Reading Wrap Up

February was supposed to be a big TBR-hitting month for me before the monster releases of March, but…not so much. Not sure why, maybe it is just a reading slump, but I didn’t get through nearly the books I thought I would.

tales from the shadowhunter academyI started out DNF’ing Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy from Cassandra Clare. I was iffy on picking it up, but it was so pretty and it would go so well with the rest of them on my shelf that I gave in. Then I realized that I had absolutely no interest in reading it. Nothing against the book itself – I didn’t make it far enough into it to judge if it was good or bad – but I am so far out of the whole YA thing that it just didn’t appeal to me. Another one for the donation pile, I guess.

I was much more successful with the novella Interlude In Death from J.D. Robb. I am loving the In Death series more each book, and even the short stories are a treat. This one was set off-world at Roarke’s Olympus resort, which was a nice change of pace, and had a really nice amount of Roarke and his backstory. I have only read a couple of novellas at this point, but they are just as good as the full-length books.

white-hotBut the star of this week is actually my re-read of White Hot from Ilona Andrews. As fan-girly as it might sound, I so love this series. Burn for Me was awesome, White Hot is even better. I am putting together a cheat sheet for the beginning of the Hidden Legacy character guide that lists out all of the different Houses and types of magic since there is so much to keep track of, but it is fun to do.

So that wraps this week up for me…what did you read this week? Are you finding anything new and exciting, or going back to old favorites?


6 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. Maria says:

    THis week, among other books, I tried Lady of Silver (I blame you an Doug, because one of my goals was not to star another series!) I agree with Doug in his review. It was an easy read, but it left me a bit unsatisfied with the length and the shallowness of the plot and characters. Nevertheless, it is a good start, and I’ve already added the next one in my list to buy, because the world and the story shows promise.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am on the “no more new series until caught up with what I already have” thing, too. It really doesn’t last, does it?

      • Maria says:

        Yeah, I lasted the glorious span of two months. I’ve chosen to take it as a win and think that in previous years I would have lasted two days 🙂

  2. Iain says:

    I too like the In Death novellas… they follow the same formula as the full-length books… but tend to play with supernatural elements… with Peabody playing the believer and Dallas the skeptic…

    I’ve been listening to my favorite series’ on audio the last few months… Kate Daniels back in September… Mercy Thompson in November/December… Others in December/January… and October Daye in February…

    In between I listened to some Steampunk series (Darkest London, London Steampunk), historical sci-fi(?) (Chronicles of St. Mary’s), and new releases (Breath of Fire, Romancing the Inventor, One Fell Sweep, and now A Conjuring of Light)

    Also listened to the first Raine Benares book by Lisa Shearin, since I like SPI Files… its described as a high fantasy series with an urban fantasy heroine… high action, short timeline…

    • kaleigha says:

      I could never get into steampunk for some reason, but then I don’t think I really gave it a fair shot. I have added it to the “one day” list, though.

      • Iain says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever read a steampunk book… a few novellas in series I already like, but that’s it…

        I tried reading Parasol Protectorate a year or so before I listened to it on audiobook and gave up on it before the end of the first chapter…

        Steampunk to me is a genre tailor-made for audiobooks… you get a British narrator or someone with a good fake accent, and listen to them read all the steampunk hijinks and its fun… its all tea and manners and werewolves/vampires/automatons/dirigibles… I’ve had about a 90% success rate on steampunk series since I started listening to them on audio…

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