Reading Wrap Up

Hey everyone, been a while since the last post. I figure we might as well take a look back at the last week, and see what we were all reading. I did manage to finish two books – Bound Together, which I have a mini-review on below, and Lora Leigh‘s Wake a Sleeping Tiger. Hmmm.

wake a sleeping tigerWake a Sleeping Tiger was a bit weird for me. I can’t quite decide how I felt about it, and not sure if I can explain why. Maybe because it didn’t completely feel like a Breeds book? It was a bit more tame than they usually are. On the plus side, I don’t remember finding any glaring errors like I usually do, and I don’t think I rolled my eyes even one time during this one. But it just sort of felt like not much happened. As much as I was interested in Cullen and his story heading into it, for me he came off as a bit dull for most of the book. And Chelsea often bugged me with her random demands for independence that didn’t really give me the sense of tension I think was intended. At least, though, she seemed quite able to handle herself in sticky situations and didn’t need the white knight to come save her, so that was a bonus. Usually in a Breeds book, I can feel the attraction between the main characters, but here not so much.

I was happy that there was less of the Navajo agencies and bureaus and covert ops thingies to keep track of, because they make my brain bleed. Graeme was a scene-stealer, as always, and it would’ve been great if some of his charisma had rubbed off on some of the other characters. But other than that, while not horrible, it just felt like filler to set up Cassie’s story (and quite the set up it is). I think if someone just read the last, oh, two or three chapters, they wouldn’t have missed much.

Your turn. What did you enjoy this week? Did you read Wake a Sleeping Tiger, and if you did, what did you think? I have thought Cassie would be paired up with Rhyzan since he was first introduced, and I am sticking with it. Did you see the swerve ending coming, or was it out of the blue for you, too?


5 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. Dee says:

    I am currently reading this book and so far you are spot on. I will have a better sense of it as I get further into the book.

  2. Brenda Willis says:

    I just finished Ward’s second “Legacy” book (Vow?). I’m behind I know.
    Good to know on this new Breed book. I’m going to wait on getting it – really at this point I’m just hanging on because I’ve hung on all this time. Cassie’s turn next though!? I’m intrigued!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m behind on the series right now also. I’m just finishing up lawe’s justice. But I looked at the character guide to see who the Rhyzan was. I would never thought she would be paired with anyone other than another kind breed. I pray your wrong. Please be wrong. LOL!! 😀

  4. Janet Etuk says:

    Ryhzan, yes way. Reading all the Breed Novels i noticed that Cassie and Rhyzan have indeed never been in the same location at the same time. The twist with her twin and his questioning sure did point in his direction *wink*

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