White Hot Review

I don’t actually have a pick of the week for this week, but instead I thought I post a review Doug Meeks sent over for the upcoming Hidden Legacy book from Ilona Andrews, White Hot. Be prepared, because I might be focused a lot on this between now and its release date of May 30th. I have Doug’s review, my review, and Larissa’s review of the next book in the series, Wildfire (and mine, too).

white hotWhat Doug said…

I am not going to try to tell you about the story in this book since everything you need to know without a spoiler is in the synopsis, I am here to tell you to get this book and the one before it and pre-order the one after it as soon as you can lay your grubby little hands on them.

It was an amazing story, it never did what you were sure the next step was going to be, there was a wee bit more graphic sex than in any other Ilona Andrews book I can remember reading (and I think I have read them all) and at the end (and I hated that this book even HAD an ending, I wanted it to go on forever) you just kind of sit back and wonder what in the world you can read now because almost anything else will seem amateurish in comparison to this amazing story. It will take a few days to wear off LOL

Bottom Line: 5 Stars, I could hardly sit the book down, it kept going off in a direction I could not guess. It might be advantageous to wait until 25 jul 2017 so you can read all 3 of them in a row, trust me, you won’t be bored but you might forget to eat.

I had a recent “oh, crap” episode, and managed to delete everything on my desktop except the recycle bin (don’t ask, it involved command prompts and the phrase “I wonder what this does?” Now I know). Unfortunately, that means that I lost all of the info I had gathered from White Hot to add to the Hidden Legacy guide – and there was a lot. I had all of the magical categories broken down, that sort of thing, so losing it sucks. On the plus side, though, I so don’t mind a re-read. I might just do the next two together and post them after Wildfire to avoid spoilers, too. I might even marathon all three of them, just cause.


3 thoughts on “White Hot Review

    • kaleigha says:

      I had started this big ranting post about it, needing to vent, because it was the last thing in a long line of crap that happened that day. It was just one of those days that everything went wrong, and I just wanted to get home. Then I touched the computer, and BAM. It was 11:58 when it happened, and that day couldn’t die fast enough. It does suck, doesn’t it?

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Am I the only one that did not realize that these 3 books are all they plan to write in this series? While there is a good ending at the end of Wildfire they have no plans for any additional books (they left the door open at the end of Wildfire but nothing that requires any farther action unless they want to make it happen).

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