Pick of the Week

My pick for this first week in April is A Twist in Time from Julie McElwain. I was kindly sent a copy of the first book in the Kendra Donovan series, A Murder in Time, and it was one I really enjoyed. It gave me a whole Outlander-meets-In Death vibe, which is never a bad thing.

a twist in timeSynopsis…

Former FBI agent Kendra Donovan’s attempts to return to the twenty-first century have failed, leaving her stuck at Aldridge Castle in 1815. And her problems have just begun: in London, the Duke of Aldridge’s nephew Alec—Kendra’s confidante and lover—has come under suspicion for murdering his former mistress, Lady Dover, who was found viciously stabbed with a stiletto, her face carved up in a bizarre and brutal way.

Lady Dover had plenty of secrets, and her past wasn’t quite what she’d made it out to be. Nor is it entirely in the past—which becomes frighteningly clear when a crime lord emerges from London’s seamy underbelly to threaten Alec. Joining forces with Bow Street Runner Sam Kelly, Kendra must navigate the treacherous nineteenth century while she picks through the strands of Lady Dover’s life.

As the noose tightens around Alec’s neck, Kendra will do anything to save him, including following every twist and turn through London’s glittering ballrooms, where deception is the norm—and any attempt to uncover the truth will get someone killed.

The other biggie for me this week was J.R. Ward‘s The Chosen. My copy actually arrived yesterday, so got a little start on it last night. And guess what?!? I haven’t wished Layla a painful, screaming death even one time yet! That makes me very happy, since I was planning on sneering through all of her scenes and skimming them to get to the other stories. On the negative side, though – Qhuinn is being a bit of a douche. More to follow.


16 thoughts on “Pick of the Week

  1. Jan says:

    Just finished listening to The Chosen by J.R. Ward. For the most part l like this story. Layla was surprisingly likeable. The coming together of the two groups worked. Lots of emotion and Xcor was so cute with Layla. But wow Quin and Tor were disappointing. I’m also not liking where another character is heading. Yikes. The ending was too pat for me. I like HEA’s but this one just wasn’t believable at all.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am about the half-way point in, and like you say Layla isn’t bugging me as much as Qhuinn at all. Tohr has been a bit mopey, which was weird, but I was happy to see Autumn around again. The last couple of books, she was MIA and it made me wonder if there wasn’t drama building.

  2. bfmason50 says:

    I am about 1/3 of the way through listening to the book The Chosen and you guys are right Qhuinn is a major A Hole in this book so far. V has some good moments so far.

  3. Redbutterfly says:


    Just finished reading The Chosen. I like the book but it felt kinda incomplete?… I don’t know… Like Jan, I think the ending wasn’t believable but they got their HEA and to me that’s what matter.

    In another note. I found Qhuinn a total a-hole and annoying, I want to punch him so many times (sadly, since I used to really like him).
    I hated Thor, all that woe-is-me bullshit got on my nerves. It annoys me that he’s still crying for Wellsie. But maybe my annoyance comes from the fact that I always HATED Wellsie.
    And I wanted to punch V in the nuts, goodness he was so damn annoying, I hated him most of all, and if he does what I think he’s going to do, he’s dead to me (no cheating in my book people).

    Thank God there was Layla, Xcor and Blay in this book. I loved them. And I also liked seeing Autumn (even though after seeing the way Thor is/was going, I don’t want her to stay with him, she deserves better).

    • kaleigha says:

      I was about a quarter of the way through when I skipped ahead to read the last few pages – I totally cheated. At that point, though, I couldn’t see how an HEA was possible. The wrap up was almost fairy-tale like, but I was glad to see things end on a positive note and not someone dead or banished. Qhuinn was a douche-bag for 99% of the book, and it was weird. What I couldn’t get was his treatment of Lyric – didn’t seem to fit. But V? That was flat out strange. Makes me wonder if his book is up next.

      • Redbutterfly says:

        Yeah K. like you I found V’s behavior flat out strange. I think his book is next and for that Ward decided to create some drama/tension so there’s a story to tell. Just like Qhuinn’s in this book, to me it felt like unnecessary drama, like Ward did that just for this book to have some kind of conflict. *roll eyes*

        If V cheats on Jane, I think Ward is going to have to make him grovel really well for the readers forgive him.

