Silver Silence Review

As we all start the countdown to the release of Nalini Singh‘s Silver Silence next week, early reviews have started coming in…and they are good. Really good. Doug Meeks was kind enough to share his thoughts on this one, and it makes me even more excited to get my hands on it.

silver-silenceWhat Doug said…

This book was around 500 pages …….. not enough pages! There are few books that can even hold my attention without scanning for 500 pages and this one did that and could have gone on for another 500 pages.

Silver and Valentin are the couple in this new excursion that is part of the new “Trinity” story arc. We get to see a few people we already knew like the most powerful man in the series Kaleb Krychek which we could not leave behind, since he just adds to any scene.

The story revolves around the persistence of Valentin (an alpha bear changeling) and the semi-Silenced Silver (hence the title), there is the usual life threatening plot that goes with almost all of the books in this series and the drama and several subplots just make for an intoxicating mix of drama, romance and family values (these families value “disposing” of anyone who threatens the family). Since the book starts out with an assassination attempt (this is in the synopsis so not a spoiler) the “families” involved have simple solutions if they can find the culprit.

The book has several scenes that are just hilarious and an equal number that are just as warm.

The book starts out at full speed after about 2 pages and seldom lets up so hang on because it is going to be a bumpy ride for about 500 pages and you will still want more when it is done.

Bottom line: Great story, exceptional romance, amazing plot and subplots, humor, engaging and memorable characters. So what more could you want? 5 Stars and still thinking about it 2 days later.

I will be doing my yearly run-away-from-home for this one. Even though I have it preordered for my ipad, I will be driving a couple of hours to the nearest big town (and sadly the nearest town with a bookstore. Go figure) and picking up the hardcover, too. I go all by myself, take myself out to supper, then get a hotel room and spend one glorious night reading. Alone. By myself. In peace and quiet. Serenity now.


8 thoughts on “Silver Silence Review

  1. library addict says:

    Sounds lie a good plan.

    I am hoping to get a nap in on Monday so I can start reading it at midnight and not fall asleep. May have to start avoiding sites though as I don’t want to be spoiled. I will probably read the new excerpt when it goes up (on the 11th I think), but that’s it.

  2. Helen says:

    I’ve never read any of the Psy-Changeling series. Do you recommend reading that series first or would this be a good place to start?

    • dougmeeks says:

      Helen, one of what might be considered a negative of this series is that if you don’t read all the books, you miss things that happen that affect the overarching plotlines she has in these books (including this one) so while I HATE to tell anyone to read 15 books before this one, it really becomes more of a 4 Star book without the history of the struggle and the intricacies of each of the species and people involved (like Kaleb Krychek who you can never appreciate in this story without his back story in what many consider the best book in the series Heart of Obsidian). I started book 1 at least 3 times before I read enough of it to get to the meat of the story because there was so much she had to impart in the world building of this series. I a confirmed addict of both of her paranormal series now ๐Ÿ™‚

      For a mere $119 you can get them all (yes that IS mean):) Most libraries carry them or at least most of them. She needs to start releasing some “omnibus” editions that combine 2-3 books under 1 cover at a cost savings) but that would really be her publishers call and not hers sadly.

      • library addict says:

        Penguin Random House does have 3 box sets (1-5, 6-10, 11-15) each for $35.99 which saves you a whopping 80ยข per book.

        Don’t forget there are novellas and short stories, too.

        It may seem overwhelming, but it’s so worth it. I came to the series late and read the first 11 books and novellas to that point in the 10 days before Heart of Obsidian released.

  3. saidahgilbert says:

    Ahh! It sounds so good. It almost makes me not want to wait for the UK release so I can read it on the holiday. (Where I live, I can get both the American and international releases on the day they’re released.)

  4. Lavonda44 says:

    I won a copy of SIlver Silence, and loved the story. I adored the “little gangsters.” I can no longer think of SIlver as plain old Silver Merchant, but only by her new name, which is SFM. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. pals20 says:

    Aaahhh.. I cannot wait for Tuesday.

    Every book I read in this series seems the like the most important one. Not only does each book stand on its own but they always contributing in some significant manner to the overarching plot. I remember how Aden was always slightly put down as a weak talent from his introduction and then BOOM in his own book, he turned out to be one of the most powerful talents, enough that even Kaleb tried to imitate his talent.

    I just cannot cannot cannot wait for Silver Silence.

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