Checking in on the Elder Races

I have gotten the Character Guide updated for The Elder Races series by Thea Harrison, and it is now up-to-date as of the latest release, Moonshadow. I thought it might be interesting to check and see what all of you think of the series now.

I still enjoy it, but to be honest my interest dropped off a bit around Night’s Honor. I loathed the main female character of Tess so much that it soured me a bit. Part of it was the crap-ton of novellas, too, which threw me off, since at that time I wasn’t e-reading and it was kind of a pain. I am at my best with the series when they are full-length stories focused on the Wyr, I guess. I am still liking the series a lot, but maybe not quite as much as before. I did like Moonshadow, but I’m not doing a countdown until I can get my hands on the next one, Spellbinder. I’m sure I will enjoy it, but right now it isn’t even on my radar.

So your turn. Are you still big into it, or has your attention drifted away at all? Have you found any changes since it went self-pubbed? How do you like the focus switching to England?


7 thoughts on “Checking in on the Elder Races

  1. renpuspita says:

    I agree with Night Honor. It’s feel like a set up for Julian’s book in Midnight Kiss, and to be honest, a novella will do, not full length novel with an irritating heroine. At least, Xavier is suave enough, but he’s just doing okay though. I did really like Julian’s and also Graydon’s books, end up re-read them over and over, so my interest for Elder Races still going strong. Harrison wrapped up her Elder Races series quite nicely in Shadow’s End, and it’s hurt to see her going self published, since Elder Races actually have so many potential.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, it did feel like a transition book. I liked Xavier, but Tess was a drag. I really do hope we go back to the original gang, though – even if just to wrap up the rest of the Sentinels’ stories.

  2. Shira says:

    To me, Elder Races is still exciting and remains one of my favorites. Moonshadow was fun. And since Spellbinder is Morgan’s book and he’s supposed to be a mix of Morgan le Fay and Merlin, I’m looking forward to reading the book almost as much as I do Silver Silence.
    As far as disappointment goes, I was disappointed about Constantine (since I really think he deserved a good mate) and a little bit about Isabeau being the villain in Moonshadow series and probably not going against Dragos in the future.
    I’m also patiently waiting for the books for the remaining Sentinels. So I’m a little torn between getting six books in Moonshadow series (her plan if the first three do well) and three books so she can go back to the U.S. Elder Races more quickly.

  3. kaleigha says:

    Losing Constantine was hard (and surprising). I didn’t know there was a proposed 6 books for Moonshadow, but I could see it just in the rest of the Daione Sidhe. It would be great if she could alternate and do one old gang and one new – it would be the best of both worlds.

  4. Lauren says:

    I agree that the series is losing momentum. I haven’t started Moonshadow yet and will give it a chance, but its not a priority.

  5. Shannon c says:

    The Elder races is one of my favorite series. Night’s honor was my least favorite, but I loved Moonshadow. I already reread it. Very excited about that the next release!

  6. Lidy says:

    I loved Dragon Bound, but it took me three months to read Storm’s Heart. I found Tricks TSTL and wished Tiago would just let her die. But I liked Aubrey and dove for his story – wasn’t expecting all that sexiness, though.

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