Stuff I Missed

It seems like it is more and more common for there to be last-minute releases that I end up finding out about too late to add to the new release pages. It gets on my nerves big time, I have to admit, so I thought I might start doing a monthly post where I can mention some of the titles that didn’t make it onto the regular lists. This won’t be a complete list by any means, since there are so damn many, but it will cover the ones I would’ve added if I had known about them in time.

  • Katie MacAlister – The Vampire Always Rises (Dark Ones #11) – April 25th
  • Anna Lowe – Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters #1) – April 18th
  • Mandy M. Roth – Isolated Maneuver (Immortal Outcasts #3) – April 13th
  • Annmarie McKenna – Seeing Eye Mate (Mate Series #1 re-release) – April 7th
  • Annmarie McKenna – Checkmate (Mate Series #2 re-release) – April 14th
  • Annmarie McKenna – Ultimatum (Mate Series #3 re-release) – April 21st

Have you found any last-minute surprises lately? Have any popular or favorite authors popped up with an unexpected new release? I enjoyed the first two Mate Series books from Annmarie McKenna way back in the day, and I was surprised to find there was a third book I hadn’t even known about. It was another new purchase for my shiny Kindle for i-pad.


7 thoughts on “Stuff I Missed

  1. Monika Wernli says:

    Lindsay Buroker just launched her Sky Full of Star series, which is a spin-off of her Fallen Empire series, out of the blue this month. I got review copies for the first two books , for the second one on April 17th, and on April 19th it was already up at Amazon. The first one was also up about two days before it was supposed to be, I only discovered this by chance as I checked. She self-publishes and I love that she is writing so fast (at a sustained level of high quality no less) and putting out a new book like every month, but it leaves me as a reader (reviewer) scrambling…

      • Monika Wernli says:

        No, it went all very fast, especially the second book. I got the ARC of the first one on April 2nd with instructions that it would be published on the 18th March. I usually put up my review a few days early on Goodreads, but you can’t put up a review on Amazon before the official release date. For some reason I checked on the 16th and saw that it was already out. I got the ARC for the second book on the 17th (accompanied by an email saying it would already be published once I finished reading it). On Amazon the publication date given is the 16th of April. Just now I got a newsletter from Lindsay saying that the prequel story to Sky Full of Stars as well as book three are set to be released in May…
        BTW, does anyone have any info when Ilona Andrews’ Hugh book is going to be published?! She has been teasing us with snippets on her page, but I can’f find anyhing about when it is set to be released….

        • kaleigha says:

          I have been hunting for info about the Hugh book, too – even what format it will be seems up in the air. I have heard everything from serialized on their site like Innkeeper to traditionally published to self-pubbed e-book. Still no clue.

          • Monika Wernli says:

            There is a new Hugh snippet on their blog. The way it seems the serial idea has been scratched, but Ilona writes that it is going to be released before the final KD, as it fits in the timeline before that… this sure is one of my most anticipated books (of all time)!

            • snapdragon says:

              Per Ilona it is gong to come out before Magic Triumph’s which is coming out in 2018. The pacing is in line with MT so it’s Hugh’s book than MT.

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