaten up while they wait for the police to arrive…hello?! And if that wasn’t bad enough, Charley just sits by while Reyes’ brother and a little girl are killed by a second-rate god, and the whole scene is kind of out of the blue. And don’t even get me started on the final scene which ends in a cliffhanger (again). Just this much: isn’t the whole amnesia bit getting old?! *rant over*

    • kaleigha says:

      That whole part made me scratch my head, too. It is like Superman – an indestructible being with unlimited power being trapped in that situation doesn’t make much sense. I think that is why the God-angle doesn’t sit so well with me, because there is nothing that they can’t do now, and so when something bad does happen it doesn’t make sense that they didn’t stop it.

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