Reading Wrap Up

silver-silenceSooo, I am back from my little book-based vacation, where I devoured Silver Silence in, well, complete silence. All by myself, no noise, no tv, just peace and quiet and a great book. It was heaven. I loved Silver Silence, but I expected nothing less from a Nalini Singh book. The bears were a great addition to the world, and I hope we get back to them soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Pavel and Arwen novella in our future, either. Maybe Bo up next? That would be great, since it has been a while since a human was in the mix.

I also pulled a re-read of White Hot – and loved it just as much this time around. That is one hell of a world Ilona Andrews has created, and it has honestly jumped to the top of my favorites list…I might go so far as to say it could be my absolute favorite, beating out even the Psy/Changelings and Kate Daniels. Bold statement, but it just might be true.

the-darkest-promiseOh, then there is The Darkest Promise from Gena Showalter. I managed to get a solid start on that one, too, but…eh. The humor is falling flat, I don’t have much interest in the characters or the world, and the romance just isn’t doing it for me. I am skimming over pages, which is bad when you are only a third of the way in, and I find myself a bit bored and feeling like I have read it all before. Honestly, it might just be that I read and re-read two great books just before it, but at this point I keep thinking that either the series should change direction or just wrap it up. Maybe focus on the angels, or William and the four horsemen, or move on. I am going to put it down for a while and hopefully I can get more involved after a break. Or I will just skim the sucker and get it over with. We’ll see.

If you feel like spoiler talk on any of this week’s books, let it fly in the comments section. How did you like the new Trinity storyline for the Psy/Changelings? Am I just being bitchy about the LotU or do you feel it is in a bit of a decline, too? What have you felt the need to re-read lately?


6 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. Kim says:

    I like this idea of a book vacation. Do you go far? As I live alone and I am currently sitting in the quiet, could I justify it? Hmmm, if there is a good restaurant, I think so!

    • kaleigha says:

      You get some weird looks from people, but it is so worth it. I go to the nearest decent sized city which is just under a two hour drive away, so it makes the hotel worthwhile. A nice supper is fun, too (plus the junk food I take back to the hotel doesn’t hurt, either). I used to have to make the round trip drive to get any books I wanted on release day since it has the nearest book store, too, but now with my Ipad it is just luxury now.

  2. Jan says:

    Just finished Silver Silence and loved it. I like the Trinity storyline. Nalini Singh keeps the story progressing and doles out just enough of the mystery to keep you satisfied. The main characters are great and well matched. One caveat for me was how many times “Silver *%# Merchant” was said. I thought it was a great line the first few times but since I listened to this on audio it started to get a bit tedious. The narrator is wonderful as always.

    I too am getting a bit tired of LofU. The story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I think I’ll get this one from the library.

    I have finished listening to all of the Kate Daniels again. Probably my 3rd time. I love this series. Ilona Andrews has to be my favourite author of all time. This writing duo are magic together. I am so sad this series is ending. I believe the authors are taking a break from this world and will decide if they are going to continue and write about some of the other characters. I sure hope so.

    Kayleigh do you know they use your Kate Daniels guide for reference? They mentioned it and your blog in one of their interviews. How cool is that:)

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, the LotU for me is all blurring together, with nothing to make one book stand out from the other. Maybe if I pulled a re-read it might help, but at this point it is just getting dull.

      Ah, Kate. I am not yet processing that this is the final book. I know it is, but it doesn’t register for some reason. Denial is a wonderful thing, I guess. There are so many ways they could take it even without Kate and Curran – Derek and Julie, Roman, Hugh. The possibilities are endless, honestly. I knew they knew about the guide, but I didn’t know they ever mentioned it or referenced it. Freaks me out a bit, honestly, but it is fun.

  3. Janhavi says:

    I love book holidays, though I have not yet actually left the house for one- I strictly warn everyone I am off limits and stick at home. One the best book holidays I took was in October 2014. I had just finished a big work deadline so could afford to take a couple of days off. my husband was away for work and I had our flat to myself. I read archangels shadows, burn for me, and another book (Bollywood affair) one after another, in that order 😀 I had been hoping for an Ashwini Janvier romance for years. It was probably my longest book holiday ever, lol. The psy changeling release has been marked as an annual book holiday for me for the last 5 years, since I found the series. Well this year, I have a new baby (6months) and was resigned that I’d have to read silver silence in broken pieces over days. Instead, I found myself inhaling it till 3am yesterday in uninterrupted bliss while baby and every else slept 😄 It’s worth being tired today!

    I was surprised to find it did feel like a fresh start. Not like a spinoff series, it was too intertwined with the first arc to be called a spinoff. I like nalinis notion of calling it a second season. But it’s independent enough that a new reader could enter here, unlike the last several books.

    I was really really thrilled that silver stays in the psynet and stays heir to the mercants. It felt like a true relationship between two alphas, and I prefer the relationships which are more balanced , including all the psy ones, to the growly male dominant heroes. Hawke in particular I have soured on over the last few years… his relationship with Sienna felt equal enough in kiss of snow, but not in tangle of need and the other sequels, like all the emphasis that hawke will kill Ming, when sienna could do it herself. So I was thrilled this bond is like mercy and rileys, across networks.

    • kaleigha says:

      The good ones do stick with you, and honestly if I could get even an evening home alone I wouldn’t bother with all the travel, either. The last time I had time home alone was in late October of last year – and that was for 2 hours. Yeah.

      Honestly, I think you really could just jump into Silver Silence at this point and be ok. It is a great way to keep things fresh, too. A few other series would really benefit from a change of focus, honestly. I was surprised by how dominant Silver was, but I really liked it. And her alpha-ness was recognized by others pretty much across the board, which is even better.

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