Cover Lover – Judgment Road

Over on Happily Ever After, they had an exclusive cover reveal for the first book in the Torpedo Ink series from Christine Feehan, Judgment Road. Info on this one has been pretty scarce, but it looks like the main character will be Reaper, who was introduced in the final Sisters of the Heart book. I of course went to the guide to remind myself just who Reaper was…only to discover that yes, I am also behind on that guide and Reaper isn’t listed. Of course. So. Reaper! Whoever he is, he will be in Judgment Road. If you stroll over to the HEA website, you can also check out a short excerpt. On to the cover goodness…


Not bad, honestly. I like the colors, and the Sea Haven books have always had the best of all the Feehan covers (not that it is hard to be better than some of those horrendous Carpathian jobbies). I am so going to have to go back soonish and pull a Bound Together re-read before this one is released on January 30th.


3 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Judgment Road

  1. library addict says:

    I am still so ambivalent about this spin-off. I will no doubt read it to see if there is a glimpse or two or the Drake sisters,the Sisters of the Heart, and/or their various spouses. But I really hope all of the characters introduced on the last book don’t get their own stories.

    I still feel like we never really got to know Ilya in his book, so the first set of spin-off books was a disappointment on that front (that the brothers spent so few moments together).

    I know I should probably just walk away, but I keep hoping against hope that she’ll recapture the magic of the Drake books.

    • library addict says:

      I should say I feel the same way at times about the GhostWalkers series. I still long to know about the characters on teams 1 and 2. But it’s like she went off on what she considers the new shiny tangents of the characters on teams 3 and 4. And she’s lost interest in the original storyline of both series. Obviously, the original Drake Sisters series is now over, but I hope what I’m trying to say makes sense.

      • kaleigha says:

        I know I’ve said this a couple of times before, but what makes me shake my head is the sheer number of characters. 18. Eighteen?!? Seriously…that puts it into Ghostwalker territory, like you said, for getting you interested in characters that will most likely never get their stories told. At one book per series per year, which is a huge output already when you think of it, you are looking at 20 years (assuming new characters aren’t randomly added here and there, and that always happens).

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