Checking in on Hidden Legacy

I have been expanding the Hidden Legacy character guide to add a breakdown of known Houses, different magical abilities, that sort of thing. Things are a bit disorganized at the moment, but I will be proofing and editing it shortly.  I am almost finished with my re-re-re-read of White Hot, so I should have that info added in the next couple of days, too. So, like I did with the Elder Races series when I was updating it, I thought I would check in and see where you all stand with this latest Ilona Andrews series.

I haven’t made any secret of my raging love affair with it, and it seems pretty much everyone is feeling the love like I am. Did White Hot live up to your expectations? What would you like to see happen in Wildfire?


6 thoughts on “Checking in on Hidden Legacy

  1. snapdragon says:

    I adore this series! I am a squirmy, hyper puppy just waiting for Wildfire to come out!

    I want Nevada and her family to create a House. I really hope Cornelius works out great for the Agency. I want Rogan to find his cousin and put a smack down of epic proportions on the whole craziness she helped start. And of course I would adore seeing Nevada and Rogan together and happy. I am excited to find out how the whole Baylor family is handling the EG (evil grandma) that has shown up to create havoc for the family.

  2. Rachel says:

    White Hot lived up to my expectations and then some! I have just reread it over and over! I love that we don’t have long to wait for Wildfire. I hope that Nevada and her Family form a house and turn those stuffy house politics upside down! Rogan’s Cousin definitely needs to be taken out. I hope we see more of the animals doing the PI work! Eventually I want books about all the family. Nope, not needy at all….. And of course I want to see lots more of Nevada and Rogan together!!!

  3. Laurie Blanchard says:

    My favorite authors.
    My favorite series from my favorite authors.
    Just finished reading Wildfire for second time. Still don’t know what the title means, don’t care.
    Rogan. Best Hero Ever.
    The only thing that troubles me now is, I haven’t read anything about what happens next. Is there a book 4 of Hidden Legacy? This series could go on and on. There is nothing lost in the story’s tension, we have so much more we can learn and there was a hint at the end that it could continue. I just want to know for sure. It’s eating at me. Do I get my hopes up? Has anybody heard what they are working on next? What is left on their contract? Will they sign another 3 book deal for hidden legacy do you think? ARGGGG I have to know.


    • kaleigha says:

      Don’t worry, you are not alone. I broke down and emailed Ilona the very same questions, and actually I was so glad I did. There will be more from the Hidden Legacy world, it’s just a matter of what form. If it sells well (and it really seems to be), then it is likely they will traditionally publish more. If it doesn’t work out that way, they will self-pub. There is absolutely no way that that series can end. Nuh-uh.

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