White Hot Review

As the countdown to the White Hot continues, I figured I should probably post my own review of it since that is part of the deal in getting ARCs. As always, I have to say that Ilona Andrews is a favorite author of mine, and Hidden Legacy managed to jump to the very top of my favorite series list with only one book, which has never happened before. Sometimes, something just seems like it was written just for you,  and for me this series is it.

white-hotMy review of White Hot…

I haven’t written many reviews, but I am quickly learning that while it is difficult to write a fair review of a book you didn’t like, it can be just as hard to write one for a book you loved. Here is my hopefully coherent review of the latest and greatest from Ilona Andrews, White Hot, which will be released on May 30th.

It has been a couple of months since the events of Burn For Me, and Nevada has been getting back to her normal life, staying under the radar and out of the cut-throat world of the Primes. But when she is hired to find those behind several cold-blooded murders, she is once again put squarely in the path of one Mad Rogan. He has his own personal reasons to be on the case, and when Nevada and Rogan team up chaos – and bloodshed – is sure to follow.

Nevada has been coming into her own in regards to her powers, but when she uses her abilities for all the right reasons, it brings her to the attention of all the wrong people. Her old life as she knew it is changing whether she likes it or not, and she is being forced to make decisions that impact not only her, but her family as well. It turns out that Nevada isn’t the only Baylor with unique powers, and what is coming threatens them all.

There are long-awaited developments in Rogan and Nevada’s personal relationship, as well. They have a great dynamic, and while it might not always be the smoothest sailing between these two strong-willed people, it does pay off in the end. They are both incredibly powerful in their own right, and will be nearly unstoppable together.

Everything just works. The world Ilona Andrews has set up is detailed and unique, but it flows so well that you don’t get overwhelmed trying to keep things straight. The action is pretty much non-stop, but it isn’t at the expense of the story. There is humor and snark and sarcasm mixed in with all of the drama, and those lighter moments were always a blast. We learn a lot more about the Baylor family – and their magic – and we also get a look at what made Rogan what he is. Pretty much every character shines, and while in Burn For Me it was Grandma Frida and Leon who played a big supporting role, this time around it is Arabella and Catalina who get their turn. Even Augustine gets in on the action, but if I have to be perfectly honest I think Cornelius stole every scene he was in.

I went into White Hot with incredibly high expectations – almost too high, I figured. I adored the first book of the series, Burn For Me, more than I can remember loving any book for a long time – the characters, the world-building, the family dynamic, the action – I adored the whole thing. But I might just have to say that I liked White Hot even more. It is pretty rare for an author (or authors, in this case) to keep topping themselves, but Ilona Andrews does. And who else could have four separate series (Kate Daniels, Innkeeper, The Edge, Hidden Legacy) about the same topic – magic – and give each one its own unique spin? Nobody I can think of. Oh, and thankfully this world is pretty much guaranteed to go beyond the current three titles, because stopping now would be a crime.

I have my review copy, and I have also pre-ordered it for my ipad, too. Unfortunately, I did lose all of the notes I had made on it for the guide during a recent self-inflicted computer snafu, which sucks, but then it just gives me an excuse for a re-read. Or re-re-read, in this case, but whose counting?


6 thoughts on “White Hot Review

  1. Rachel says:

    There have been few books that I want as bad as I want this book. I seriously can’t stand the wait! I have it on preorder and I will be devouring it the moment it hits my kindle!!

    • kaleigha says:

      I was like that. Honestly, it was borderline obsessive. The long publication delay was haaard, but it was so worth it. I have the ARC, plus I have it pre-ordered, too. Never enough copies, honestly.

    • kaleigha says:

      Thanks! Hard to not fangirl and ramble, but I tried. Pointing and squealing was an option, too, but I tried to control himself.

  2. gallifreyan1218 says:

    “And who else could have four separate series about the same topic – magic – and give each one its own unique spin? Nobody I can think of.”

    Brandon Sanderson?

    But Ilona is definitely a special team of authors. Their books are AWESOME. I’m skipping White Hot until Wildfire comes out. Then I’m going to reread book one and binge two and three. And then begin the agonizing and depressing wait until the Hugh book, the next (and final *cries*) Kate book, and the next Hidden Legacy.

  3. kaleigha says:

    I haven’t tried Brandon Sanderson, but maybe I should. I am going to binge read all three Hidden Legacy books, too. I am getting excited for Hugh’s story, and the thought of a Roman trilogy, too. I refuse to acknowledge the final Kate book unless it leads to a Derek series. That is the only acceptable trade-off for me.

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