        Oh, and I loved seeing Lassiter, he’s so fun, and his wardrobe was hilarious

        • kaleigha says:

          I don’t know if I can see V actually going as far as actually doing the deed – or at least I hope not. Really hard to go back from that. But you know what really bugged me? Spoiler…spoiler…spoiler…Jane saying she would be right back at the clinic, when V had just been badly hurt, and she doesn’t. And he didn’t expect her to. I found that sad, and I wanted more for V. I was always meh on Jane, but I honestly didn’t like her at all after that.

          • Redbutterfly says:

            Well… I always liked Jane but I found that scene sad too, I was like WTH? But we never really saw her side of things just V. I think that like V she has been going through some things and having some doubts. Let’s wait and we’ll see.

            • kaleigha says:

              I know, right? I felt so bad for V, and he isn’t one I would usually feel sorry for. He seemed so much more…human…in this one.

  4. Redbutterfly says:

    Q&A from The Chosen BS (I found this in the BDB series group in goodreads.)

    – next book is The Thief. Sola will be back with Assail!

    – V: if he hadn’t only had one ball, during the writing, she would have taken one from him

    – The Chosen was horrible for her to write

    – Qhuinn: yep, he was an asshole. She had to write him that way.

    – Qhuinn: the way he reacted to Lyric? Ohhhhh. It was a huge betrayal and he needed to get his shit together.

    – V will be in the next book.

    – Q: Does V cheat? JRW: “What is the definition of cheating?”

    – V will not cheat on Jane. But it will get ugly.
    She elaborated: No, no physical contact cheating. But it is going to get ugly.

    – Something will happen that brings them back together but they both have to learn the lesson

    – Q: Is Lassiter bound by SV arrangements? JRW: Yes he is
    Elaboration: Is Lassiter bound by the deals Scribe Virgin made (Mary, Jane?)

    – Does Lassiter have the power to give Jane her corporal form back? Yes
    Further:Does Lassy have power to make Jane corporeal? Yes he can do anything. He is all powerful which warden says “is tragic”

    – Can Bitty ask Rhage to bring out Beast to play? Yes he’s a dad. But if he does, he would still be blind and pained after.

    – Lassiter has to help the Brothers get rid of the lessers because he knows what’s coming…

    – What is coming is connected to Davina.

    – Is Throe’s issue with his balloon friends? Is Lassy’s plan not working? No. Lassy knows what is coming.

    – Eddie and Adrian may be back in the next book.

    – Lassiter is going to cycle through a lot of titles. When will he get a book? She isn’t ready to see him naked.

    – Mhurder still hasn’t come back. He will get a book not sure when?

    – Is Muhrder The father of Jo, Butch, and Manny? “No answer- wait, no. Keep reading”

    – Sees Rhun as being part of training program

    – Keep reading on if Rhnn will end up with Saxton

    – Novo is going to be really strong!
    Elaboration: Any other strong females like Payne? Novo in BDB Legacy is.

    – You will see more of Hharm’s extended family in the future
    Elaboration: Flashbacks with Hharm (AKA “dickface” as Warden calls him).

    – Therese is not of the Butch, Manny, Jo lineage

    – Will there be more children? Pretty sure yes.

    – She will try to do better in her next book. if Lassy strolls in with unicorn, deadpool DVD, lotion, no pants = her fault

    – Which brother will be featured in the next Legacy book? She doesn’t know yet.
    Elaboration Re the next Legacy book: Which Brother will be in next Legacy book? She had a plan but it didn’t work.

    – Why didn’t Rhage Beast out? He cannot make it happen. It happens or it doesn’t.

    – Boo is not just a cat but it’s not Darius.

    – Is Michael Butch’s brother? Keep reading

    – Next brother inducted is… Keep reading but coming

    – The bastards will be woven into the BDB world. Syn is her fave.

    – Another series coming after Bourbon Kings. She cannot tell us what.

    – No one will ever find out Darius is JM.

    – If Selena was going to be reincarnated why did she die? Lassiter giving gift back to household

    – We will find out what Lassiter gave up to bring her back

    – The magnitude of the gift is important. And someone will know other than Lassy that she is Selena

    – now that rules have changed, bastards will eventually be inducted into brotherhood

    – Where is Lash? He is coming back

    – Payne – will she lose her powers? The longer she spends on Earth, the harder it is for her to use it.

    – Is the Omega’s power also being shifted? The answer is in the Dhestroyer prophecy.

    – The bros, the angels, and the Legacy timelines haven’t all caught up yet but they will

    – Warden doesn’t want the series to stop either. She said it is open ended at this point.

    – Would love to do SV backstory
    Elaboration: Scribe Virgin backstory? Yes. She does want to. Just doesn’t know when. She has scenes of how SV meets the Bloodletter

    – Bloodletter’s war camp was sanctioned for a time but when Xcor came in was at the tail end.

