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As I am sure you are familiar with by now, one of these site updates posts usually starts with me whining about being behind on one thing or another. This time it is the character guides. A few of you have been messaging me to ask when certain ones will be updated, and I am slowly working my way through.

I know several of you have asked about the Black Dagger Brotherhood guide, but that one is out of my hands. I just host it for PhoenixFyre, along with the one for the Midnight Breed and Chronicles of Nick series. Last time I had heard from her, she was in the process of updating them, so more info should come later.

On my side, I just figured I would start with the first one on the list that needed updating and work my way down. Of course, that meant beginning with the bane of my existence, The Breeds. By tonight, I should have Wake a Sleeping Tiger added and the entire thing edited, if I don’t go nuts first. Claire Martinez who is actually Fawn Corrigan, but was born Catarina Greymore who decides to change her name to Cat? Sure. And lets not forget the REAL Claire Martinez’s spirit who is now in the body of some female Breed. Sure. Of course, Cat/Fawn/Catarina/Faux Claire is mated to Gideon Cross who is also now Graeme Parker. Or Liza Johnson/Honor Christine Roberts, who has the body of one but the memories of the other. No problem keeping them straight. And then there are the ones who had one name in a novella, and a different but connected name in a main book. Of course. I need a drink.


14 thoughts on “Site Updates

  1. Deb says:

    Kudos to anyone who can keep the characters straight in The Breeds series. I gave up on the series awhile back when I just got too confused and it started out being one of my favorites.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is a monster, isn’t it? And don’t even try to read the blurbs that Lora Leigh wrote herself for some of her books, because they honestly leave me scratching my head. They make no sense, and I ended up reading them over and over trying to figure out what the hell the books were about.

  2. Kim says:

    I haven’t started the series yet. Is the name changes part of the plot or continuity errors? If it is continuity I may have to rethink reading them!

    • kaleigha says:

      Actually, both. Many, many of the books had continuity errors, changes in backstory between one book and the next, name changes between the novellas and the full length books – sometimes this stuff even happened in the same book. Like a character will go from blue eyes to green eyes a couple of chapters later then back to blue. Kind of annoying. But there was a string of book set in the Navajo nation where the several name changes were part of the “storyline”. Spoiler….Spoiler….Like Claire’s body died but her spirit was placed in Fawn’s body and Fawn’s spirit was put to sleep. So Fawn lived as Claire, but then Fawn started to emerge. But she wasn’t really Fawn, she was Catarina. But before she found out she was actually Catarina, she had already conveniently decided to be known as Cat. Yeah, that.

  3. DebbieF says:

    I love this series but have to admit those two books just about made me give it up. And that’s not mentioning the latest book where I was continually getting the brothers confused. Ugh.
    Other than that, I really love this series.

    • kaleigha says:

      Honestly, the whole Navajo thing annoys me. Too many agencies and bureaus and name changes. I do hope that offshoot is done and they head back to Sanctuary or Haven or the Citadel. Trying to keep track of who is in the Breed underground or is one of the unknown or the covert agency is a pain. My favorite is when they are in all three groups at the same time. Ugh.

  4. Crystal says:

    In all honesty, I’m not sure she knows who they are. I quit somewhere about the middle of the Navaho thing, or was it two books in. Whatever. I just couldn’t take the characters themselves anymore. The one where the h shut down,,,ah, no. No more of that.

    • kaleigha says:

      Hell, there are so many characters at this point maybe she doesn’t know. I just finished updating now, and I had to shake my head. Between Taber, Tamber, Tanner, and Tarek, my eyes were crossing, too. I did wonder back in the day, though, if the name changes for certain lesser characters were on purpose. It always seemed that it was when characters were introduced in a novella that their names changed for the next full book they were in. Like maybe the novellas were for different publishers? It was the only thing I could think of other than she just didn’t bother to check back and see, because it happened a lot. One of the coyote females is either Chanda or Dacey, twin of Marcy. Ashley is either True or Truing, that sort of thing. Really careless and unnecessary, honestly.

      • Crystal says:

        Maybe one day it’ll be revealed that Jonah dreamed the whole thing while on some good drugs and lusting after his nurse. The last of the EC published ones, he was a mere enforcer. The first MMP, he was the de facto leader.

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