    – Will Manny ever become a vampire? Keep reading

    – Qhuinn’s bro is probably a Legacy series book. Stay tuned.

    – Syn. She loves him. Saxton is busy (not for Syn)

    – Backstory on Beth’s mom and Darius? Would be cool but ends sadly. Maybe e-book special.

    – Maybe a few short stories? The non HEAs

    – Someone was worried about Manny if Payne loses her powers over time. JRW: Manny does not need viagra.

    – “I’m not saying Payne’s losing her powers forever. There needs to be an interceding event”

    – The coffins? Keep reading. Everything we see eventually comes into play (it’s “fucking creepy as shit”)

    – Bourbon Kings is only three books. Everything will get wrapped up.

    – The pacing of the Bourbon Kings final book is quick

    – Per JRW, V should be with Butch. Warden doesn’t think V and Jane should be together. She has never liked them together. She thinks he should be w/Butch. But it doesn’t mean that it will ever happen.

    – Butch would still be with Marissa, but with V also.

    – She will never let her personal opinion compromise the quality of the stories.

    – Do we ever see the wolfin? It is someone we know now.

    – Elaboration on V and B: “I don’t like Jane and V together. He should be with Butch. I saw it when they were in the twin beds in Dark Lover.” But that was ten years ago. Publishing very different. She couldn’t do what she wanted at that time

    – At some point, Warden would ideally like to write focused series of books who show who the kids end up with. To do this, she has to do a separate series and jump forward in time

    – The Band of Bastards are moving into the mansion

    – She would love to write more about S’hex

    – When will there be more Z? She doesn’t know.

    – Part of Assail’s book will deal with the blood slave he found. Z will be having major issues (because of Marcus, the blood slave Assail saved)

    – Throe. Davina is using the book as an entrance. She needs to get a body and souls to return.

    – The favor that SV asked of Wrath: It will still come to pass

    – No emotional cheating from V on Jane

    – Nalla had a nightmare? Why is it coming from her? She has a special skill (no more detail than that).
    Elaboration: Why is Nalla seeing the shadows that Throe released in dream? She has special power

    – Can Lassy create a kumbaya moment? He can create situations but CANNOT manipulate free will.

    – V is still taking birds up to the sanctuary. Never come to peace with his or Payne’s past.

    – SV is not really dead but JRW isn’t sure she will ever be up there again.
    Boo is the SV!

    – She has been with them all along and is with them still

    – She always knew who Beth was.

    – She is not gone from the world. JRW has no idea who will find out

  5. Redbutterfly says:

    You’re welcome guys. Have to say that I was surprised that the next book is going to be about Assail, I was pretty sure it was going to be V’s. Maybe a BL book? Or maybe he’s going to feature heavily in Assail’s book.

    In another note I was like this o.O when I read about Boo being the SV.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, and speaking of Assail, was it just me about him going loco? Hopefully Sola helps get him back on track, though.

  6. bfmason50 says:

    I never really cared for the V character, I actually like Jane more then V. Qhuinn is dead to me as a character I can care less what happens, to him from now on. Even though he did turn around in the last 10 mins of the audio of the book. I was actually hoping something would happen to him in that big battle. I like Lassiter as the new SV. I thought Chosen was a 4 out of 5. It would of been a 5 if we didn’t have all that bs about Qhuinn, Blaylock, V with all their inner loathing and DRAMA. I could just never picture Curran acting like any of these fools.

    I am looking forward to the whole Assail book now that he is done with his stupid drugs. I never like listening or reading books when it has drug use in them. I also hope we are done with books that have Male/Male relationships for awhile. I almost feel like some authors are forcing this down the public’s throat. Or if it will have that type of relationship in it that they please just leave out the sex descriptions like the 2 males embrace and then in like movies fade to black. Furthermore, I personally am glad that Butch is not romantically involved with V, I like him with Marissa way better.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, Qhuinn’s dickie-ness for 99% of the book wasn’t balanced out by the 1% he was good, so my liking of him took a long-term hit, too. I did like Blay, though, for the most part, since he did stand up for himself and the kids. Not a big fan of drugs as a central character storyline, either. Doesn’t make me a big fan of the character in question. I got it with Rhev, since that was a choice he made to keep his sympath side in check, but he never struck me as an addict for some reason. Not sure if he still takes them, though – I don’t remember reading if he had given them up after he took his place in the colony.

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